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    Okay, no coin. Is there a special symbol for golf carts that keeps their drivers from getting tickets?

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    Jack Honderd

    Great article, Riley. Thanks for the insights! I have great admiration for the Brookhave police and the job they do, and now I want to do the academy. BTW, did you pass?

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    Yeah, in Brookhaven you can run around in your golf cart all day catching unsuspecting auto drivers by surprise complete with near collision misses and receive no ticket. Ease through a stop sign at 7:30 AM on a Sunday morning in an auto with no other visible autos on the road you can count on a ticket just shy of $200.00. Evidently our police department has been trained to be selective.

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    Great job, sir, as always. I encourage anyone who sees a BPD officer in a local dining establishment to pick up their tab or at least thank them for their service. Notwithstanding the very serious national debate about police power abuses these are true public servants.

    P.S. As a “special coin” holder I can tell you that the only privilege I have noticed to date is ridicule and absurdity. A very nice challenge coin, though, and it reminds me of the hundreds of volunteers who gave their time to the City. We are most blessed of people here in the City of Brookhaven.

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    Terrific piece! The Brookhaven PD already strikes me as well regarded – they must be if the worst complaints about them are not citing golf carts – and offering the community programs like this only reinforces that perception.

    Kudos to you and your classmates Riley for seeing this through, gaining illumination, and for sharing your insight with all of us. That’s true symbiosis, and the Brookhaven PD and the communities in which you and your fellow graduates live will all benefit from it.

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    Riley O'Connor

    Lucky me, no tests.

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    James Valley Jr

    I honestly hope this does some good. I had good experiences with DeKalb Police and assume that Brookhaven will be as dependable and dedicated. However, just like DeKalb’s Star Unit from Perimeter used to conduct random speed and traffic stops on the weekend around Brookhaven Station to Oglethorpe, it seems Brookhaven Police have the same plan. They have been hanging around that area all weekend lately pulling people over, including me. $140 for a dirty, NOT broken license plate light, and being made to feel like a fool by the officers, no thanks Brookhaven. If you live here, be ready to fork over the money! A 40-ish year resident.

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    J.Max Davis

    “,..there was a brief discussion about a rumor which said that..a number of the newly minted City elites had been given a special “coin”…[that] allowed the select to simply show them to a police officer and to be magically given a “Get out of Jail Free” experience.” This wasn’t a “rumor” it was a lie concocted and promoted by city haters. How insulting to our police that it was ever repeated or even made its way into a discussion at the citizens police academy.

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    Brittany Mother

    Interesting that you of all people would choose use the word ‘lie’. It is also amusing that some people in our neighborhood like to use the words ‘city haters’ for Republicans that did not support burdening us with more government. Brookies now have two circus governments to embarrass them. Thank you.

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    George S.

    That’s what you took out of this entire article? How insulting you are to the Brookhaven police! The rumor was never about the police, it was about the likelihood that you would have insinuated it in the first place. The police have proven that they hold themselves to a much higher standard. You on the other hand ….

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    Comet For Mayor

    Don’t you have a dog to walk? I was hoping Carry Max was gone for good.

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    Not The Mayor

    Shouldn’t you be at work at the State Capital? Wait….

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    Brittany Mother

    You must be mistaken. J. Max has decided to make that long trip down to Decatur and reform DeKalb government! After all these years, finally!

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    Sharpie Harpies

    Funny you should mention that, didn’t someone deface Taylor’s campaign signs with the term ” haters win”? Now I’m not suggesting Big Max got out there with a Sharpie and did it himself but it sounds like he may have suggested the term to someone who did. #haterswin

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    Next thing you’ll be saying is that those city haters denied you your rightful seat in the Georgia House of Representatives. Sure are a lot of them.

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