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    Thomas Porter

    Despite being a lifelong Republican, I will be delighted to cast my vote for Taylor Bennett in the runoff.

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    I am very pleased BT made this showing. He is an intelligent and quality person like CB. Hopefully the general voting population for the District will get behind BT and send a strong message for integrity, respect and collaboration.

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    Vote Bennett, help Davis get back to his budding used car salesman career.

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    Riley O'Connor

    The Democratic Party is to be congratulated for their considerable campaigning during this election. They simply did not write off the 80th because it was a “safe district”. I’m, of course, tired of the repeated phone calls, but respect their turn-out-the-vote efforts, which seemed to have worked. How everybody follows up will be the decision maker. And, who will Bernard and Collins endorse going forward?

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    Riley O'Connor

    Or, put another way, over 67% of those voting did not want Davis.

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    New Fan

    I’m pleased to see the numbers TB pulled. I would hate to see JMD win anything.

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    Lindy's Daughter

    Me, too!

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    Goooooo Taylor

    So, roughly 33% of District 80 voters are exceedingly tolerant, very forgiving, or just not paying attention.

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    I voted for Taylor but intended vote for Catherine if it she was in the run-off with Davis even though I am one hundred percent opposed to her political philosophy. I hope Catherine’s voters will give the same consideration to Taylor in the run-off in order to have ethical representation in the 80th district.

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    Riley O'Connor

    Well, in the cool light of morning, a few numbers.

    The total population of the 80th District is listed as 48,878 (2010 census and redistricting). In a typical election in the recent decade for this seat, between 11,000 and 16,000 have voted for candidates in the 80th. Can’t find how many registered voters there are in the 80th; I’ve got that somewhere…. In any case, about 4,000 people voted in this election, less than 10% of the total population. And considerably fewer than in a general election. Probably fewer will vote in the runoff.

    Who says that your vote doesn’t count? And in my mind, it’s just as well that the voter to resident ratio was low, since those whom I know that voted were very interested in the candidates’ positions, devoting considerable time to the matter. There were a lot of emails asking friends and neighbors about this, too.

    To be sure, there was some pure emotion about this election, but our elected officials need to be held accountable periodically, lest they think that they are a Roman Senator.

    See you at the polls.

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    Bernard and Davis split the republican vote, so not likely Taylor will win this one.

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    What a sad day in HD 80. The same old strong holds carried him over the line. (Barely) Precincts Ashford Dunwoody, Ashford Parkside, and Montgomery Elem. I just don’t get it. What are you people thinking? Are you not paying attention? This man is a disgrace. I hope Taylor kicks his a$$ and you all get what you deserve. Unbelievable!

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    Ask the Gorton's Fisherman

    If it comes down to a running game vs a passing game, Bennett wins.The biggest question in my mind is whether Collins was planted as a spoiler for Bernard. Particularly if you look at his Campaign disclosures where Apache Political, a.k.a., the City’s former Communications Director who worked on Davis’ Mayoral campaign and currently serves as Mayor Rebecca Chase Williams’ political consultant. Conversely, Williams came out in strong support of Davis.

    Pretty fishy. If Collins is not in the election, it’s a Bernard/Bennett runoff.,%20Loren%20Christopher&Year=2015&Report=15%20Days%20Before%20Special%20Election%20-%2007/14/2015

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    It seems both Catherine and Taylor are highly qualified people who have the best interests of all the people as first priority. Even as a registered Democrat, I voted for Catherine because of how she handled her positive campaign, her background and experience, and her integrity. Taylor was a very close second for much the same reasoning and I will be happy to help him win in the run-off. We need a change from the “good old boy(girl) network” to a positive, transparent, honest and forward-thinking representation.

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    Sure would have been nice to have that info. BEFORE the election!

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    Riley O'Connor

    It’s hard to envision 63 votes spoiling anything. Except that those 63 votes would have brought her up to a greater vote count than Davis. By 6.

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    It wouldn’t have mattered. This race proved to me that the bad guy wins and no matter how dirty he is or how awful he behaves there will be back room deals and people who vote without reading about who they are voting for. There isn’t any fairness in politics. It’s about money, promises and who you know. Shameful. I wish Taylor Bennett the best of luck in the runoff.

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    Talk about fishy, I would still like to know how I got on J.Max’s email blasts when I have never, ever emailed him in my life.

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    Me too! I never emailed him, but I did email my council person one time at the city. Would he have had access to that?

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    Ditto everything Cindy said. And I applaud Taylor for coming out to our house twice, even with our Catherine Bernard sign in the front yard.

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    I’ve written about conspiracy theories for years, but I certainly didn’t expect this race to make me the *subject* of one.

