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    While I appreciate that some of these endorsements might be coming from those unfamiliar with our ex-mayor’s tenure in Brookhaven, I’m nonetheless surprised at those who should know better yet endorse him.

    The number of missteps – mistakes – and misrepresentations are too many to recall.

    This can serve as a handy list of who to remove from office in the next election cycle.

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    Sally Forth

    What this just shows is that people are not paying attention. Once you are a part if the political class, they all band together to keep you in the club. Qualifications do not matter. It is just who you know.

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    Drew, Well said. I would be very concerned about them if they are unfamiliar with our ex-mayor,are they not keeping up with the pulse of the city? If not how can they be trusted to run our city and our state district. What does it say about their intentions for their constituents if they turn a blind eye to the incidents during the ex mayor’s tenure. The only one of our city council who I feel is really concerned about transparency and ethics did not endorse the candidate.

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    Eddie E.

    Endorsements from the cabal who all realize the Brokehaven House of Cards has always been one good sneeze away from collapse.

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    Eric Robert

    Why did they wait until the day before? Were they putting it off because they thought it was an open records request?

    Seriously though, best wishes to all the candidates, obviously J. Max will be in one of the finalists, though I doubt he will get 50%.

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    Before you believe any of these people endorsed J Max, I’d want to see the qoutes they provided. Not even one. No where. Not on his website. None of his flyers. No where did any of the above referenced endorsers give a quote about J Max.


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    Cash Money

    It says “supporting” his campaign, maybe they all just gave him money? To me supporting is VERY different than endorsing.

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    Good catch Cash. “Supporting” means “I support his right to run for the office”.

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    Mike Jacobs just tweeted he isn’t endorsing J Max Davis for HD 80.

    That’s strange. J Max is telling everyone he is running for the seat because Mike asked him to.

    Anyway, vote for Catherine Bernard. She is the most authentic, competent person in the race with the brightest future.

    Catherine Bernard Repreaenta You!

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    Eric Robert

    It’s probably prudent that a sitting judge doesn’t endorse political candidates. So if he did tweet that, that would be the reason. I did see the quotes somewhere else but I can’t remember now where I saw it.

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    It was included in J Maxs last e blast. Lame.

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    Eric Robert

    the email J. Max sent out yesterday said:
    “Endorsing J. Max:
    Georgia House Speaker David Ralston
    Senator Fran Millar
    Representative Tom Taylor
    Representative Beth Beskin
    Brookhaven Mayor Rebecca Chase Williams
    Sandy Springs Mayor Rusty Paul
    Brookhaven Councilwoman Linley Jones
    Brookhaven Councilman Bates Mattison
    Brookhaven Councilman Joe Gebbia
    The National Federation of Independent Business GA
    The Georgia Chamber of Commerce”

    And had these quotes:

    “I’m personally voting for J. Max Davis. No one worked harder to gain the right to cityhood and got us off to a fine start.”
    Brookhaven Mayor Rebecca Chase Williams
    (Email to voters on 7/12/15)

    “J. Max listens. He’s the right man, at the right time.”
    Former District 80 State Representative Mike Jacobs (Introductory remarks given at the State of the City 7/31/14)

    “J. Max has the skills and leadership qualities to best represent District 80. Don’t miss out on the chance to elect him Tuesday.”
    State Senator Fran Millar
    (Statement 7/13/15)

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    B'haven Birdie

    Judges are not allowed to do endorsements and, as an attorney, JMax knows it.

    He probably should not jeopardize his friends new judicial seat that way.

    Spray some Lysol on this election and make it smell better, please.

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    Eric Robert

    it doesn’t say Judge Jacobs supports or endorses him, though I can see how the mail out could be read that way. But technically its not incorrect.

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