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    Eric Robert

    As part of her sentence she should be forced to stand in front of this Stein Mart Center with a large sign at the same time and for the same period of time that her bomb threat created a traffic headache on the Peachtree. The sign could read:
    “Sorry for causing a traffic jam by calling in a false bomb threat to Stein Mart, I’m Stupid and now a criminal!” Also charge her the cost of the police and emergency crew response.

  2. 2


    She is at least 60 years too young to be going in a Stein Mart.

  3. 3

    Ted Gordon

    Eric – there is also the cost of lost sales to businesses because of the shutdown. This is really a WTF? incident. I’m sure more of the story will unfold.

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    Probably a disgruntled customer/employee.

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