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    Hunter Burke

    For Parkside Park, the plan includes:
    – Google Hut
    – Tall barbed wire fence
    – Encroached stream buffer

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    I Just Wanna Slide

    The parks are going to look great in 20 years.

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    Baby Strollers Beware

    When Dog Owners at Brookhaven Park were asked, “Of the 12 available acres at Brookhaven Park, how much would you like dedicated for off leash dogs?” Without hesitation and unanimous, “All 12.”

    When 2 acres for off leash were suggested for the safety of the children, “Fence in the children.” No kidding. They really said it.

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    For Brookhaven Park:

    Need to keep as much open space for dogs as possible… it’s the most unique dog park in the area and is used primarily 70%+ for that purpose from what I’ve seen. While the current plan lists “dog park” it’s my understanding that potentially 80% of the current available dog space will be taken away. Certainly open to park improvements, but confining all the dogs to a small space would create more chaos than currently exists (which is minimal).

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    Brookhaven Runner

    I”m not going out there until those dogs are put in an enclosed area. I can’t get out of my car without being surrounded by barking dogs.

    @Baby Strollers Beware. They didn’t really say the kids need to be fenced in.

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    I like the idea of fencing in the children. Really, no kidding.

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    Why is it my responsibility as a taxpayer to be responsible for funding park space for your dog? It’s not my problem you don’t have a yard large enough to maintain your pet. Maybe you shouldn’t have a pet if you can’t care for it without the assistance of city taxpayers.

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    Sally Eppstein

    Stunning Trees for a Parking Lot? Come on Brookhaven (Tree City USA)
    Brookhaven Park is very special place with outstanding trees. If the City of Brookhaven wants to build a parking lot then why do they have place this parking lot where the trees are?
    I suggest you clear out all the obstacles in the front parking lot and keep the “new parking lot closer to Peachtree Rd where most people do not hang out.

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    I don't run

    @brookhavenrunner I speak for all of those who love the Brookhaven dog park, PLEASE don’t come out there! Oh by the way I’m not a runner so I don’t feel it’s fair that they make the park “runner” friendly with my tax dollars. Last time I check my tax dollars build your sidewalks for “running”.

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    I think this is a great opportunity for Brookhaven Trees to donate trees and their members time for a public donation/planting. It would be a great community event and would be a great way to get word out. Parks and trees go hand in hand!

    Sally, how many of these have you done since you started Brookhaven Trees? Have you done schools or other parks in Brookhaven we have seen? What types of trees does Brookhaven Trees offer to plant?

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    Thanks for the generalization. Believe it or not I actually own a house with a yard and don’t partake in an animal welfare donation fund. I, as many others do, enjoy socializing with other folks and their dogs in a nice open space. Right now the park provides that as it is currently set up.

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    I Just Wanna Slide

    They sure did!

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    South Side Bill

    Is it my responsibility as a tax payer to fund park space for your child’s playground? Not my problem if you don’t have a large enough backyard to maintain your child.
    Is it my responsibility as a tax payer to pay for Little League (I am actually already doing that)?
    How about a soccer league?
    There is actually a large population of Brookhaven Tax Payers that have dogs.

    Brookhaven is different than Dunwoody. It has a large adult population that does not have kids. This idea that all parks have to be all things to everyone is absurd and not possible.
    So what is wrong with one park in Brookhaven that would cater to more adult activities including a dog park large enough to accommodate the current usage?
    You have Briarwood, Ashford Park, and Lynnwood all close by that are capable of accommodating “interests outside the dog advocates”.

    I am not advocating that the entire Brookhaven Park be just for dogs. However it needs to be much larger that what the plan proposed.

    Dogs are a social animal. It is very good for them to be socialized with other dogs and people. That is a very unique attraction that Brookhaven Park currently provides. The plan provided will destroy this. And the people show up to socialize.

    The dog owners did show up to all the meetings and were clearly the largest contingent. The current usage of the park is for the dog owners. Somehow this was not reflected in the master plan. Clearly other smaller interests groups were given a priority over the “Dog advocates.”

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    South Side Bill

    I believe the next plan will change. Hopefully if a new parking lot is needed this will be placed on the Peachtree frontage part of the park that gets very little use currently. Send in an email, I think listen to this.

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    No, you expect others to participate in your personal animal welfare fund by expecting us to fund your dog park needs.

    Maybe you should just invite your friends over, two legged and four legged, and save us all some park taxes. Better yet, consider opening a dog bar that allows dogs to bring their owners too.

    Consider personal responsibility and you being responsible for funding your own needs.

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    They were the most aggressive speakers at the meeting. They definitely said fence in the children and let the dogs run free. No problem, no one wants to take their kids to a park filled with dog poop and kid haters.

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    They absolutely did – they said instead of fencing in the dog area they should fence in an area for children. Why should the biggest park in Brookhaven (or one of) be solely for dogs to run around. Give them a large fenced in area.

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    Hi Sally. I would help you guys plant on a weekend. Can you tell me the time your group meets? Oh, and how big are the trees you put in? I might be able to get my husband to come help if you need it!

