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    J. Max's Sandwich

    ..Grabs popcorn…

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    The arrogance of RCW, She’s following in the footsteps of her predecessor.

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    Thank you Trey Benton.

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    Riley O'Connor

    “Double, double, toil and trouble. Fire burn, caldron bubble.” W. Shakespeare, MacBeth

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    Reporting such as this is critical to the success of our city. Is there a way to donate to the Brookhaven Post? I’d like to contribute to the financial success of The Post and hopefully allow this type of reporting to remain an integral part of our city.

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    The Empire is crumbling. Looks like J.Max’s reign may end on a national scale. Another politician in the news.

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    At last nights city council meeting the new city attorney sure sugar coated his interpretation of the letter from the Attorney Generals office. I wonder what his representation of the citizens of Brookhaven will be like moving forward. Not looking promising thus far.

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    Thomas Porter

    There IS (not was) a cancer that spread and metasticized throughout the entire original government of Brookhaven. One Councilman was smart enough to get out, one was brave enough to take his place and stay healthy. We should remove all remaining remnants of the disease in November and continue treatment. Otherwise it could come back.
    We also don’t want to infect the State House either.!

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    Not The Mayor

    How can RCW not resign after this? It seems clear from these documents and statements she was knowingly lying to the citizens of Brookhaven.

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    “Mayor Williams told The Post that she agreed a crime had been committed in the City’s mishandling of this issue. We asked Williams, why then, is the City was not doing their own criminal investigation into violations of State Law. Mayor Williams said, “Why don’t you do it”, indicating the City has no intention of investigating any criminal activity.”

    That statement speaks volumes about the kind of leader our Cherry Blossom Princess really is. Out to cover her own rear and not do whats right for the people she was sworn to represent. I am looking forward to the birth of the REAL Brookhaven after these clowns are gone and we can start fresh with honest leaders. J. Park is the only person I would like to see keep his space on the Brookhaven city government.

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    One Time Mayor

    Buy some advertising. If you don’t have a company to advertise for, pick one you like and see if they will provide the artwork for you.

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    Not The Mayor

    They aren’t doing an investigation because she would have to have herself arrested. This woman seems to be a very bad choice for Brookhaven and something needs to be done about it. We didn’t even get to vote this woman in and now, thanks for council, she is a our mayor. I hope she will do the right thing and resign but I don’t get the feeling that is in her dna. She has made it clear she will continue to obstruct and be dishonest at any cost. I’m not sure sure why being the mayor of Brookhaven is this important to anyone.

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    Laura Ross

    The Brookhaven Post is our city newspaper. REALLY.

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    There is a donation link on the front page now.

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    If enough people send this to the AJC, they might publish it.

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    Pam Porter

    Thank you, Heather, I never noticed it before. I am happy to make a donation to BP and the diligent persistence of TB. Great work, Trey!!!

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    If she resigns, not that her ego will allow that, will Bates be Mayor? That scares me.

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    Greg Trinkle

    Very disappointing by our appointed mayor.

    Clearly we need this independently looked into. The public has lost faith that current leadership will work transparently.

    Today I heard the term “Slimehaven” in reference to our city. It was joked that Brookhaven took less than 2 years to become totally corrupt.

    So far the actions of our leaders have been closer to DeKalb’esque than what CNDB, B’YES, & current campaign promises were made.

    Waiting to hear RCW’s response now that the information is public.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Thank you all for the support. It’s very humbling. We will keep working hard for you!

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    Eddie E.

    I can hardly wait…..
    Resignations, appointment of misguided ‘true-believers’, arrests, convictions, sentencing, feigned shock.
    I just wonder if that guy on channel 5 on Sunday morning will mention it.
    Welcome to Brookhaven

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    Cherry Blossom Princess, how appropriate along with Brookie the green pigeon and our new nickname Slimehaven. Thank you J. Max, thank you city council. You guys sure showed us how superior creating a city government can be in comparison to DeKalb government.