    Let me cut to the chase with what I think should be the best evidence that I was no “plant”, and that would be the same campaign disclosures you linked to. Specifically, look at how much money I *raised*. It was not a lot; indeed, it was literally 5% of what everyone else raised, and it came mostly from friends and family.

    If I’d been a Davis “plant”, don’t you think I wouldn’t have done it out of my own pocket? Don’t you think I’d have had at least one mailer? That I’d have had more canvassers? And most obviously, if my explicit, conspiratorial goal had been to steal votes from Catherine, wouldn’t I have *attacked* Catherine at some point? Instead, yesterday, I wrote a blog post calling out Davis’ campaign for using a bad Mike Jacobs quote in their last-minute campaign emails.

    You’re also committing the post hoc fallacy, not only assuming that a 57 vote split was predictable (remember, this time just yesterday, some folks were predicting that Davis might win outright), but that my meager tally would make a difference. And frankly, I don’t think it did, unless you assume that 90% of my voters would have voted Bernard, and none would have voted Davis. Personally, I find that improbable.

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    Our Charter wouldn’t allow him to use the city’s email list. It’s in the prohibition clause. That email list is the property of the city government. Having said that, and knowing his history, who knows? It’s not as if it is beneath him to have carried it with him out the door when he left. What a campaign advantage!

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    I don’t know about that – Catherine earned the votes of a significant number of registered Democrats (including two from my house) that are going to go back to Taylor in the run-off.

    I think Catherine also earned the votes of a significant number of Republicans (see Tom Porter’s comment leading off this thread) who can’t stomach the antics of the former mayor, and who, like the Democrats who crossed party lines to vote for Catherine, are willing to vote for character and integrity in any form, over a pattern of disingenuity, poor personal judgment, and short-sightedness.

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    I spamblocked the J Max mailer the first time I saw it. I think he got his Lysol smelling hands on the email list Mike Jacobs used to use to communicate with District 80 constituents.

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    Why did you run? No mailers, no canvassing? I don’t understand why you would run and not put in any effort to gain votes.

  26. 26


    4000 people is a pathetic turnout. We deserve whichever candidate wins.

  27. 27

    District 2

    What consulting did you receive from Mike Hassinger, and how did you choose him?

  28. 28


    I did do canvassing; I just didn’t have a big staff of volunteer canvassers. And I would have done a mailer if the donations had been there to fund it, but when contributions didn’t come in, there was only so much of my own money I felt comfortable spending. I took out an ad here, for instance, and paid for it out of my own pocket, and it resulted in zero new contributions.

    This is part of the reason I did my YouTube videos; I could produce those for free, and try to gain some attention through social media. I got a lot of great feedback from the videos; not a lot of votes, though.

    Sometimes being fiscally conservative in your personal life doesn’t help in political endeavors.

  29. 29


    I am frustrated beyond belief with the status of our city there are so many real opportunities lost by the desire for political power. So now I have to decide between to politicians and that is not a good thing in my eyes. Do you go with the devil you know or the devil you don’t?

    I’d like Taylor to take this opportunity to educate us on who he is and why we should be assured that he is not like every other politician in it for themselves. We all know our former Mayor but it will still be interesting to see if he has learned anything from this – probably not. My money and probably my (republican) vote are on Taylor.

    For me the bigger question is how are we going to fix our city? Is JMax going to run for Mayor again or will Rebecca keep him from doing it. Either way I can’t wait to see who else steps up. I would certainly hope that there is someone that can get past the bad behaviors of the current administration and help our city become the gem that it can be and not just another mass of buildings north of Buckhead.

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    Eddie E.

    Since the Secretary of State’s Election Site no longer functions properly, does anyone have a link to the detailed and precinct results for the HD 80 Election?
    (I hope someday the SOS will have this site at least as functional as it was before he took office!!)

  31. 31

    scroll down to district 80
    click on contest detail
    then click on the county

    You can mess around with other links on that main page to find other detailed info.

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    I will be out of town on 8/11, so I’ll do my best to vote early. No more fat white men in the Gold Dome.

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    Riley O'Connor

    Because of one of the personalities running for the 80th District position, there has been a tendency, at least on my part, to treat this as a “Brookhaven” election when, in fact , it is not. Although much of the 80th is within the City of Brookhaven, it is also in portions of Sandy Springs and in a small portion of Chamblee.

    Because this appeared to be a “Brookhaven” election, a person appeared at my polling place complaining that her regular voting place was “closed”. In fact, she lives and votes in the 81st District, but there has been so much uproar about one of the personalities, that she felt compelled to vote anyway.

