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    Could someone explain to me why they are looking to “analyze the impact of the culvert’s capacity for both upstream and downstream for the creek that affects surrounding properties, and to provide an “exploratory” first step to determine expected consequences of increasing the capacity so that an informed decision can be made regarding future efforts.” The INCREASING the capacity makes me think I’m smelling another Mixed Use development…but I could be wrong.

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    Increasing the capacity will reduce flooding upstream of the culvert, but may possibly increase it downstream. I assume that they are trying to understand the pros and cons of an increase.

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    Eddie E.

    If this is for preparation to ruin the Ashford Park Old Growth Forest, the answer is simple….

    DON’T Clear The Forest!!!

    That will certainly prevent any additional flooding along South Bambi.

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    Eddie E.

    What would the ‘pros’ be under any circumstances?

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    Reduce flooding upstream of the culvert. Though I do not live in that area, so I don’t know how much of an issue that is.

    PS: Lol @ me getting thumbs down for discussing basic physics.

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    If there are any old walnut trees on Eddie’s old growth property I have first dibs on them. They are as good as sold!

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    Where is Eddies old growth property?

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    The current administration’s ineptitude is just amazing. I really don’t think they get it.
    They keep doing things that have nothing to do with righting the listing ship that is Brookhaven.
    Stop listening to developers and start listening to the citizens.
    I personally don’t not no of one soul who would like to see higher and higher density
    and less and less trees, but then again I do not personally know any politicians or their monetary supporters

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    I’ve asked John Parks and this is to look at putting the path under Dresden to connect Ashford Park and Drew Valley. It looks like for the moment it is not for development. I’ll still keep my eye on it because I honestly can’t say I trust the city to not slip something in.

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    Eddie E.

    The area where the lettering ‘Tributary A’ is and the light green shading that underscores it (a part of Tributary A) including 32 acres of undisturbed forest.
    It is currently Public Property owned by the Citizens of Dekalb County.

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    Eddie E.

    The current increase in sheet flow (over the last half dozen years) has been a direct result of clearing and inattention to proper silt control. Therefore, it would stand to reason there would be concern about additional sheet flow if a MASSIVE DENUDING OF AN ELEVATED AREA WOULD OCCUR.
    As for the thumbs down, apparently anything that suggests review of what has been decided gains an automatic thumbs down!

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    Riley O'Connor

    If you’re planning on milling the walnut to make into hard wood lumber, go ahead and budget for several sets of extra planer blades and saw blades. It might look like an “old growth forest”, but I’m guessing that you will be hitting nails, horseshoes, bullets and other metal objects as you cut and plane the wood.

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    Portable digital ‘x-ray’. I’ll leave the substandard trees for others to use as firewood.

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    Eddie E.

    Let’s just hope it never becomes an option!

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    Riley O'Connor

    If “this is to look at putting the path under Dresden to connect Ashford Park and Drew Valley….”, then it is an excellent opportunity to re-do the Dresden Drive bridge across the creek at that point. Not only raise the new bridge enough for a trail underneath but to also straighten out Dresden Drive at that location. I know of at least two automobile accidents with fatalities at that bridge.

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