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    That high fee will teach them to question the real authority in Brookhaven.

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    Bates should have to pay the the bill since there will be a fair amount of time that he will have to recuse himself thus not fufilling his obligation to represent.

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    Brittany Mother

    You don’t get it. They have the power and they don’t give a damn. Evidently, neither do the residents of Bates Mattison’s district because they have been very quiet.

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    I don’t know what you think we should be doing. Many of us have questioned Bates on this, repeatedly, and he stays completely silent. No one wants his job, it is a thankless, awful position. So no one runs against him, and we are stuck with him, again. So it isn’t that we don’t give a damn, its that I don’t know what we can do, and know my neighbors feel the same.

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    Brittany Mother

    I guess we are all frustrated with some of the actions of our elected officials that go against our desires. This past election cycle would have been an easy win for a responsible D3 candidate.

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    Was our City Charter reviewed in this process? As I read it the answer is there.

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    Well. Ain’t this a mess. But I bet that blowhard malpractice attorney council woman from district one knows the answer. And the newly elected mayor is an ethics guy. WTF. Rebecca Williams had the guts to ask for an investigation at least.

    She deserves alot of credit for calling on the investigation – something that had to be done – because everyone else on council are wimpy worthless wannabes and politicians first and good people second. I’ll miss Rebecca’s balls. She has been a good Mayor.

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    Eddie E.

    A good mayor would have probably been effective at PREVENTING some of the glaring ethical lapses and prevented the need for a $9,000.00 opinion (I bet a common sense opinion could have been had for free but it would have probably been contrary to the 9,000.00 one).

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    Another good thing about RCW her D1 constituents appreciate is that she loves ratty fences. Hopefully she passed her appreciation for ratty fences along to Linley. D1 residents will appreciate her even more for her civic loyalty.

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    A good mayor wouldnt have spent city funds fighting sandy springs because it affected her subdivision. A good mayor wouldnt have allowed her private subdivision to be paved before major roads that need it more. A good mayor wouldnt have proposed $50,000 “gateway monuments”. A good mayor wouldn’t have been called out by the state attorney generals office. A good mayor wouldn’t have tried to kick private businesses out of Brookhaven and then allowed them to stay if they paid a ransom to the city. A good mayor RCW is not.

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    So your opinion is that Rebecca has been a good mayor for Brookhaven? The city she and her husband lobbied hard for in print and on TV? The government her husband protects from all the questionable and criminal activity in his print fish wrapper and in his not even conservative TV program? That Rebecca? I don’t even know where to start with you. Go to your room now. No supper for you.

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    Will the new mayor be better? I bet no. Just a different twist on his own self interests and buddy up with Jon Parks guy. And what’s up with this Linley chick? All bark no bite and just a showboating actress. We need better people or dissolve his POS.

    J Max was our best hope and he was run out on heavy rail.

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    Penny Jones Phillips

    Precisely. These hate monger liberals don’t realize the best Mayor Brookhaven will ever had was J Max Davis. I do hear though that he is going to run again but this time for District One Councilman.

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    Penny. Good to know. I want everyone to know that I am providing all the cases of Lysol that future reelected Mayor Jerry Max may need for his elected term are on me. He will need them to eradicate hisself from Brookhaven.

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    Eddie E.

    That is probably the funniest post I have ever read here.

    I hope your comedy career has a big future.

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    Eddie E.

    Tell me, how does ‘resigned to be soundly stomped in an attempt for higher office’ equal ‘run out of town on a rail’?
    Have you been here long?

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    Toby S.

    We in Dist. 3 learned very quickly in year one that when Mike Jacobs called and asked Bates to run with promises of support from the then current powers that be we were already not going to be represented by any one individual, no matter who won that election. So instead, we have always rallied together to fend for ourselves. We hold the most valued area in Brookhaven, have united with adjoining districts to speak openly on issues and to protect our neighborhoods. From zoning to parks we have used our voices. Sure, Bates is fine if you have a small repair request that he can forward on to a department head but all we’ve ever had is our neighbors and friends to represent Dist. 3 and you don’t need to be elected to do so.

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    You do know that she sat on the BIA board and got us into this nonsense in the first place don’t you?

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    Hunter Burke

    Brookhaven has a technique where they ask a lawyer to give an opinion then declare it is a ruling. Same situation here as when they asked city attorney Kurrie to rule on J. Max’s spraying of buttocks, only this time they paid $9K to make it more credible. If every lawyer’s opinion was credible then either almost everyone would be in prison, or, nobody would be in prison.

    Johnnie Cochran opined that O. J. Simpson was innocent too. Same credibility.

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    B'Haven Birdie

    does anyone else think it is strange that the Brookhaven lawyer Randall Bentley had to consult with Sandy Springs attorney Wendell Willard after speaking with Becky – AND THEN BILLED THE CITY FOR THIS APPARENT THREE HOUR ($627) CONVERSATION????


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