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    Redevelopment Powers 101

    Too late, Trudy. You gave up all rights to real answers in 2011.

    City of Brookhaven voters, get ready to vote on this again if JMD is elected on 8/11.

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    So excited about this development but also worry the car dealership and the adjoining BrandSmart will set the tone for the entire complex.

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    5,358 housing units (apartments, condominiums, and townhomes)
    5.0 million SF of commercial space, of which approximately 62% would be office space.
    307,000 SF of civic space, including a City Hall, Library, and/or school facilities.

    that should create an additional 10 -15 MARTA riders……

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    Hard to figure out where a warehouse for movie company renters with a fancy sign fits in–part of “commercial space”? But the renderings do fit in nicely with Brandsmarts facade.

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    B'haven Birdie


    Transit Oriented Development and a Tax Allocation District for a “Doraville Auto Mall” fronting I-285?

    This will turn out to be the defining development for the entire project.

    The whole project seems to be just a facade… What a waste of potential.

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    Looked and looked–I can’t find an “auto mall” in the former New Broadstreet plan, the one that walked away from DeKalb with a few years back. Regretting we lost that one yet?

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    Tom Doolittle

    Concise update–thanks. Big outing for city officials soon–to DeKalb govt and school system for 80% of the taxes. City says nothing will happen w/o county help. County’s probably interested, but its in terrible shape PR wise. Looking at another incentive program right now with that soccer land. Bad timing all around.

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