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    let the dog haters commence celebrating in 3.2…1

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    So sad

    Yet one more thing that the City of Brookhaven messes up.
    Oh how I miss the days before this place was a city.

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    James, just pick the laws you want to obey and let us know. Or you can seek to change the law. Your choice.

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    who said I broke any laws?

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    Who said I hated dogs?

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    So warning for 2 weeks, then citations? Falls right onto January 1st. New Revenue Stream for 2016 – Happy New Year Brookhaven Officials!!!

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    Look above mate – does it say “let Sam the dog hater commence celebrating”? Nope, you replied to my comment and implied I was the law breaker.

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    If it is revenue from ticketing they are looking for… all the cars parked facing the wrong way on Peachtree View could finance 10 more officers…

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    James, maybe you should rethink your original post. Maybe your assumption was out of place. Right mate?

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    I believe the parks belong to people. Yes, allow the dogs to enjoy this public space, but on a lease as is the case in any other public space.

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    Riley O'Connor

    The Brookhaven ordinances were based on the previous DeKalb County ordinances, but there’s been a minor change. The earlier regulations included the key phrase “except for cats”. This has disappeared from the law, and maybe the cats need to reexamine the effectiveness of their legal representation.

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    Hey Post, who did the BroPo say this to? Jeez

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    The Brookhaven Post

    The City included the information in a news release Friday evening.

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    Sam. I’m sure you never drive one mile over the speed limit or do you just choose to ignore that one and obey the rest?

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    Just heard from a friend, there are THREE police cars at Brookhaven Park on a 30 degree morning. Your tax dollars in motion. Dogs off leash are the number one crime problem in Brookhaven. Not house break ins, not stolen cars, not deliveries being stolen off porches, but dogs off leash. God forbid anyone’s home gets broken into while the cops are shaking down tax payers. Your elected officials have priorities. Pathetic.

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    Welcome to Brookhaven, James.

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    Eddie E.

    Hey, at least it takes the focus off misallocation of 3.3 million in taxpayer funds!

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    I’m here, they are just sitting in their cars. I’m the back of the park out of their sight line throwing the bee with my dog.

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    Thanks, I missed that.

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    In order to boost citizen attendance at city council meetings, YS, a comedy hour is being scheduled just before each council meeting. Maybe you should consider signing up one. I’m sure you’ll be a hit.

    Organize a group and change the leash requirement at the park if it doesn’t suit you.

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    Donut Boy

    Do they have donuts and coffee? If not, I’ll stop by and get them some. This duty may be too important for them to break away and I’ll save them a trip.

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    Stan S

    @Donut Boy — your comment is really disrespectful. The Brookhaven police do a great job, work long hours, and put their lives at risk for our community.

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    South Side Bill

    With 3 police cars rotating in and our of Brookhaven Park, I guess we should take a close look at the Police Budget for 2016?

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    If Brookhaven police do not enforce their laws there is liability. If you don’t like it please suggest another law we should have them ignore. How about breaking and entering into your home? It’s all or none when it comes to the law. I respect the wishes of all sides here but the law is the law.

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    They left after a bit and it was back to a normal day og letting the dogs get some energy out.

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    Here’s an idea. Put your dogs on a leash, stop breaking the law, let the police do their jobs, save tax payer resources and money. Grow up and show some respect.

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    It was pretty clear the police didn’t want to be there and I didn’t see them say anything to anybody. Do you follow every law on the books?

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    Donut Boy

    Hi Stan, you are right, we really need three officers to control the lawless dog owners at this park. My apologies.

    As for your other comment, that is what these guys signed up for. It doesn’t hurt that they have a great benefit package. No one forced them into this line of work or to work for Brookhaven.

    Just so I am clear, it does not take three officers to patrol unruly dog owners. Maybe one officer for five minutes every hour or so during beat rounds to make sure rules are being observed. The other two officers could patrol a certain park near you for kids using drugs.

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    Obey every law? Only the ones that touch nerves. Boy, did this one touch a nerve. You may see people on leashes in this park just to insure you don’t offend anyone.

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    Trey, that is a great picture of a very happy dog. I hope that we can work something out soon so that she can continue running all out like that, somewhere, for many years to come.

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    Huh? Your attempt a sarcasm doesn’t make sense. It touch a nerve because so many people take their dogs there to run freely.

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    In other words,…oh how you missed breaking the law?

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    And evidently ignoring posted signage for all these years. Sounds like some people should have been attending park meetings for the past three years. Maybe this wouldn’t be an issue today. Right Arnold?

