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    Normally I vote Democrat and have a great deal of respect for the Carter name but this time I believe they are not pushing the right guy and only want the seat. Taylor lacks the experience I want to see for this position. I fear this will allow J Max Davis to pull ahead and everyone will come out a loser in Brookhaven.

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    Taylor Bennett


    I hope that you’ll reconsider your position. Experience comes in many forms, and I’m well acquainted with what it takes to lead and build a successful team and what it takes to achieve justice in the courtroom. Even more importantly, our district needs representation with the right priorities. I can promise you two things about my time as your representative.

    First, I will always be accessible to my constituents. You will find me holding frequent town halls, opportunities for citizens to drop by with questions, and keeping the people of House District 80 apprised of every vote I cast and my reasons for doing so.

    Second, I will be a representative who stands FOR the important issues that face our district and our state. I will stand for proper, efficient, and effective investment in our public schools. I will stand for reducing barriers to entry for small businesses and enabling them to thrive and create jobs in our communities. I will stand for increasing our investments in transportation and transit so that our district can continue to thrive economically and set an example for the rest of the state. I have no interest in going to the Capitol to advance partisan ideology or play politics, I simply want to get things done. And you can bet that I will pursue those goals aggressively, yet in a bipartisan, open-minded, and cooperative manner.



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    Eddie E.

    If you normally vote for the Democrat, if you want to see schools funded properly, if you don’t want an automatic yes vote for ALEC bills, if you want to join the Civilized states in America in expanding Medicaid, if you are at all concerned about Senator McKoon’s inevitable push for a religious discrimination bill, if you want to be on the correct side in the guaranteed push to limit reproductive choice…..and if you want to make sure J.Max’s career ends, then why on earth would you want to break with the Democratic Candidate?

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    Edith Fusillo

    If you have met Taylor Bennett and heard his views on the important issues of education, equality, and bi-partisan cooperation, you would certainly vote for him. He is a strong candidate with amazing support in the community. Go ahead: vote Democrat this time. You won’t be sorry.

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    Anyone But J Max

    Great guy. Zero chance. You can either put Catherine Bernard in the seat or lose to J Max in a runoff.

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    TB can do the job for crying out loud. Also, his responses are well thought out and clearly communicated. It will be nice to have a true leader representing us.

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    Eric Robert

    Interesting that’s the same thing Catherine Bernard said to me when i told her I was considering voting for him.

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    Eddie E.

    What is the magic you folks see in this person who was a ‘tea party’ candidate in the last election?

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    Maybe you should go by another name then, Anyone But J Max. It seems like you’re pulling for a specific candidate, so you might as well say so. If you think that Taylor doesn’t have a chance you don’t seem to cite any facts to back that up. Here’s a fact: Catherine Bernard lost by 50 points to Mike Jacobs as a self-identifying tea partier. Now she’s claiming to have been a Democrat then switched parties (just like Jacobs). Seems opportunistic to me, and who knows what she is. If you want a moderate candidate who isn’t J Max Davis, maybe you should support the most moderate one in the race.

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    Catherine S. Bernard

    Andy, don’t get your “facts” from my opponent’s mailers 🙂 My positions have never changed since I got into politics a few years ago (you can read about my political history here:, just the avenue of attack.

    In the 2014 primary, I had just moved back up to Brookhaven fulltime from working as a public defender in Dublin for four years (after two years living in Midtown after law school), during which time I got married and we bought a house in Brookhaven in 2011. Mike Jacobs and his consultants thought (correctly, it appears) that the most fruitful line of attack would be to paint me as a Dublin native looking to impose radical conservative values in HD80. It’s true that I believe in limited government and the Constitution, but labeling me as a “self-identified tea partyer” is just buying into a consultant’s inaccurate but campaign-friendly tagline. If you want a summation of my philosophy, it’s that I want all beings to be happy, healthy, and free – and the biggest obstacle to that right now is too much government. That’s not something I heard on the news, it’s a conclusion I came to with difficulty after being confronted with the reality I see as a public defender.

    I’m not running because I think politics is super fun and awesome. It’s not. It’s mostly horrible people who do things like accuse you of breaking into your own campaign office for publicity, while spreading out-and-out lies through their buddies in media. But there are still a lot of good people out there, and even more good people who don’t have time to pay attention to politics but still want to get involved supporting truth and justice and prosperity and all that. So unless one of those other good people wants to step up and run for this seat so we don’t end up making the ethics problems in Georgia government worse.

    Taylor seems like a nice guy. He’s in no way ready for this position, and that’s evident in the fact that his campaign is literally being run by the House Democratic Caucus. He has no authentic base of support and hasn’t built any coalitions on his own – he’s relying on the Democrat brand and those who dislike anyone labeled Republican. That’s what makes him so dangerous, because it will influence his decision-making when it comes time to determine whether he should vote in the best interests of the people of HD80 or the way that everyone else in the caucus is voting. And it will influence it in such a subtle way that he will probably start to think about it in terms of “effectiveness,” where he sees himself nobly making compromises in the name of being able to advocate for the district. With so many others making that same calculation, it’s easy to see why laws have gotten so bad.

    I’m running because I know how bad they’ve gotten, and I’ve actually got experience in making them better by building actual coalitions in the legislature. J. Max is touting a small list of local reps who are endorsing him with brief, generic statements (and the endorsement of a sitting judge, which is a huge ethical issue even if Mike Jacobs weren’t still funding a slander site about me). I’ve actually worked across the state to build coalitions of constitutional conservatives and civil liberties Democrats to advance real reform (we stopped no-knock search warrant legalization, saving countless law enforcement and homeowner lives!) and know how to analyze and talk about issues like the Redevelopment Powers Law (they made it deliberately long and boring to conceal what a radical move it is – to suspend the Georgia Constitution and allow the city council to vote us into hundreds of millions of dollars in debt with no referendum). This is what matters, not a focus-grouped “platform” that could have come from anyone. Where’s the track record? Where’s the strategy for accomplishing these goals in the legislature? Those friends who are being so helpful to Taylor in his campaign won’t be so friendly if he wants to vote against them.

    Anyway, election day is tomorrow, and I’m exhausted. It’s been a challenge trying to manage my caseload and do all of this campaigning stuff too, but we have to do what needs to be done. And what needs to be done is to protect Brookhaven, Sandy Springs, and Chamblee from sneaky legislation that would make our lives worse, while advocating for what will advance our interests. Having a state rep beholden to a party rather than an independent coalition of people in the community is a recipe for suboptimal outcomes.

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    Neal Miller


    You are so right. And you just won my vote.

    I was not going to vote today because I am so over J Max and his shenanigans, Loren and Taylor are too green and I just didn’t know much about you since you never came to my area during your campaigning.

    But, what you wrote here really made me think and I agree with you 98%.

    Thank you for taking the time to write this. This is what honesty looks like people.

    Thank you Ms Bernard.


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