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    Thomas Porter

    TADs: evil incarnate exacerbated by poor leadership. Brookhaven became a city to try to extricate itself from DeKalb, yet, taxes are higher now and schools more overcrowded. We reluctantly remain in the same boat as all the other cities and cities-to-be in DeKalb headed towards the falls… and… even some of the other cities are dragging us down further. Take a deep breath, gonna get bumpy.

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    B'haven Birdie

    It sounds like Doraville and their GM site developer are a bit nervous on how they will pay for their loans.

    No wonder we have not heard any more about the silly “movie studio” they claim will on the property. Maybe it was really just a bright shiny object to distract the elected officials and the press from their shell game.

    Please, County Commissioners and School Board members, if you read this, do not make all of us pay for this foolishness. Let Doraville pay for it’s own downtown tunnel and new city hall if that is what they want.

    Good thing that the voters in Brookhaven have already voted down the redevelopment powers here. Lord only knows how many cherry trees Becky would have financed with TAD proceeds.

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    They lost control already–maybe school board breaks up the party. Link above says all.

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    Brookhaven taxpayers should not have to help finance a new Doraville Automobile Mall. We had the good sense to vote this down in our own city.

    Let the people in Doraville pay for this, not us!

    thank you, Brookhaven Post, for this information. We have been so focused on our own local scandals we may not be paying enough attention to the County.

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    Tom Doolittle

    You’re welcome Art–and I also appreciate B’Post being available as a platform for community writers. There are so many ways certain events can be framed–angles if you will.
    Next up? Will DeKalb indeed “condition” the IGA so as not to pay for anything off of the Assembly site?
    If not, what do you suppose the implications are for DeKalb setting a precedent for paying for every city’s “downtown”–taking the role away from their Downtown Development Authorities?
    Juicy…when DeKalb pays for Doraville’s “downtown” as a “northern city”, will Larry Johnson and crew use racial disparity as a complaint to force south county city funding by the county?

    coverage you’ll only find on Brookhaven Post

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    palindrome tot

    The Doraville TAD is really perplexing. Desperate for economic development, Doraville could be getting duped. The citizens should be paying close attention to this. Are they in a spot now they can’t get out of? Maybe DeKalb will talk some sense in to them? Who knows. A lot of money and a lot at state here. The notion of build it and they will come may be tested to the hilt here. Access to this area is very limited. Look at BrandsMart. Never has done well. Too limited of access. Time will tell. Hopefully it doesn’t result in a bankrupt City.

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    Word is out in Doraville that TAD money, if used in “downtown” Doraville could be used for a Civic Center, County Library, and High School. County Commissioners AND the School Board need to be aware of this.

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    Former CEO of New Broad Street-now merged with another company-put out a feeler recently to check on the status of the current negotiations. If Egbert Perry can’t get the remainder of his $50M note rolled over by Atlantic Capital Bank on the basis of recent Board of Commissioners action, then Doraville, the County, and most of all DeKalb County taxpayers have a viable alternative waiting in the wings.

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    deep stuff RAJ

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    Hey–these dealerships look pretty good. Car dealers are the last vestage of the 20th century economy–still blasting away.

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    Bank of the Ozarks a day after the DeKalb approval ($26 million)

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    Hmm? Can you go into more detail?

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    Yes, more information please.

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    Fourth loan since Sept 2014. None are conventional–all short term, the land and project are the collateral. A job that’s riding the edge of a razor blade and OUR balls are the breaks.

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