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    Eric Robert

    Mayor Williams said, “Why don’t you do it” That was spit take worthy! And her statements to NPR do concern me.
    I’m sure there are many other things discussed in Executive session such as leasing of park land to private entities and/or donating public dollars for projects by these entities that shouldn’t have been. Unfortunately the fox got to guard the hen house on this one by appointing people who would say executive session minutes/notes can’t be released.
    The fact the city has NOT released more material from the executive session shows their resolution to be transparent is just words. Why force Freedom of Information Act Requests? Releasing the information voluntarily would save a great deal of legal and staff time/money.

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    Eric Robert

    Click the ads also. Websites generate revenue from that.

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    B'haven Birdie

    AJC has a story up today:
    “Brookhaven broke the law by scrubbing Lysol details, state AG rules”

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    So! According to the Attorney General’s letter it was “former employee” Susan Canon’s buttocks that were sprayed with Lysol. I’m not sure anyone ever openly said who the victim was before. Anyone think Brookhaven won’t be sued?

    J. Max Davis now wants our vote for higher office? What an embarrassment!

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    Disgusted In Ashford Park

    Janine, Do you really think it’s appropriate to needlessly publicize the name of a person who might be somewhat embarrassed and humiliated over the whole incident ? How would you like it if it was you ?

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    Thomas Porter

    She didn’t divulge, it is in the letter above. The correct word was used to describe her… victim.

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    One Time Mayor

    I check the Dunwoody Crier for the reporting of this incident and other incidents that are of a negative nature towards Brookhaven and cannot find anything. It seems that ole Dick may not be in charge of that rag after all.

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    This new city attorney. What was his advise about releasing the documents? Did he encourage them to do the right thing?

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    Well, that concerns me. Looks like we need to look for our 4th city attorney.

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    Julia W.

    To me, it doesn’t sound like this is over yet per the letter from the Attorney Generals office. Rebecca needs to quit making excuses about what happened. Everyone knows right from wrong even when someone else is advising otherwise. It’s a part of most souls inherited sense. She was so adamant about the wrong doings of the Pink Pony maybe a close look in the mirror will give her some reflection as to where her wrongs really lie.

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    South Side Bill

    “The Office of the Attorney General reserves the right to civilly and criminally prosecute such matters where it deems doing so is appropriate. On Monday, The Post filed paperwork formally requesting the Attorney General exercise that right.”

    What can citizens of Brookhaven do to encourge this right?

    I have no faith that our mayor will do the right thing.

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    Eddie E.

    Suggest there was weed involved?
    That tends to perk Sam’s ears up.

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    Kathy Forbes

    It’s rare to find this kind of watchdog journalism in any city, let alone a city the size of Brookhaven. The last time I inquired, Trey Benton informed me that the Brookhaven Post has personally cost him a bit over $30,000. Let’s do our part to help make this a sustainable undertaking for Trey and to support the kind of investigative reporting that our community wants, needs and deserves. Please consider making a donation!

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    Brittany Neighbor

    Eddie, it’s very curious that NONE of the local news stations have mentioned this story. They milked the Burrell Ellis trial for all it was worth and yet there’s no mention of the cover up from the bold & beautiful, new city of Brookhaven which was going to provide a better, more transparent government than the former Dekalb County tribunal.

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    Eddie E.

    Well, the Fox outlet probably wouldn’t touch it for obvious reasons.
    That leaves three potentially legitimate ‘news’ organizations that have a responsibility to at least roll some tape in front of city hall, even if they cower at the notion of an on camera with the current or former mayor.
    And you are right, they harped on the Ellis trial and all of the run-up to it while paying little attention to the THEFT OF TAXPAYER FUNDS and tiny little sentence for the former District 1 Commissioner.
    Is it about uncovering criminal behavior of public officials or not?

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    Lysol Adverse

    One can always write the AG. There is a form on their web site.

