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    sure are a lot of stinking builder / developer / attorneys on this board. welcome to the new HIGH DENSITY NATIONAL MODEL,

    of what not to do.

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    When your zoning rewrite committee consists of mainly players who stand to profit from what they write, this is just going to continue til original residents are surrounded by density,growth and probable backroom shenanigans. Man I love these small city politics

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    Sounds like zoning had only to do with development. Women must know nothing about this topic…,

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    I’m so sick of the same people & types of people being chosen to represent the Brookhaven, they don’t represent anything other than the city leaders, Garrett and Song. Time for a new direction.

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    Apparently there are no women in Brookhaven that are willing or able to participate? Or is the city just for he guys? What the heck?

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    Now is the time to participate. If you have any interest in having Brookhaven stay a great place to live you MUST attend the meeting on the 21st and be heard or…. get used to living at the corner of Lenox and Peachtree North.

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    Coming from someone who is 100% uninformed and making judgments of people and a business model they do not not know nor understand. Why don’t you volunteer your time and limited knowledge to help the community instead of spewing helps rhetoric on a local website?

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    NTM you do know that the rewrite committee members were selected and not volunteer don’t you? Although Brookhaven was supposedly created for better representation not everyone meets muster to participate in Brookhaven or to be appointed to a decision making government related body. Just look at who is making the decisions on selections. Welcome to Brookhaven.

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    I asked to be considered… but I am not in the inner circle or a developer.

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    Good for you Jennifer! I think hat local involvement or asking to be considered is exactly what this city needs! Although I have no idea why you were not selected I think you should do everything you can find out and do your best to get on the committee.

    As of now it seems no one has any idea how and why these individuals were selected. Best guess seems to be based on experience of law and zoning. I think all of us would be wise to not judge this group until we see results. By no means should be base an opinion on occupation anymore than one based on ethnicity or gender. At the end of the day we need folks who are aware of how zoning affects the community, not just folks that have opinion based on living in Brookhaven. We need a combination of both.

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    Love to see some changes.

    I would love to see Garrett and Song working for other cities. In other other words, not Brookhaven.

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    People are trying to help Brookhaven

    NTM, why do you assume people are not volunteering and helping Brookhaven? I have seen the people that are volunteering the most to improve Brookhaven are the ones that are the most frustrated with the decision makers over and over again and again!
    Your facts are often incorrect but you are very good at the blame game.
    Happy New Year

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    There are tons of people helping. Tons. And most of the ones most active are the ones that pushed for this city (not me) and aren’t happy with it. I think it’s great. I never claimed otherwise. What I did do was point out that complains based on no facts and false merits are pathetic. Had certain people volunteered to help on this project I doubt their comments on this website would have been made in the manner they were. Jennifer however is an example for all of us to live up to. Others who bitch and do nothing but make up accusations are not.

    Calling people you have never met nor had dealing with “stinking builders/developers/attorneys” is a poor representation of this community and is based on no facts whatsoever. I don’t know this group but I would like to think that regardless of occupation they will do what’s right. Until they prove otherwise we should support members of this community being active in the process and not putting them down like small children on a playground. Making further accusations such as claiming further profit from being on the committee is also outlandish. These are our neighbors and tax paying citizens. What was said before my comments contains no facts, just unproved rhetoric. It’s immature and pathetic.

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    figure it out ntm, she’s not a builder,attorney, realtor, or man.

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    Jennifer, I have news for you, unless something of major conflict of interest this zoning rewrite is a foregone conclusion. As far as ntm who will certainly accuse me me of being just another whiner, he is just another lemming following what he’s told. Welcome to the world of politics, it’s ugly and that is where this once great area is headed.

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    ntm I’m not whining g I’m exposing the obvious because,and I hate to sound redundant but people like you obviously can’t see the obvious.

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    if you don’t have a problem with this board makeup ,then you are part of the problem.

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    If I am part of the problem then why are you on a local website complaining like a small child pitching a fit at Walmart. Get off your computer and go do something. You know nothing about none of these individuals and have no facts to support anything you are saying about them or the committee. Its just pure speculation and you know it. We all know it. You think you are convincing anyone anything you say? Take the propaganda elsewhere. At least the people on the committee are actually doing something besides posting libel.

    I could be proved wrong but until I am then I am going to fully support this group. Want to complain, write an email to Gebbia about spending 10k of our money to fund a freaking monorail.

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    Brittany Mother

    You just have to love the Brookhaven that a certain State Representative and Brookhaven Yes created for us. It certainly isn’t the same old neighborhood I chose to live in.

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    I no nothing about none of these individuales yoo shood in roll in bia an get sum Lernin

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    Eddie E.

    You referenced the ‘business model’ (apparently for the 4 story, cookie cutter, multi-use plans) in your earlier post.
    I live here as a resident. My concerns are as a resident. I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in contributing to a ‘business model’ that seeks to diminish the character of my area as a resident.
    Do you comprehend that MOST people who live here have no interest in real estate, development or construction and have no interest in ‘streamlining’ a process that is already entirely geared to the whim of those engaged in development?

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    You do comprehend that a reasonable resident wants someone with legal, real estate, or development experience on this committee and not just an over opinionated neighbor with an axe to grind? We need level heads and knowledge.

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    Yes, the rewrite will happen but if we as a group do not show up at the meeting on the 21st you will have an extention of high rise, high density from the city line north to Ashford Dunwoody along Peachtree. We HAVE to make it known that the few people that were involved in the overlay do not speak for all of us and that we have a voice. If we don’t then it is all on us.

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    Eddie E.

    I also comprehend that I (ME THE RESIDENT) wants a zoning code that PROTECTS my property rights and makes it sufficiently difficult to CHANGE THE CHARACTER of my city and neighborhood to suit the whim of someone who seeks only short term profit.
    I want a code that makes it nearly impossible to ruin my neighborhood without substantial financial penalty. I seek protection of all natural resources so that the reasons that made my neighborhood BENEFICIAL for new residents remain if not in perpetuity then for as long as humanly possible.
    Right now I see the damage wrought in District 2 due to an attitude of subservience to those seeking short term gain. I hope that after a rewrite that STOPS. I hope there are sufficient legal minds with level headed comprehension of the rights of property owners (you know, the people who live here).

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