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    Brian Brown

    What is not mentioned is that Taylor is a Democrat. Second, the article disparages the “other” candidate for mud slinging then ends with – “Brookhaven’s brief existence has been sullied by too much drama and controversy already. We cannot allow that culture to prevail as we choose our next state representative.” Which I would say is a bit of mud slinging.
    A discussion of the issues and where each stands would be very helpful for voters. May I suggest that the Post illicit responses to pertinent questions from each candidate. I realize these answers will be politicized and tempered by each candidates advisors etc. but may times you can still read through the rhetoric and hear the candidates true voice and opinions. Plus it would put the Post in people’s hands.

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    Eddie E.

    Are you suggesting there is something wrong with being a Democrat?
    Are you suggesting that remembering the TRUTH is something that should be avoided?
    The old Louisiana bumper sticker “Vote For the Crook” comes to mind.

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    Thomas Porter

    I am a lifelong Republican as was my father before me; the Republican Party has put forth the wrong candidate this time and widened it’s disconnection to its core. I just spent 90 minutes with Taylor Bennett this morning, he’s a brilliant, articulate, level-headed candidate and I will vote for him.

    Bennett’s election will not shift the Republican dominance in the House, but it may send a message to the Republican Party to put forth a better, less tawdry, candidate next time. Then… I’ll probably vote my party again.

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    Back on July 10, the Post did ask each of the four candidates specific questions about specific issues and published their responses. You can read them here:

    I would also like to point out that your accusation of the author “mudslinging” is inaccurate and unfair. It is not mudslinging to point out a political candidates less than stellar track record while serving as Mayor of Brookhaven.

    As Mayor, J. Max Davis was involved in a cover up of his embarrassingly bad behavior to the extent that he broke several laws. And, if you are like me — its not about his stupid “joke” (as he calls it) of spraying a woman’s butt with Lysol that wasn’t well received, its about the extent he went to cover up HIS actions.

    While in office, he demonstrated that he is okay with breaking any law he finds inconvenient and/or contradictory to his political aspirations. He also demonstrated shockingly bad judgement and a total disregard for the oath he swore to uphold when he became Mayor. That being said, why should I trust him to uphold another oath of office?

    Politics aside, his actions call his character into question.

    J. Max has left the city with quite a mess to clean up. The Attorney General is now involved. An EEOC lawsuit has been filed against the city because of HIS actions. Again, this isn’t name calling, false accusations or mudslinging, this is what’s happening. And if you choose not to learn from history, well… you know what happens.

    As for Bennett being a Democrat, remember in 2004 when Republican J. Max Davis ran the first time for HD80? He was beaten by the Democratic candidate, Mike Jacobs.

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    The opportunity that the inaugural Brookhaven City Leaders had was wasted. It is sad how we could have been looked upon as a great example of how to take local control and show that listening to the people, being transparent and acting ethically could be a great success. Instead we have juvenile antics, unprofessional behavior and have become the laughing stock of the area. Sad to see such opportunity wasted…. just sad.

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    Democrat for a Day

    TB could help his case by eliminating the some are more equal than others, fairly compensated rhetoric. HD 80 is moderate, not left wing

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    I never understood what was so extreme about equality and fairness, and I think we can all agree that we don’t need any more politicians omitting their true stand on issues that concern us just to get elected and then show their hand.

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    Look at districts 2, 3, and 4, and then all that district 1 gets. Equality and fairness arguments are rampant in the funding allocated in each area. RCW’s street paving is the most recent unfair allocation of our tax dollars, among so many others. I could go on…

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    Anyone else bothered by Davis’ fabricated “endorsement” from former Rep. Jacobs?

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    “Equality and fairness” in Democratic language means higher taxes. Nothing in life is for free.

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    Eddie E.

    You might want to purchase a new translator.
    Just look how peachy lower taxes are working in Kansas.

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    Believe me , I’m no fan of the former Mayor but has he been convicted of “breaking any law”? We should let the investigation play out before slinging opinions.

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    Thomas,if Taylor is elected. There is going to a shift.The tax payers of Fulton County will be without a voice. For Democates Will stop all county legislation aimed at helping the tax payers.

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    Thank you,Brian for stating the truth.

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    Silly talk

    Silly. Just plain Silly. Go ahead and vote for the crook. Silly. Just plain silly.

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    Silly talk ,just trying to remember when was JMax Davis tried for a crime.I always thought one was not guilty of a crime until proven.I forgot those who are Republican s are guilty.When was Burrel Ellis ,or Sid Dorsey a Republican.

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    Before Rep Jacobs became a judge.But I know that fact is not important.

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    I wrote about it on election day. Indeed, as far as I can tell, I was the first to spot it:

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    Thomas Porter

    180 seats in the House:
    120 Republicans, 59 Democrats, 1 Independent.
    No change… except honorable, intelligent representation.

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    patrick, my lowercase friend, Jacobs never endorsed J. Max for State House. Therefore, the endorsement was fabricated.

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    Mary Ann

    Love the article Loren, but perhaps you are a bit gracious to call the misquote accidental especially given Davis’ recent problems with the truth.

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    For those of you just joining us:
    “Democates” is the Roman God of Baloney.

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    Riley O'Connor

    I have long ago given up predicting elections. The voters will do what they do.

    Were Taylor Bennett to win this runoff, the most important thing for him to remember is that a lot of people did not vote FOR him as much as NOT vote for the other candidate. This means that he cannot view winning as a “mandate” as much as it is the desire of the 80th District voters to select the best available candidate.

    Should he win, he would continue to hold the 80th District seat by representing the interests of its citizens rather than trying to promote an agenda which is unacceptable to the citizens of the 80th.

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    Thank you, Pat.I always thought that Ashforg Park and Skyland office Building was in dist.2.But that is not true,base on your comment that Dist.2 is not given the proper amount of money.

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    Eddie E.

    I thought elections were always about selecting the ‘best available candidate’?

    I thought the job of elected representatives was always to attend the interests of the citizens?

    Think of how much better things might be in Georgia today if more people concentrated on that simple concept.

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    South Side Bill

    Battle cry of the uneducated

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    You know, Richard Nixon was never convicted of “breaking any law” either – and he still went down spectacularly in flames – and dragged anyone who hitched their wagons to him (notably Gerald Ford) with him.

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    Eddie,in about 18 months State Dist.81 may have your type member.

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    Eddie E.

    Yet another line drive goes right over your head.

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