    There is sure to be electoral analysis by the two candidates, but the non-Brookhaven segments are likely to be the most fertile field for voter farming. And people living in those locales may simply know the name J. Max Davis for the interchange located at I-285 and Chamblee-Dunwoody Road.

    Those living in the City of Brookhaven, even those not in the 80th, are already well familiar with the Davis name for other reasons. It is those living in the 80th but not in the City that should be concentrated upon. Those that voted for a non-Davis are likely to continue not voting for Davis. It’s hard to imagine people being spiteful and not voting a second time simply because their candidate did not win. Perhaps that might happen in other elections, but this one has been fraught with passion about a certain personality.

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    Steve Fallmore

    Looking at those results makes me even more angry. Davis used our tax dollars to buy all the votes he won up in district 1 by improving parks and roads and that put him over the edge. He failed to carry a single precinct in Fulton and most of the other areas outside Brookhaven.

  35. 36


    Well, this is interesting. I voted for Taylor Bennett assuming it would be a wasted vote, but did it anyway. I am pleasantly surprised that he got the most votes, but now I wish I had voted for Catherine Bernard because I don’t want JMax to win in a runoff. I could live with Catherine winning. I won’t be able to stomach JMax leading our district.

    This election goes to show that every vote does matter, and that candidates that absolutely have no chance can really end up throwing a wrench in how things turn out.

  36. 37

    Eric Robert

    Hint, never give a number you use to the voting registrar since voter databases are almost always based on that voter files (they contact active voters and depending what primary -Rep/Dem/Mixed – you vote in. I got rid of my landline years ago and luckily never gave my cell # or VOIP # to the voting registrar.

  37. 38

    Eric Hovdesven

    Not want may be a strong term. Question will be who will the Bernard Voters go to and what will the turn out be. The lesson from the District 1 race is that Taylor Bennett still has an uphill battle.

    I do have to say that Catherine Bernard really impressed me, she knocked on my door two times. Taylor Bennett’s people knocked on my door 2 times.

  38. 39


    You insult people that don’t think and vote how you want, and you wonder why your favored outcome doesn’t come to fruition? Perhaps you should re-think your approach and maybe people would be more convinced by your opinion.

  39. 40

    Eddie E.

    And Mayor Lysol’s people knocked how many times?

  40. 41

    Eddie E.

    I was wondering if the Bernard signs all around Ashford Park in the 81st were just enthusiastic supporters or people who had no idea which district they were in.
    As for the idea of a Brookhaven Election, it’s worth noting the only precincts the Mayor carried were the same precincts that were overwhelming ‘Yes’ votes for municipalization. Does that suggest loyalty or uncontrolled momentum downhill?

  41. 42


    I had one in my yard but knew I couldn’t vote. I figured my street is high traffic and it didn’t hurt to advertise her.

  42. 43


    Steve,did the city council vote in favor of these projects

  43. 44


    Thank you,Riley for stating three important items1 that I am not the only person in favor of a new State dist.81″ a person from dist.81 wanted to vote..”2.The reason for voter I’d (statement fro dist. 81 wanting to vote)3. DeKalb County Election Office that Did not count the vote from dist.81.

  44. 45


    Eddie two items . those in Ashford Park voting percent may want a State Rep. over what we have.2 Rember Brairwood voting percent voted for the new city.

  45. 46

    Eric Robert

    J. Max didn’t win all the Northside Brookhaven Precincts but he certainly did crush it in the Ashford precinct which includes Cambrige Hall and the other neighborhoods around Silver Lake where J. Max and Councilwoman Linley Jones live. it also includes the Lynwood area that was heavily gentrified and basically is all new within the past 5 or so years.

  46. 47

    Eric Robert

    Oddly it appears the Cambridge and Silver Lake communities don’t even have a Next Door community set up. I guess they get all their neighborhood news from the Dunwoody Crier which is delivered to driveways there. 😉

  47. 48

    Steve Fallmore

    Not always and even when they opposed him he found ways to change their minds. Joe gave Davis 2500 bucks. Rebecca, Linley and Bates backed him in the race. They are all curled up in one big bed together. There are many streets badly in need of paving right now but RCW is having her subdivision paved. District 1 has received the majority of improvements. Thank goodness for John Park. I don’t trust any of them except John.

  48. 49

    Cash Money

    Here’s what gets me. Did anyone look at the list of campaign donors? Bennett, Barnard and Collins is a list of mostly individuals who gave. Davis’s list is 90% PACs and corporations. They bought him and they are trying to buy this spot at the table. I just hope the voters are smart enough not to allow that to happen. Bennett better step it up. Davis still has 20 grand left to fight with and Bennett has just over 1k.