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    Park lover

    They’ve said that at previous meeting. I heard it. I’ve been attacked by loose dogs there. Totally unacceptable! Enforce leash laws!

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    Park lover

    I think a more appropriate comment would be that dog owners took over the park when police did not enforce leash laws. Hopefully that changes.

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    Ruff Sandy

    You Dog Park people are being unreasonable. Get over yourselves. You’ll get 2 acres and should be glad to have it. 2 times bigger than Brooke Run Dog Park and 10 times bigger than Piedmont Dog park. The city isn’t going to take on unlimited liability for dog bites. End of discussion . City Council is advised by an attorney. Their not Stoopid.

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    Haha! Good luck Jessica, Sally never the questions on how many trees she plants or actions her group takes to help the community.

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    You are such a Richard. What have YOU done except hide behind a moniker?

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    OK I agree let’s put no additional money into that park and leave as is.

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    As a childless dog owner, I absolutely do not agree with allowing the entire park to be off-leash. It is an accident waiting to happen (dog on dog, let alone a dog biting a kid or adult), which makes it a huge liability for the city, and having so many dogs off leash stresses the dogs out anyway — if they could have a say they would probably advocate against it too.

  26. 26


    Name calling is very mature. And for what? Pointing out that repeated questions from members of the community about getting involved or how to help plant trees go unanswered? This has to be the 5th or 6th such question I have seen. I definitely did not fall back on name calling or insults. Not that I would ever have any reason to.

    Not really sure I deserve that level of of anger but if it makes you feel better Pat have at it. Merry Christmas!

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    Tom Reilly

    Barbara, the National Wildlife Federation has a free tree giveaway program involving some 24 native species that should go into effect starting in April of 2016. The trees will be some 18 to 24 inches high.–Tom Reilly, National Wildlife Federation

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    By the way, for anyone who thinks that off leash parks are “OK because I know my dog and he won’t bite anyone…” Here’s a true story that happened to a good friend of ours. He has an older dog (like 8-9 years old), a Heinz 57 variety — normal dog, he raised from puppyhood, not a bully rescue with questionable past or anything. A few months ago he was out walking with the dog off-leash in quiet neighborhood in Cobb County. A jogger approached and the dog went for the guy and bit him in the thigh. NO reason, no provocation. My friend was horrified and drove the guy to an urgent care place. Luckily the damage was minimal, but the guy had no insurance and my friend (happily) paid a bill of several hundred dollars for stitches and antibiotics…and somehow avoided a lawsuit.

    If you want to mess with all that, then by all means take your dog to an off leash park.

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    Sally Eppstein

    Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for you offer to help.
    The goal of Brookhaven Protects Trees is to protect existing trees from the high density development that the City of Brookhaven is allowing. This group was started after the City of Brookhaven allowed Rockhaven Home’s development on North Druid Hills Rd to essentially clear cut the land for the boxes they are putting up now. The City of Brookhaven has approved so much high density with little concern of our natural resources and the developers only recompense for taking down so many old growth trees is to replant for the most part. Only five developers have paid into the tree bank and even this has not been accurately accounted for in the City of Brookhaven’s budget for the past three years but has been buried in the general fund.
    Brookhaven Protects Trees would love to see more protection of our older trees which do an amazing job of cleaning our air, filtering our water for our creeks, reduces noise pollution, and do a great job of controlling stormwater. Young saplings will takes years to do what our old growth trees do.

    Brookhaven Protects Trees mission statement is,
    “Our mission is to help preserve more existing trees during the development process, and to educate Atlanta metro area residents and decision-makers about the importance of our trees and Atlanta’s globally unique forest”

    Trees Atlanta is an amazing group that makes planting trees their mission and Brookhaven Protects Trees 100% supports.

    Jessica, if you would like to be more involved please reach out to Brookhaven Trees on Facebook or Atlanta Protects Trees on our website, FB or Twitter.
    You can also sign this petition.
    For tree planting please reach out to Trees Atlanta or the National Wildlife Federation.

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    See, folks, this is awesome. Great stuff Tom! Keep up the great work and helping the community.

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    Randy Watson

    This is all that’s needed: enforcement of the current leash laws. I strongly encourage any one reading this thread to use Brookhaven Park (my family enjoys running there) and if the irresponsible dog owners (read: most of ’em) don’t have their animals leashed, and their dogs are bothering you, then use your mobile phone to: i) take a picture of ’em (dog and owner if you can figure out whose dog it is), and 2) call the police if you’re threatened by their dogs. There are signs all over that park saying all animals must be leashed. Hopefully a few days worth of ticket writing will send the message…. BTW, does the City of Brookhaven even own this park yet?!?

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    Melanie Pollard

    Good suggestion, Sally. Before the city takes out any more existing specimen trees, they need to complete the canopy study for 2015. My understanding from a recent presentation by Georgia Tech was that Brookhaven’s canopy had experienced dramatic loss. I, for one, have witnessed 1,000’s of trees clear cut in my area over the last 10 years. I can now hear I-85 at night from inside my home.

