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    I fear Rebecca is going to be wasting her time. She is just not in touch with the pulse of the people.

  2. 2

    Not the Mayor

    Save your time Rebecca and don’t bother qualifiying. This republican will be voting democrat.

  3. 3

    J Max's Sandwich

    This green pigeon is voting for Ernst.

  4. 4

    D1 resident

    Ernst has gotten a huge head start. Check out all the Ernst signs in D1 already. Rebecca made her bed with the unpopular Ashford Green push, the Pink Pony debacle, and the transparency on the Lysol incident.

  5. 5

    B'haven Birdie

    bye bye Becky!

  6. 6

    Not the Mayor

    Don’t forget her lack of objection to one single development in this city. But when one pops up in Sandy Springs that affects her house all hell breaks loose. What a joke.

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    Stan S

    The town home development at the entrance to the Oak Forest community was denied by the City Council. Saving the beautiful canopy at the entrance was critical to saving the character of the area.

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    I continue to hold out hope that someone will oppose the incumbents in D1 and D3. It is time for a clean sweep in this election cycle.

  9. 9

    Tom Reilly

    Linley Jones has been a force for good all of her life. Check out her law firm’s website, including her biography.

  10. 10


    and preserving the eyesore of mish mash of rundown, vacant and rental out-dated ranches

  11. 11

    Eddie E.

    Well, she has time to cast votes that reflect a ‘force for good’ rather than fealty to failed ideas.

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    LJ’s relationship with J Max and Rebecca is enough information for me. I am hoping for a fresh start. YMMV.

  13. 13


    Who’s running for D3? We really need a change.

  14. 14

    No way jose

    And what about Ashford Green Stan?!? She’s a joke.

  15. 15


    Stan – that’s a tad hypocritical of you to say. Since your zoning group made the collosal mistake of approving the Ashford Green development despite significant opposition from the community and residents. How is that going to help quality of life? And Ms Williams was pushing hard for that the entire time. She doesn’t know a development she wouldn’t approve.

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