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    Joe Seconder

    I wonder if they will create walkable, bikeable human-powered access paths, wide sidewalks and bike lanes connecting their property to the rest of the live-work-play “Assembly” site?

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    Mortgage on the rest of the 145 acre site is now held by “Bank of the Ozarks” after the developer failed to find financing for the project because of lack of support from the County and School Board. This project is 100% taxpayer funded….can you say Soccer fields or Brave’s Stadium!

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    Who knows? My guess is a car dealership will set the tone for the types of business that will locate
    at the Assembly. Nothing fancy, just your strip mall fare.

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    Third rail film is also building a studio on 6 acres in the Assembly with the first phase being completed by end of year 2015.

  5. 5


    20 acres for a dealership!! Live, work, play. Suckered.

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    B'haven Birdie

    Apparently the studio will be surrounded by a 10 foot fence and closed to the public. It will not look anything like they showed in the Post or at the meetings. No living, walking, or playing on that part of the property either.

    This whole development won’t be anything like the Mayor or the developer promised. Doraville taxpayers should be the only ones who pay for this, not the rest of the county.

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    Polly–not a spade has been turned and industry insiders have not heard of anyone who’s interested in locating there.

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    That is all Chamblee’s part and the busy dangerous Peachtree Industrial Boulevard. Chamblee, please fix your crappy non-existent side walks.

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