    Since the older specimen trees can’t grow to the large sizes again, due to lack of room for the roots, it’s especially important to preserve the healthy trees with their old growth soils that are left until the city has a better grasp. The thing about trees is that it takes 2 mature trees for one person to breathe healthy air. So whether the park is used by dogs, baby strollers, senior citizens or squirrels, the fact is we need the trees more than they need us.

    Hopefully, the city can start to exercise better planning for their “city of trees”, development, traffic, stormwater management, and sustainability for young families moving in. We can never be New York City w/o ocean breezes and a Central Park. Trees are all we have.

  33. 33


    Agreed. It’s a beautiful day today. Why doesn’t everyone come out around 5:00 and check out the hostile dog park activities as the pups ravage the park and terrorize visitors. I’m sure you’ll find it’s quite the opposite. For those who are concerned I would encourage actually coming and taking a look rather than reading subjective assumptions (mine included).

    As to the BPD they have been out there before, and written tickets for people who do not have a leash on their person. The understanding is that if you are “in control” of your dog (obviously I realize that is up to subjective interpretation) and have leash in possession there has been no harm / no foul. 95% of the owners out there do a great job at this.

    This debate is obviously moving toward a crux, and I realize neither party is going to be 100% happy. My hope is that the resolution / appropriation of funds can satisfy the desires of all as best as possible. It’s not the best running / playground park in the area and it’s the best dog park going. Still I understand that as a public area there’s a liability aspect and it should cater to multiple needs. Hoping for a rational resolution where all sides get their say comes to pass, not a snap decision.

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    Eric Robert

    With its proximity to MARTA Brookhaven park needs to be where they do things like the Cherry Festival and they perhaps should look at using some of the existing fields for little league instead of adding more fields to Murphey Candler and encroaching on the stream buffer in the process. Better yet why should our tax dollars pay for Dunwoody’s recreational needs lets get them to build some league fields. Whoever did this plan has no concern for flooding or water quality or accountability to Brookhaven taxpayers.

  35. 35

    Eric Robert

    Yea and in 100 years or so they can replace the mature trees removed for parking lots. Its great that 1 1/2 to 2 foot saplings are being given away, though for public area we probably should be shooting for something at least 5 feet tall, and even that will take about 100 years to replace mature hardwoods.

  36. 36

    Eric Robert

    Wow, she is very lucky she avoided a lawsuit. I’d want more than my medical bills paid if that happened to me since I’m sure it took up a good deal of his time (he also has to go to get the stitches out) plus the continuing discomfort that must have negatively impacted his productivity through less sleep and discomfort.

  37. 37

    Eric Robert

    The new park along Nancy Creek next to Murphey Candler looks like they want to trample over the stream buffer and flood plain. This is not good for flooding downstream and water quality. Certainly those two ball fields will require substantial tree clearing in the flood plain and within 75 feet of the Nancy Creek. As to Murphey Candler itself it doesn’t show where they want to move the old sea hut house, or is that going to be the boat house? That would be a problem because its to large to go there and it would be an eyesore to what is a very nice view across the lake as you drive down West Nancy.

    And putting parking inside the park on the east side near the existing multi use field (that they call proposed?) and putting parking along the whole horse shoe road is a very bad idea. Putting car traffic inside the park is not good.

    Is anyone reaching out to Dunwoody to see if we could get them a couple of fields to host some of the leagues?

  38. 38


    1) as a dog owner I am a fan of off leash dog parks within parks because I have one dog that does well in an off leash area and one that does not. I still like to take my dog that does not be with off leash dogs to the park and frankly I have had issues trying to walk her on a leash at Brookhaven park because of the greetings she gets from other dogs. The size of Brookhaven park is awesome for working with your dog on recall and frisbee so confining the dog park to a small area is not an good solution either. I woud think that a long stretch of the area nearest the apartments could be made in to an off leash park and leave the area furthest from peachtree with the path along with a smaller part of the lawn area for leashed dogs, kids and people making everyone happy.
    2) Bikers want trails, parents want playgrounds, pet parents want dog parks…. we ALL pay taxes and one is not above the other so all should be accomidated.

  39. 39


    Dog parks are for people, not just dogs. I’ve met so many great people at Brook Run Dog Park in Dunwoody and there is a real sense of community. People care about the park itself and regularly volunteer to do clean ups.

    My smart aleck response to you is “Why is it my responsibility as a taxpayer to be responsible for funding school space for your kid? aybe you shouldn’t have a kid if you can’t care for it without the assistance of city taxpayers”

  40. 40


    I think we spend too much money on parks period.

  41. 41


    My friend is a “he” and I think the reason that the lawsuit was avoided was because, as a result of the doctor’s examination for the bite, the jogger was discovered to have a life threatening condition that was previously unknown. So he ended up crediting the dog for saving his life . Still, it’s rare that someone wouldn’t sue for damages for something like this, and my friend was wrong to have had the dog off leash in the first place.

  42. 42


    The plan does not add any fields to MC Little League

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