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    Jack has written a great article about mixed use. The only thing I would like to see is more green space allocated to each development for tree canopy, playgrounds, bike paths and walking trails. I also would like to make sure our mixed use buildings are more gren than our current zoning requires.

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    Eddie E.

    I knew there had to be an ‘up-side’ to the elimination of the tree canopy on Dresden and replacement with boring vertical structures.

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    Stan S

    Well done!! Thanks for taking the time to write this article.

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    I’m not against “mixed use”, I am against a density so high that an entire neighborhood is decimated due to traffic funneling down neightborhood streets. 500 new appartments on Dresden and every morning, afternoon and evening as I drive by I don’t see numbers of people walking to MARTA only one or 2, but I do see people driving out of the parking garages and in to the MARTA parking lot or on to Dresden to Peachtree. MARTA is not a solution for enough people yet to have that kind of density.

    Dresden does NOT need anymore high density developments. We would be fine with something along the lines of the Haven and would love to see the green space that Lenox Park kept but nothing more dense.

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    Stuck in Traffic

    Atlanta is where liberal, utopian dreams come to meet reality, but thanks for the article. Well written.

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    It would be nice to see a ontinuation of some local restaurants and shops along Dresden. I don’t thinke we need any addtional appartments with what I hear is coming in to the Marta station. I’ve heard mention of a multilevel parking garage on Dresden for overflow parking. Is there really enough need for a parking garage?

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    Lindy's Daughter

    Developers don’t make money on green space.

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    Modern mixed-use and older mixed-use for that matter rely upon the premise that the citizen will walk or use public transport rather than use an automobile.
    Unfortunately in most regions of America this is simply not the case. The citizen prefers the safety and convenience of the automobile.
    We have to recognize this fact. The brochures look great but the reality is entirely different.
    I do not have a solution but until we sort out crime (and gun laws) and deal with poverty and obesity I do not see this approaching working.

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    Redevelopment Powers 101

    Another example of failed mass transit assumptions in Atlanta. The Brookhaven MARTA station will see no increase in ridership. The Apple Valley/Dresden/NDH intersections will turn into parking lots with the additional traffic from 500-750 apartment units.

    The City of Brookhaven is on the hook for the traffic infrastructure costs. City Manager Marie Garrett wants the Dev Auth to issue a $2.7m bond so she can into the real estate rental business. Wouldn’t it be best to issue a General Onligation bond for services we requested with Cityhood?

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