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    Yep, and they will continue to ignore the signage. Police won’t spend the time to enforce it effectively based on the number of people that do it, Just like today when they left everyone was back to doing what has been done for years.

    Keep attending the park meetings Saul.

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    Arnold, to clarify, interested parties in a dog park need to get involved. The first reported incident of a mauled child by a dog at this park will forever change the opportunity. Especially after the lawsuits start flying. Stirring the pot is one thing. Protecting your interests is another. Maybe YOU should get involved so you can insure your “business as usual” at the park.

    My dogs have a large yard and my dogs love walking me in my neighborhood. Dog parks really don’t interest them. Besides, there is a yard in D1 of a certain BY individual my dogs just love to do theirbusiness in. Go figure.

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    Unless they fence in the whole park as a dog park it won’t be like it is today and has been for years. I actually let my dog off leash in a number of parks due to his breed and training, so I personally don’t care about the dog park aspect. Yes, more people who go to Brookhaven Park to let their dogs play with other dogs and to socialize should attend and be more involved, but thats not me. I speak to others who can and do go tot he meetings and I’m confident my opinions are being voiced. Having a young family with a busy schedule makes it tough for me.

    I hope you clean up after your dog.

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    You are setting yourself up for a large disappointment if you are only going to be happy if you get free range for the whole park.

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    Dog owners…get a grip, put Bowser on a leash, and bag the poop.

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    Voice of reason

    No body was “shaken down” and the officers assigned were handing out a printed copy of the ordinance. Not citations. Not even written warnings.

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    I Just Wanna Slide

    The dog owners sound like spoiled children. You are breaking the law. The police are charged with enforcing the law no matter if you like it or not. Stop harassing City officials who have no athority to change this law with a day’s notice. It’s not even a Brookhaven park.

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    Can someone clarify 5.3.b.3? What would be covered under “other devices”? E-collar?

    I have personally never taken my dog off leash to any Brookhaven park… I’m an Air Force brat with a healthy fear of authority 😉 We make the haul up to Brook Run Dog Park in Dunwoody, so I would be very happy with any sort of Brookhaven dog park.

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    I can’t even believe my eyes. I just saw a post on a local page from a woman who is ” disabled” yet cleans houses for a living claiming she can’t run with her dog. She’s threatening to sue the city for enforcing the leash law aiming she’s being discriminated against . This is why dog owners are not being taken seriously. You can’t sue Brookhaven for enforcing the law.

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    Did I miss something? I thought the plan was to still have a sizable off-leash area for dogs, just not the entire park. Until that is constructed, it is technically against ordinance to have dogs off leash (as it has always been). Why is that a hard concept to understand?

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    Welcome to America. You can sue anyone for anything if you have enough money and time to waste.

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    Save Tucker!

    All this talk about the impact on dog owners, but in reality, it may very well be the cat owners who are caught off guard and ticketed to fund the new city budget in 2016. Cat owners are a lot more likely to allow their pet to roam on a daily basis because that is the nature of cats and it is very difficult to keep one inside all the time or in an “enclosure” of some sort after they have been accustomed to doing what they want (and not hurting anyone). The cat owers will be changing from unincorporated DeKalb’s rule that states that cats are not held to the same leash laws as dogs, to this new law which doesn’t even seem to take into account the issue with how the public should handle stray animals. In DeKalb, there is a trap and release spay/neuter program for cats so that the ferel ones can be returned to their environment without as much fear that they could be diseased or could be having even more stray litters. A controlled population allowed to coexist has proven to be a better, more human way of dealing with stary c ats than killing them. But, if you can’t allow a cat to roam free, what will be the alternative? What will it cost? WIll cat owners be fined for not keeping their pet inside an enclosed area while feral cats can do whatever they please?

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    I Just Wanna Slide

    “Yeah!!!! According to another post, Bates Mattison (the City Council member for the district that includes the park) has asked that enforcement be put in limbo while park plans are worked on. Yeah!!!”

    I just saw this on NextDoor and I am OUTRAGED. How does he have the authority to ask the PD to NOT enforce the law?! Just like how he asks them to ignore the law about golf carts or driving while intoxicated? I knew this guy was a slime ball but this proves it. City council members should not be able to control what laws are enforced in Brookhaven. I’m ready to file an ethics complaint!

    No matter what side of this debate you’re on you must reconize this is wrong in every way.

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    Welcome to Brookhaven.

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