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    Smokin' Del Frisco

    Wait just a doggone minute here. Why is the most expensive part of this paving list a residential street in the Mayor Williams neighborhood? There are MANY streets that are way more travelled than the fancy schmancy Byrnwyck neighborhood. Daniele – honey pack our bags. We’re gonna bounce.

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    B'have Birdie

    well of course the most expensive paving project is on Becky’s street! you can’t expect our Cherry Blossom Princess to live on Humilty Lane.

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    Is Byrnwyck the worst street in the city? Let me answer that for you it is not, shame on Brookhaven and the appointed mayor

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    What The WHAT?

    Just noticed the most expensive part of this project is repaving Mayor William’s neighborhood. How is that fair?

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    How is the paving plan determined? Are the consultant recommendations being used? Byrnwyck was not scheduled for any renovations in the consultants recommended 2013-2019 paving plan (see page 192 of the Road Pavement Analysis Report )

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    Kiss my asphalt

    Now now Steamrolled. Byrnwyck wasn’t on the list UNTIL someone in that neighborhood was handed the office of Mayor and is running for reelection in November. That’s the way it works in Brookhaven. Didn’t you know that?

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    Briarwood Rd desperately needs repaving and it is not on the list. When will this be done? Also, the intersection of North Druid Hills and Briarwood Road needs a major revision. It does not work well in its current configuration.

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    Ditto what Brookhavenbaby said. Apparently, it was on the list but didn’t make the first run. Will they shift the money into 2016 and call it part of next year’s budget?

    Who knows?

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    Not The Mayor

    So we are spending 1/3 of this paving budget on her private swim and tennis community? I know someone (me) who is about to file an open records request on emails from the “mayor” regarding paving Brynwick since it wasn’t on the list originally. This woman is 100% unbelievable. All the roads that need work in Brookhaven and we are speeding half a MILLION dollars on her subdivision!!!!

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    Not The Mayor

    Post: Any idea why the paving on the arterial E. Roxboro was changed? This was the first FRP on it:

    East Roxboro Road from North Druid Hills Road to Lake Boulevard (10,700 SY): Mill asphalt pavement 2”, Inlay with 12.5 mm Superpave @ 220 lbs/sy. Patching as needed, striping as directed, including the installation of Bike Lanes and Sharrows.

    Now it is going from N. Druid across 85 to city limits. Or was this just the list from 2014 and this above is the 2015 list?

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    Eric Robert

    I thought that annexation did not include the roads on that side. And that road costs are not included in their lower millage. I remember that since I thought it was odd that an annexation could take just the property but not the public roads.

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    Not The Mayor

    There is a big story here. There is no way this was at the top of the list of paving projects. Now that she is mayor it is on the first run? No way.

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