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    I would personally use the park more often if the dogs were contained. I tried playing soccer there are few times with kids and it was difficult due to some dogs running around and interrupting. On the other hand, there are many dog people there, so I hope that a compromise is found.

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    Sally Forth

    I am with you Ryan. How about thinking of a two or three days designated time for dogs to be there, and the rest of the time they would have to be leashed?

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    Well said Ryan. There is plenty of space for a great dog run area and standard park amenities. Tampa has some great linear dog parks along the longer side of their parks. Great wooded areas and long grass runs usually along the back edge, it would be perfect here.
    Last time I checked, dog owners still paid the same taxes just like those not utilizing the school systems do. I hope Brookhaven steps up as pets deserve a park too.

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    A sense of community

    The Brookhaven dog park is a unique staple for the community. Utilization for the park on a daily basis as it stands is unique in itself. I’ve driven by Blackburn park (largest park in Brookhaven) on a daily basis, outside of the Tennis center, the park is largely vacant. For those that say eliminating the dogs would cause them to utilize Brookhaven Park, I encourage them to drive another 1/2 mile to a very human friendly park and have a blast. The dog park In its current form isn’t just for the dogs, but largely more for thier owners. The interaction and sense of community that the current park promotes in second to none. If the city elects to contain the dog area to less than 20% they will be destroying a truly special place in Brookhaven. If utilization is a factor in the final decision and the city elects to move forward with the current plan I would encourage them to buy a vacancy sign to hang on Peacthtree!

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    Unique spaces

    Brookhaven has a tremendous opportunity if they make the right decision. With all the development going on around us a large dog park would continue to differentiate our city from other communities in Atlanta. Not only should they preserve the park largely for dogs, but they should promote it as such. Not to mention the cost of future maintenance would be minimal compared other parks in the area. Brookhaven should seize this opportunity and do something different rather than your typical park that goes largely unused.

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    You and Ryan can always move to Tampa. How many people in Brookhaven require or use dog parks anyway? Sounds like so many people funding a park for so few people.

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    Brookhaven Park is the only major park within walking distance of my home, so I am not going to drive another 1/2 mile. How about you learn how to share?

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    PS: by 1/2 mile, did you mean more like 1.8 miles to Lynwood and nearly 3 miles to Blackburn?

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    Going to the Dogs

    Ashford Park is almost specifically for Kids. Brookhaven Park has no real parking and that is one reason it has not utilized as much as it could have been. There is NO reason that it can’t be used for both – it’s 13 acres. Sara your comment makes me think that you are not a dog fan, good for you. I am not a kid fan, good for me… we both pay taxes so we BOTH should have use of a park for what we need.

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    Going to the Dogs

    Sara, while I have the urge to respond differently I will suffice in saying that like it or not a large number of your neighbors are pet owners, many have dogs and many like to take their dogs to a park. You might not want to, but that should not prevent them from being able to . If you don’t think I am correct check out how successful City Dog, PawStand and all of the Veterinarians in the area are.

    I personally do feel that the dog area should be fenced in to protect the dogs from getting lose as well as the possiblity of a dog on a leash or child feeling fear from exhuberant approaching of the unleashed dogs.

    My comment about Tampa was that they had found a way to share parks for multiple uses, so that people like you and I can share the parks. Last time I checked the definition of park was not “kid playground” it is more along the lines of “a large public green area in a town, used for recreation.” which could and should include space for Dogs and People. As Brookhaven grows and as the city leaders are hell bent on making the Peachtree Cooridor a high density urban mess, they need to have many and much larger greenspace areas for all of the residents who will be packed in on top of each other.

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    I’ll buy the vacancy sign now and we won’t have to wait on the city.

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    I think it is reasonable that the field can be better utilized for organized sports. Although Murphy Candler is so much better, a lot of the renters at the Post properties would surely utilize the field more if the dogs weren’t there. You could create a fenced area on the back half of the property (basketball court and playground would be included in the front half) and allow people to park on the top of the hill inside the dog park area, Then the front half could be a dog-free zone and owners would be responsible for not going into that area.

    This would offer no real change to the current setup while allowing higher utilization of the park with minimum additional cost. When you have events, you could deem those non-dog days for the entire park. A Piedmont like dog park is the exact wrong way to go.

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    Coosawattee Chad

    Great. Another Chad. 🙂

    Carry on.

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    Brookhaven Village Circle

    So true!

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