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    This is some baloney.

    That is the fancy way Brookhaven does their word crafting. Forget what the people living in Brookhaven want.
    The politicians just don’t care what we want. 🙁

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    Barking mad

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    I expect doggie owners will still be upset…more than enough is just not enough for them.

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    Noting it seems we’re heading in the direction of a fenced in dog park, would prefer a single large one instead of two in Brookhaven park. Understand the concern on both sides of the debate. Will be interesting to see how it plays out, hoping that the conversation continues.

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    and by that I mean one in the current space of the two proposed, not the whole park

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    The worst thing about dogs is the annoying people that own them. Get a grip folks.

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    Sally Forth

    It would be better received if we just had one large one, but again, why bother with what the voters want.

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    I’d like to ask how many of you complaining about the area allocated for a dog park actually attended the planning meetings recently held by the city? I was there so I know but I’d like to ask why you think if you didn’t participate you should be outraged now?

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    Brookhaven dogs are entitled just like their owners.

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    PRC, thank you. When you create government you have to participate to make sure the social crazies are contained. Evidently some didn’t get the memo.

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    Mug Mug Mug

    If you’re talking about the park meetings, yes, it was about 80% dog owners attending. Multiple meetings, same turnout. They really listened to us…

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    Do you mean the park planning meetings? The ones where about 80% of the attendees were dog owners?

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    I hope John Ernst will listen and work for the people

    That has been my experience with Brookhaven which is how the city listens and brag how they listen but then they just do what “their” agenda is.

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    You mean you hope John will do what you want? He’s has an obligation to uphold the law first and foremost.

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    If there is going to be a dog park at Skyland, why not just make it a small dog park and enclose the back half of Brookhaven Park as a park with dogs. No capital investment needed. Then the city can waste as much money on the front half as they want building parking lots.

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    Because there are other people and uses for the back half and the front half is limited by the service center, there is no good parking options currently. There are many who wish to share with the dogs but ….

    The capital to build one large fence would still be there. Also once the dog park becomes official there will be more dogs and people which would require capital to lay down mulch on all areas because in the long run the dogs would destroy the grass (see Piedmont park dog area) and again the parking issues.

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    What are the intended other uses of the back half? All I’ve heard is uses for the front half. With the dog park they are contemplating, the only thing left is walking around the in the woods on the path. Seems to me we have several walking trails at other parks. But no dog friendly walking trails. Build a large enough park and the grass wouldn’t be destroyed. Modeling the off leash area after Piedmont is recipe for a lot of discontent and no one being happy.

    The fence length to build a line across is roughly the same as the circle they are intending to build. So, no additional expense compared to what they want to spend now and I think the fence is pretty small potatoes on the Brookhaven expense items. Dividing all the way across utilizes the fencing that is already there and is more efficient.

    But I’m open to reconsider after I hear about the other uses envisioned on the back half.

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    Eric Robert

    Whatever they do with Brookhaven Park they need to leave enough room to have the large festivals, like the Cherry Blossom festival there since its the only park on a major street and accessible to MARTA rail.

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