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    Where is the exact location of the Asbury Automotive site in Doraville?

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    Eric Robert

    They are jumping the Shark! Well at least the tracks to Buford Highway? So in other words they are going to use future tax dollars to subsidize gentrification along Buford Highway like Brookhaven was trying to do. In yet other words they are using future tax dollars to drive out the current work force population and retail establishments that have developed a following on Yelp and throughout Atlanta.

    If gentrification happens on its own that’s one thing but the government subsidizing it I do not support.

    This TAD was supposed to be about cleaning up and redeveloping the GM Plant – and the auto dealership deal is a bad start.

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    Neighbor on the Edge

    wow – So Doraville is going to use a TAD to help finance a new car dealership fronting I-285 next to BrandsMart?

    This is supposed to be a first class live-work-play development. NOT more wholesale.

    This is NOT what the City has been showing the public and it is NOT what the press has reported as being built on that property.

    Why did it take so long for this to become public?

    Why does Integral keep showing the renderings of an Atlantic Station style development?

    Will the other car dealers on Peachtree Industrial also get into the TAD?

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    what does this have to do with the school system? Is this to pull more money out of schools to fund private development?

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    Rwdevelopmemt Powers 101

    Redevelopment Powers 101. Remember this next year when J Max puts it back on our ballot.

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    The dealership moving there is Nalley Nissan. I suggest as many people as possible visit their current location in Chamblee and make your complaint known. If enough people complain they might reconsider.

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    Rwdevelopmemt Powers 101

    Neighbor on the Edge,

    All very good questions, but….

    They day Doraville voted to give the City Redevelopment Powers they lost all voice on where, what, how and when a TAD could be developed and how it would be financed. Integral doesn’t owe the public one answer as to their plans or outcomes. Not one. Egbert Perry would be well within his rights to not hold another press conference or answer another reporters queation.

    Embrace it…and don’t forget. It will be right back on the Brookhaven ballot next summer in a special election where they can expect a 7% turnout.

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    Rwdevelopmemt Powers 101

    Like a developer buddy of mine says, “architectural renderings are for city council suckers.”

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    Neighbor on the Edge

    School taxes are used for private development in TADs

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    Another reason we should all be thanking Catherine Bernard for defeating redevelopment powers in Brookhaven. #catherineisawesome

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    enuff govt already

    Luxury condos overlooking spagetti junction and the MARTA tracks; please…..nothing as glorious as waking up to fresh smog from the interstate and the grinding squeal of MARTA train brakes. Doraville was given the commercial areas surrounding it last year by the legislature in order for the city to offer bonds and I’ll just bet most of the heavy lifting on that legislative sponsored annexation was done by the north DeKalb crew in return for some nice donations. The sane citizens surrounding Doraville soundly voted down annexation for a third time! Rumor has it they dont trust that govt with their money. The City of Doraville being a small and cash strapped city just got played because the politicians became fixated on the dollars signs. The newly annexed businesses around Doraville now get to pay Doraville outrageous taxes to fund car lots, warehouses, cheap motels and low income housing.

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    dekalb mom

    “The new project is being led by the City of Doraville, but requires 80 percent participation from DeKalb and the DeKalb School System.”

    Dear Lord, there goes the project! DCSS? Oy!

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    AJC article on the other big Doraville development in AJC has no mention of $150 million in revenue bonds issued by the city for that project. So looking at about $450 in public financing all of the sudden.

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    rumor has it that Motors Industrial will be renamed to “Nalley Way”–a joke?

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    Just one of the many problems with the way that TADs are (mis)used.

    Brookhaven voters – keep this in mind if they try to sneak them in again.

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