  49. 50


    Betsy and Jill – Did you receive emails from Mike Jacobs or Friends of Murphey Candler Park? These two are the only link I found when wondering how JMD’s campaign suddenly had my email address in June. It would have been nice if we had been asked or told before it was shared. Especially since JMD’s emails say this at the end: “You are receiving this email because you signed up to receive information from J. Max Davis and his campaign.” Perhaps you should ask for the proof that you actually “signed up”?!

  50. 51


    CM, where did you find the campaign donor list for this election? Thank you.

  51. 52

    Disgusted in Ashford PArk

    Eddie – I can assure you the Catherine signs in AP were there because she is respected and appreciated. I do hope she does not become frustrated and disengaged. If only 60 or so more had been able to get off their behinds and voted and some last minute dirty politics by J Max were averted we would be looking at a different situation right now.

  52. 53

    South Side Bill

    Remeber District 2 went a long period of time without representation.
    jmax lied when he said they could not have an July election to replace District 2.
    jamx and rcw have done nothing to represent the south side.
    This election shows that this is still a district 1 town at the expense of the rest of us on the South Side.

  53. 55

    Eddie E.

    Excellent points, but of course this was all predicted before Cityhood.

  54. 56


    Although he was the leading vote getter in the four District 1 precincts of the city of Brookhaven – Ash-Parkside, Ash-Dunwoody, Kittredge, Montgomery – the ex-mayor did not earn a majority in any of those precincts, after totally owning them in the initial city election for mayor.

    What’s really stunning is that in the remaining 15 precincts comprising District 80, the ex-mayor earned a grand total of 405 votes, including a whopping 35 from the two Chamblee precincts. It speaks volumes to the built in voting advantage of District 1 (high number of registered voters, most of whom usually come out to vote) that he barely made the run-off, despite getting totally drilled outside of his home district.

  55. 57

    Why Bernard supports should support Taylor

    Taylor Bennett still can win. And if Ms. Bernard wants to try again in 2 years it will be easier to beat him then an entrenched Republican who has the Republican Machine backing him. Yes Taylor will have the Democratic Machine behind him but since its a Republican district that machine is not as effective. Plus its easier to overcome the machines in the general election then in a primary.

  56. 59


    Taylor got more votes than JMAX at Kittredge and was the leading vote getter there.

    As a side note…a portion of Chamblee Dunwoody was closed due to an accident around 5 pm on Tuesday evening. That could have prevented some of our voters from getting to Kittredge. A moot point but interesting.

  57. 60


    CW – I gleefully stand corrected.

    That means the ex-mayor was the leading vote-getter in only 3 of 19 HD80 precincts, despite having a 2 1/2 yr head start to prove he was capable of effectively representing the entire district.

    It’ll be interesting to see what the ex-mayor comes up with prior to Aug 11. Items 1-80 on his to-do list will almost certainly have to be a full court press involving relentless begging and groveling, along with pressure and promises from other state Republicans, to try and get Catherine to endorse him.

    We’ll find out soon enough if Catherine’s loyalty is to her peeps (which, based on what I know of her would be my guess) or to her party . . .

  58. 61

    Steve Fallmore

    She will NEVER endorse J Max Davis. Not going to happen.

  59. 62

    Edde E.

    Doesn’t matter.
    It will be up to her supporters to vote with their brains.

  60. 63


    The election in July 2014 was a run off,three could not be a new election.If the person that was elected inNov. 2013,had resigned in March 2014 (three months into a four year term ) instead of April (four months into a four year term) we could have had the election in May 2014.Sorry for the State law being followed.

  61. 64

    ID Clair

    So, why not appoint a rep for D2 back then, as they did for D1 just recently. And, since when does the city follow the law?

  62. 65


    SMTM…thank you!

  63. 66


    Per 2.03(c) of the City charter, if there’s more than 12 mos left in a rep’s term (as was the case when Jim Eyre resigned), their position is filled by election.

    If less than 12 mos is left in a rep’s term (as was the case w/ RCW), the mayor can appoint their replacement, subject to majority vote of the city council.

    That’s how RCW became the city’s mayor – two of the three city council reps (Districts 3 and 4) voted for her and one (District 2) did not. RCW’s District 1 replacement could not vote, b/c she couldn’t be appointed until after RCW was elected.

    Clever maneuvering by the old guard of Brookhaven Yes to keep their pipeline of favored peeps on top without any of them having to face a general election (they will spend the next three+ months trying to figure out how to curry favor with their electorate and win election in November), but well within “their” charter rules.

  64. 67


    Two less “lifelong Republican s.”

  65. 68


    Patrick, actually it is more about insuring J. Max is not elected. Besides, was Mike Jacobs a lifelong Republican? Let me help you, my elderly friend, NO!

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