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    Jerry Mandering

    In fairness the current crier came out after or as this disclosure of this letter was breaking. However, the Crier’s coverage of the outcome of the House 80 race was a calculated campaign for J. Max – of all the reasons given for the results not one of them was this cloud. Clearly this has had an effect, who knows how much but it clearly has. Also the Crier Article took a jab at Bennett by noting Fulton needs a republican to protect themselves from the “taxing proclivities” of the democrats.
    When you think about it district 80 is an example of the abusive nature of gerrymandering. By taking a couple of small precincts in Fulton and putting them in to House seat 80 they effectively count the Republican voters in DeKalb 2x and thus end up drowning out or watering down democratic communities in Fulton with DeKalb voters. It also explains why many of the democratic precincts in the city of Brookhaven are drawn out of HS 80 and kept entirely within one county. Granted that’s politics but really, some regulation of gerrymandering really needs to happen – it just entrenches the party in control

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    Cletus Brownnose

    Whew. Better Georgia article pretty much says it all.

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    If the the Georgia AG has determined the Executive Session minutes regarding J Max Davis’ sexual Harrassment and EEOC claim should be released,!how come we haven’t seen them yet? Do our city leaders think they are above the law? Do they think taunting a State Enforcement Officer is ok? Did Gov. Deal tell Sam Olens to wait til after the election to prosecute? What gives Post?

  41. 42


    The highest State enforcement officer has requested the City of Brookhaven release the Executive Session notes. Why haven’t we seen them? Why is our city council taunting the Georgia State AG? Did Governor Deal advise him not to prosecute until after the election?

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    Super Majority is bad

    Notice the State AG singled out the then City Attorney for making misleading statements but did not mention Mayor J. Max Davis similar misleading statement made at the same time. Trust me the AG doesn’t want to hurt J. Max’s chances of winning the Aug 11 House Seat 80 election. Apparently a strong majority isn’t enough they want a super majority so that the Gov can push through anything without any questions from the other side. This is continuing cover up is just another manifestation of what happens in states that are dominated by one party (be it Dem or Repub).

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    enuff govt already

    This is amazing; the AG who list “open government” on his web site as a key issue has done NOTHING other than offer a strongly worded memo to Brookhaven. The prevailing understanding is laws were broken and if the mayor/council met in exec session to suppress an ORR then a conspiracy was afoot. The next question is why. Did the city council suppress the ORR to effect the election? I also find it compelling that one of the most out spoken people in all things great about himself and the city he created has said nothing. Come on Mr. Olens, is a strongly worded memo the best you can do for one of your key issues?

  44. 45

    Eddie E.

    Isn’t it the AG’s JOB to investigate crimes against the TAXPAYERS whether a particular political party is ‘injured’ or not?
    Wasn’t that the big whoop when the AG’s party took over in 2003?

    So WHO will be attending to the legitimate needs of the Citizens of Brookhaven?

  45. 46

    Eddie E.

    For those who are not aware, the current appointed Mayor’s husband has a political comedy show that airs on Sunday morning.
    This morning, the appointed Mayor’s husband and his chief henchman mentioned the 80th race and the current OUTRAGE in Brokehaven only to focus on the fact that the second place finisher in the ‘r’ side of the race had not kissed the ring of former Mayor Lysol (not endorsed him).
    They were downright hostile that she had demonstrated the interests of the Citizens over the DEMANDS of that party.
    What’s next, will they send out some people to burn something in her yard after dark?
    What a pathetic group the minority party ‘leadership’ in Dekalb County has become.

  46. 47


    Is there a proper way for citizen to at least have the Georgia State Bar investigate the ethical issues of our former City Attorney?
    Is there a process for citizen complaints?
    Or is this going to be based on politics.

  47. 48

    Eddie E.

    Well, the Georgia Bar as well as the AG’s websites have grievance and complaint forms on their front pages.
    If a few hundred loyal Brookhaven Taxpayers were to voice their opinions, the powers that be would HAVE TO pay some attention.

  48. 49


    If somebody has a license to practice law you can always file a complaint with the state bar association.

    Note: the Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) listed on the linked page is not the same as filing a complaint but if you tell the state bar that you want to file a complaint they have to direct you to the proper forms / process.

  49. 50


    After tonight how can anyone vote for jmax. Even if you .like what he says, and he will no doubt tell you what you want to hear, how can you trust him.
    Hiding behind executive session to cover for yourself.

  50. 51

    South Side Bill

    According to JMAX this did not happen?

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