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    Bravo Rob Turner.

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    However, we are talking about alot more than $3 million to move this plan along. Presumably the only way to keep the parks plan from going in a drawer and collecting dust is to issue bonds to support it which will require a referendum.

    Hopefully Brookhaven’s residents can put the past and petty politicial differences aside to move this forward.

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    Thanks, David. That is accurate. The upcoming Parks Master Plans will require millions of dollars. The problem with allowing the Skyland bond to move forward is the precedent it sets. If we allow our City Manager and City Council to approve this bond, they’ll approve any bond they won’t and shuttle unwanted bonds onto a General Referendum. For a very real example, they are now considering a boutique hotel on the site of the Tag Office. Joe Gebbia has been very vocal about a Monorail. This is a Trojan Horse, has no stated purpose of economic development and would/will be invalidated in court costing us over $200K in unreimbursed closing costs.

    As for my feelings about bond referendums, I copied and pasted this snippet from the comments section in the article attached entitled “Briarwood Park: Cinderella Story, Coming out of Nowhere.”

    Begin: If a general obligation bond is needed, the voters will decide if it is a priority. If not, recurring accommodative park budgets will suffice. That’s the beauty of voter referendum’s. Any appropriations must be exposed to the sunshine of taxpayer due diligence. Heaven forbid anyone suggests I am an advocate of raising taxes or issuing bonds to support parks. Any debt issuance must meet the highest bar of voter consensus. Personally, I think debt issuance should require 75% voter approval, but that’s just crazy talk. End. Dated 12/20/2014

    Parks people are patient people. We’re done.

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    Chad: What is this Monorail people keep referencing?

    I agree Rob Turner. The city sure seems to have their priorities mixed up (my words not yours.)

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    Daniel Proctor

    Bottom line: Brookhaven Leaders need to make a concerted effort to get their heads out of the clouds and stop being distracted with things that they have np business being in the middle of. Getting in the real estate business? Oh my gosh. So strange.

    Thank you Rob Turner. So on point. Wonder who will sign on at City Hall. Anyone willing to make a wager?

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    Eddie E.

    Thanks Rob!
    Now let’s face reality. Speculators, developers, builders, the people who conned us with ‘Parks, Police and Permits’ DON’T MAKE ANY MONEY OFF PARKS.
    Unless there is a huge outcry from those of us who actually fund the city and hold feet to fire, there will be NO improvement in parks (but we will continue to waste money on pet projects, foolish festivals, speculative land deals and quietly negotiated misdirection of Publicly Owned Properties).
    It’s hard work but it is up to all of us.

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    Eddie E.

    If it is the same one that I heard discussed, it would connect the imaginary ‘Noise Pollution Amusement Park’ and ‘Swampland Hotel Complex’ adjacent to the Airport to the Brookhaven MARTA Station.
    Of course, given the foolishness that erupts from City Hall, it may have been replaced by an even more fanciful waste of money.

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    Not just NO, Heck NO!

    oh heckno on a hotel at the Tag Office. That is 3 blocks in from Peachtree on Dresden! That is what happened over at Lenox Road and now there are NO HOMES along that strip , I will fight this tooth and nail. Now about the parks, it has been 3 years, time to fund them!

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    For all the volunteer Development Authority professionals that were just pulled behind closed doors, this is for you.

    A city manager who doesn’t live here is trying to manipulate you into wasting your holiday season with your family and friends. She wants this deal to happen because she underestimated the sheer will and intelligence of our community leaders WHO ARE YOUR NEIGHBORS. She wants to close a deal she has with a friend at the state house. She told you as recently as 2 months ago the state would be there indefinitely, harassed me over3 weekends with voice mails of the same message. The state will be gone by June. When you are sitting in meetings listening to her remember, The Supreme Court of Georgia invalidated a bond in MARCH for a bond with more, yet not enough, economic purpose than this one. Ask yourself, “Does an unstated purpose rise to the level of economic development?” “Would a City Hall rise to the level of economic development?” Would a state charter school with 2 board members that are sitting city council members rise to the level of economic development?” “Would a private swim and tennis rise to the level of economic development?”

    Why waste your time when you can enjoy the holidays and wait for the right, and legal, opportunity to come along. Final question, “Is this worth it?” Ive been asking myself the same question for 3 months. Guess how I answered.

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    Joe Gebbia wants a monorail to run from CHOA to PDK.

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    Go get ’em Rob. Lynwood Park has sooooo much potential. Brookhaven diamond in the rough. Agreed – more park funding.

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    I Just Wanna Slide

    Thank you, Rob. So many of us agree with you.

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    Eddie E.

    Yep that’s the one.
    In the fantasy proposal, I heard someone state the goal was to make PDK a ‘destination’.

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    Fool's Gold

    The only people I don’t hear complaining in Brookhaven is the developers.(permits)
    I really wish the politicians would listen to the current residents.
    Happy Birthday Brookhaven.

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    Bravo, Rob. Are you paying attention politicians? Time to represent the people instead of the city manager. Committing this kind of money when you don’t even know what it will be used for while our parks are in shambles? You were not elected to play house. We’ve sat quietly for 3 years. As Chad said, we’re done!

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    I Just Wanna Slide

    The big issue is the city manager has all the power. We’ve set ourselves up and now we can’t get out from under her thumb.

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    Someone commenting on the dog park story noted the additional influx of residents by the thousands that will be coming via new apartments and need park space. This made me realize that we should require apartments over a certain number of units to set aside some space on their property for a pocket park.

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    Let's save some Brookhaven tax money!

    Someone please start a petition to get rid of this very expensive city manager!

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    Amen!!! The city manager is horrible! Here is an idea… hire a city manager that has roots here and has something to gain or lose with their spending!!

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