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    Tom Reilly

    Finally, a balanced perception of our city!! Good for you, John!! Formally electing District One Council member Linley Jones will complete a City Council that should ensure us all a bright future!!–Tom Reilly

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    Sometimes an endorsement from an “insider” to Brookhaven’s unseemly past, & naming relationships to those that fostered those times, is not an endorsement at all.

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    Brittany Mother

    I agree. Still selling. Chest thumping and paving the way for another comrade in arms. Getting old.

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    Tom Reilly

    Okay. Here we go again.
    I’m “talking to the trolls” here:
    1.] Try not to confuse “new ‘ with “unseemly.” All beginnings are messy. We’ve made our beginners” mistakes, hopefully learned from them, and should be ready to move on from there. 2.] What’s “getting old” are those few among us who don’t have the courage to use their names and whose idea of politics is to offer complaints and accusations without solutions, 3.] I’ve known Linley Jones since she was one of my Sunday Schools students. A widely esteemed trial lawyer, she’s also one of the finest people that I know. 4.] Once again, we need to be citizens gathering information to discuss and clarify issues–nothing less. Your move[s].–Tom Reilly

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    Thomas Porter

    Tom: With all due respect your “talking to the trolls” statement is beneath your dignity (I think). The person, Janine, stated her views politely, and, used no rhetoric. I personally believe that much of the citizen population hopes that the new administration of Brookhaven will be just that… NEW!

    I’ll vote for Ernst because I believe that it will be new & VASTLY different than it has been. These first three years have been BS on so many issues, reasonable in some, great in a few (Police). The viewpoint expressed by the author feel a bit like the rhetoric of THAT first mayor guy.

    Sure, mistakes will happen in any new venture; the great mistake of not listening to the citizens made it unconcienable.

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    Who is the troll?

    I think it is you that is not comprehending. Those that asked too many questions and were not in lockstep with the Brookhaven founding organizations were immediately classified as persona non grata. That is what happened to those that openly expressed themselves. The data used by these city creation advocates was manipulated for their use in persuading as many people as possible to vote for this city consisting of this geographical mishmash of neighborhoods. These people ruthlessly slit throats to pursue their goal of creating a city. So where are we? Well just look at DeKalb. And in short order Brookhaven doesn’t look much better. We really haven’t accomplished much in bettering our region. Also recognise the fact that three years later our first mayor was unable to become elected to a Georgia house seat because of voter backlash. The rumor is that if Mayor Williams had continued her run for reelection she had questionable support like our previous mayor did for his failed house run.

    So Tom your use of the word troll to describe those you think are trolls is subjective. To some it is you that is the troll.

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    Cambridge Park Homeowner

    Anyone see the 20 or so Linley Jones Campaign signs all along the right of way RATTY FENCES on Johnson Ferry Rd? WHAT FREAKING IRONY! GA Power gives the City $15K worth of landscaping, the city lets most of the plants die, now Brookhaven taxpayers get to pay to replant the right of way.


    Saul? How can you let this stand!

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    Tom Reilly

    Linley lives one block away west of the “ratty fences.” And it looks to me like some of those privately owned ratty fences have been repaired??–Tom Reilly

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    Tom Reilly

    My apologies, Tom. Maybe you’re right. But how much energy do we waste in comments like these when we’ve got the future of nearly 50,000 people to consider?? Not to mention the millions and millions of dollars of property value, the threat to our priceless tree canopy, greedy and irresponsible developers, etc. This city means a great deal to me–it’s “home” to so many people who rally care about its future. Working together, with mutual communication and respect, we should be able to realize that future for us and our successors.–Tom Reilly

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    Maybe the people they embarased by so many rat fence comments by Saul. Why the people dont take care of they property? One customers ask Soto if they keep the mobel house tralers behind the rat fences.

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    Please give it a rest. We know you love and support your friend. Some of the rest of us are hoping for a clean break from the morons who have made the city government a cluster (supply your own final syllable) and a laughing stock to this point.

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    Now that was funny. Keep up the good work Soto.

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    Cambridge. Your neighbors are very special. You know better than to mess with the chosen ratty fence owners, don’t you? Especially the owner of the ratty fence with the ratty looking black plastic on it right? Linley knows all about this. She and her neighbors are happy as long as Georgia Power or the city (you Brookhaven taxpayers out there) are paying for anything related to the ratty fences or ratty fence plant camouflage. Even better, they would love for you to replace their ratty fences!

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