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    Lyn Wood

    Ms. Sandy already does almost all of this. Why is this position being offered? Why can’t the lady that sits in the front office help with this? I never see her doing anything. There is no need for this job posting, It is a waste of money! We already have PLENTY of office staff that can cover these duties. Who do they think they are working for? The government?

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    The only one that is ever there in the morning on time is Sandy.
    She is also the only one that is ever there in the afternoon most days. My kids sure wish she still ran the summer camp program and after school program. Ms. Sandy IS Lynwood Park.
    Program person – please consider these two items in your future programming.

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    What ever happened to the gymnastics lady? My kids LOVED her and she had a great program.

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    The guy running the show now is only concerned about making a buck and M/C leagues.

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    Not impressed with P&R

    I hope the money that was made available for additional grounds help isn’t being used to pay this new hire. There is way to much basic maintenance still needed in the parks. Hell, we still don’t have a working restroom in Brookhaven Park.

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    Has the city put out a report about the M/C Leagues? Are they following their contract obligations? How many Brookhaven kids are involved vs. non-Brookhaven? At what cost has it been to the city? Financially and man hours?
    What is the profit of the non-profit? Don’t they have to submit something in order for their contract to be renewed?

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    I Just Wanna Slide

    We still don’t own that park.

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    Not impressed with P&R

    We are contractually obligated for maintenance of it though and that includes operational restroom facilities.

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