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    Don Wafer

    Any news on the dilapidated gas station directly across the street? Eyesore!

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    A Neighbor

    Chase Bank

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    I Just Wanna Slide

    Where are the children who live in all these places going to attend school? There has been zero planning to deal with that issue.

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    Riley O'Connor

    Considering that this article is about a commercial development without residences, it would seem that there will be no direct impact on the school system. Of course, the ARE people who claim to live in Phipps Plaza just so that their kids can go to Sarah Smith…..

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    A direct quote from the article above that these blog posts are linked to.

    “Just north on Peachtree, the Olmsted and Parkview on Peachtree have also begun site preparation.”

    Perhaps these are the new residents Slide is referencing.

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    This is a nice addition to Chamblee and the general area around it. I also understand Cook’s Warehouse is coming back and will locate in this development. If so, double plus good news.

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    Riley O'Connor

    Perhaps, but most of what is there presently doesn’t really fit the image of “family housing”. That said, they’re right about the general infrastructure issues that result from new development. More traffic on the roads, more water and sewer, etc. At least the power supply seems to be well planned, but that’s private enterprise for you.

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    I Just Wanna Slide

    “The area surrounding Peachtree Crossing has more than 4,300 apartment units, 185 town houses planned or existing, over 3,400 owner occupied homes within a one mile radius and over 41,000 households within 3 miles.”

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    Eddie E.

    It’s nice that Chamblee will finally have a grocery store!

  10. 10


    I am certainly no fan but WalMart is most definitely a grocery store and will serve a multiple of the customer base of Whole Paycheck after they open.

  11. 11

    Eddie E.

    Never been to a walmart and I doubt I ever will.
    I really don’t care what they have inside.

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    Just to be ornery, the Chamblee Mayor says “[t]his development is a transformative development that really starts to define what the southern front-door looks like as you enter Chamblee on Peachtree Blvd.” Does that make Buford at Claremont the southern back-door?

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    I spelled Clairmont correctly, spellcheck changed it.

  14. 14


    They have a grocery store inside among other things.

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    Eddie E.

    Do they pay their grocers Union wages, insurance and pensions?

  16. 16

    Riley O'Connor

    It’s “Clairemont” south of N. Decatur Road.

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    The point was Chamblee already has a grocery store whether you approve of their business practices or not. A quick Google search will reveal the stance Whole Foods takes toward union organizing. I repeat I am not a fan of the billionaire family in Arkansas but they do operate a grocery store in Chamblee and Whole Foods are not exactly saints when it come to how they treat their employees.

  18. 18

    Eddie E.

    And Whole Foods is not my first choice, but at least they are not a parasitic threat to the American Economy.
    I am glad that for the first time since Winn Dixie closed, Chamblee will have a grocery store.

  19. 19


    Chamblee has a grocery store. The business is named WalMart. BTW – That Winn Dixie was a dump.

  20. 20

    Eddie E.

    Whatever a ‘walmart’ is, it isn’t listed on my maps.
    Who said the Winn Dixie didn’t slide into dump status before it closed?
    Nevertheless, it was a ‘grocery store’ and not a blight on the United States concept of retail.

  21. 21

    Profitus Maximus for the Good of All

    Who cares what they pay their employees? No one. Don’t like it? Go to another store. No other store? Open your own and give the profits to whomever you like.

  22. 22

    Eddie E.

    I’ve always wondered why the spelling changes.
    I can’t recall another street I have encountered anywhere with this anomaly.

  23. 23


    Hopefully Chipotle will have figured out how to make food without E.coli before they open.

  24. 24


    Seriously? Was hoping for a drive thru Starbucks.

  25. 25


    Ed, it had to do with union sign makers, spelling and education. Hell just let it fly.

  26. 26


    Toff, you first. Let me know how everything comes out.

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    Where is the “Pocket Park” that was part of the plan when it was approved?

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    Riley O'Connor

    In this specific case, it is when the road enters the City of Decatur. In more than a few cases, the street names change because of 1960’s era racial issues. Boulevard becomes Monroe north of Ponce de Leon. Hightower became Peyton Road, etc. Now of course, the street names change to honor individuals, conveniently forgetting that they were originally named, in many cases, to honor individuals. Such as Ivy Street for Hardee Ivy.

    And, while we’re dealing with seemingly trivial matters, what is the most popular street name in the United States? 2nd Street. Every town has their main drag, called Main, or Broadway, or the Strand. What is the next street over? 2nd.

  29. 29

    Eddie E.

    Probably in a developer’s pocket!

  30. 30


    not sure why asking a question got voted down… actually the inital design according to the previous article said “Several Pocket Parks” and a “Play Ground”. More of the artist renderings beign for approval only I guess.
    According to preliminary site plans Peachtree Crossing will have:
    40,000 sq. ft. “National Organic Grocer” (Whole Foods if it all works out)
    64,000 sq. ft. of specialty retail and restaurant space
    Several “Pocket Parks”
    Kids Play Area
    Sitting Areas
    Public Art area
    Pedestrian Trail
    Connection to the Chamblee Multi-Use Trail (a.k.a. Keswick Trail)
    Farmers Market Area
    EV Charging Stations

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    I haven’t heard about Cooks reopening in the Peachtree Crossing development. Is that solid? Would be a nice addition.

  32. 32


    Looks like a lot of Teabagger Walmart shoppers have been active on this thread. These people are not typical in the area.

  33. 33


    You’re ignoring the fact that the produce at Walmart is TERRIBLE and the parking at this particular Walmart is a nightmare. Everything about this store is inefficient and not focused on helping customers. It is a business that should not be patronized.

  34. 34

    Eddie E.

    Maybe not just the shoppers.
    It is important to remember “Chamblee finally has enough council members involved in real estate sales and development”.

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