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    Tom Reilly

    “Your elected representatives serve you right.” Adali Stevenson. Those who don’t vote, can’t complain. The more who vote, the more that the people’s will gets expressed. See you at the polls!!–Tom Reilly

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    Boomer - Bummer

    Dear Neighbor,

    Dale Boone, who is campaigning for Brookhaven Mayor, has admitted he has a felony criminal record.

    In addition, he assaulted a lady volunteer on a Voting Day by throwing a campaign sign (sharp metal stakes first) at her back, after cursing, yelling and threatening her to her face. Two ladies who were campaigning for a legislator at the same location witnessed this and reported it to the police.

    At the same location this year, Monica Matthews, campaigning for another candidate, says, “Dale Boone did the same thing to our campaign volunteers. He destroyed our signs and screamed in our faces. He was also bullying Taylor Bennett’s people and posing as a precinct manager. I spoke with him on the phone because he was posing as a precinct manager, and he was attempting to throw our signs and volunteers off public property.”

    Dale Boone did the same thing to another Ashford Neighbor who wants to remain anonymous because of the threats at the same voting location. (recording attached below).

    In this recording Dale Boone curses and threatens to beat up a volunteer for the opposing side with no provocation except for holding a campaign sign on voting day.

    When the volunteer says that city vendors would send tax dollars and be based overseas, Boone explodes into rage of cursing and says f’ing Americans are f’ing stupid and deserve to loose their jobs to foreigners who are smarter than Americans.

    You can hear witnesses gasping in shock in the background.

    WARNING: For Mature Audiences Only. In the recording attached below you will hear Dale Boone’s yelling “F,” “GD” and other curse words and making violent threats at the top of his lungs in front of ladies, in public and in front of a school.

    Listener discretion is highly advised.

    Please share this information with your neighbors. Please vote tomorrow. Do we really want this kind of person as our mayor?

    Very truly yours,
    An Ashford Neighbor

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    One Time Appointed Mayor

    The audio recording truly saddens me because I recognize the voice. Mouth of the South has really fallen from grace.

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    And a previous mayor of Brookhaven is actively supporting him. Pea, meet pod!

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    Tom Reilly

    I’ve helped Dale put up signs to get out the vote for the City of Brookhaven. I never heard or seen this side of him before.–Tom Reilly

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    Tom Reilly

    “Police, Parks, and Paving” have now become “Green Space, Taxes, Zoning, Trust, and Accountability.” Vote for them all on Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015!!–Tom Reilly

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    Dales Neighbor

    Mr Boone (If you are listening while you are hiding from the media Hahn has been trying to catch you and ask you about your claims that you graduated from Georgia Tech – which you did not nor did you ever attend as you claim),

    You have repeatedly tried to thwart people from exercising their right to vote and assemble as people like the honorable Tom Reilly fought in war to protect, you should be ashamed of yourself. You ha lost my vote.

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    Rose glasses

    Sometimes people only see what they want to see.

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    Eddie E.

    Apparently there is a ‘legacy’ to protect there.

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    Wow. In my experience guys like Boone inevitably get their face smashed in. I think Ernst has this one in the bag.

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    Your Other Brookhaven Neighbor

    Why did you just happen to be able to record this conversation? Sounds like you were wanting to set him up. Also sounds like this conversation started before the recording did so perhaps there’s more to the story that you’ve left out.

    Would have to assume you’re the same guy who got up at the debate and wanted to play this recording and was rebuffed by the moderator and audience. You ended up hurting your cause there as no one was interested with what you had to say after the display you made. Would have to assume that’s why you walked out before it was over, you were embarrassed at your rejection by the attendees.

    Sounds like more than Dale, you have some anger that you need to let of.

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    Another Neighbor

    This guy may have a little anger but does he express it like Dale Boone? Dale needs an intervention.

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    Your Other Brookhaven Neighbor

    I’d argue that the guy running around town with a tape recorder for a few years asking everyone to listen needs an intervention.

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    You are both right. But I’ll avoid the one that has proven to be the more violent if the two.

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    Eddie E.

    Let’s hope!

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    D1 resident

    Wow. Tom Reilly is supporting Boone? Tom, you’ve lost all credibility.

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    Has it been confirmed or not as to whether Dale attended GT or not?

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