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    Tom Reilly

    Congratulations to the City of Brookhaven for its efforts to maintain and enhance our quality of life!! Your partnership with the National Wildlife Federation and with Brookhaven Protects Trees is a valuable asset to us all!!–Tom Reilly

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    Hunter Burke

    More discussed and written about this than most issues, yet, there was still miscommunication about who was to maintain. Seems like poor city management.

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    Preferential Treatment for neglect?

    The neighborhood association for the community deserves some of the blame also. Doesn’t Dist 1 Councilwoman Jones live there?

  4. 4


    so the mayor and d1 council woman drive past this everyday, watch it go to hell, and do nothing. then they spend even more money replacing what they effectively killed. this is what you fools voted “yes” for.

    What a waste of freaking money.

  5. 5


    What they killed? Get a grip! They could have seen that things were cared for if city was responsible for replacing, but “what they killed?” It gets tiresome……

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    Eddie E.

    What a wonderful place for a good crop of kudzu. It would grow quickly and drape luxuriously over the fences, providing a verdant cocoon for the exposed fencing. Nothing says old south like a healthy mat of kudzu.

  7. 7


    Amazing. No one from our city addresses the D1 ratty fences. But they go out of their way to attempt to hide the ratty fences with plants purchased with citizens money. All for some lazy D1 residents. In the real world, owners would repair their ratty fences and screen their property from the road on their side of the property. Or a neighborhood civic association would volentary plant plants on the Georgia Power ROW. But we D1 citizens are very special.

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