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    Thank you, you could not have said it better.
    We support the COB PD.

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    Riley O'Connor

    If I might add, Officer Sniveley has an excellent DUI arrest & conviction ratio. Listening to him talk about the process is, ahem, sobering.

    On the other hand, I’d like him out there when it becomes illegal to drive while stupid. Can only imagine what that would do to cut down on traffic in our fair city.

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    Sally Forth

    I totally back this guy up. Too many oeople feel entitled to prioritize themselves and their phone calls over the law. Question is, why isnt he ticketing them? If there were consequences maybe there would be less bad behaviour.

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    texting is old news, it’s about all the other stuff people are doing on their phones…. facebook, instagram, snapchat, etc. app use is more common than texting these days.

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    As a regular commuter and neighbor of the intersection I was happy to see the police presence. Not an hour goes by that a red light is blown through (by cars, and yes, school buses, concrete mixers, etc..) and not to mention all of the self indulged idiots that feel they have the right to blow past others on the right heading south that are courteous enough to wait their turn to get to the light at perimeter point. Kudos to the effort, and just imagine what goes on when you aren’t standing there and your lights aren’t flashing. And if you really want to get your blood flowing just go sit at the bottom of ashwoody trail and watch the cut through drivers blaze by at 50 mph trying to get home to their kids who can play in their front yards a few minutes earlier.

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    Rob Turner

    I’d love the good detective’s perspective on walking/jogging on neighborhood roads. I was taught as a child to walk/run against the flow of traffic (left side of the road), while ride my bike on the right side.

    It seems I see an inordinate amount of folks walking/jogging on the right side of the road (going with the flow of traffic & their backs to the cars).

    What does the BPD recommend?

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    Big & Small

    Thank you!, Officer Sniveley.
    I believe that any cellphone use while driving should be banned.
    It causes more accidents and deaths than any other causes for accidents.
    People are not capable of using the cellphone and driving safely.
    Trying talking to someone on the phone, or watch them try to do anything else effectively while on the phone.
    Very, very few people can do this, let alone drive safely while talking on a cellphone.
    Why is using a cellphone while driving legal?

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    Think people

    wonder how many of the offenders live here vs commute through this piece avoiding i-285. i drive this daily and see tons of license places from faraway counties. they are not looking for your input on this website and choose this route as the path of least resistance. so increase the resistance on our local roads.

    please do not hesitate to enforce traffic laws with tickets and fines. there are ways to do this by having pull-off areas to get your ticket from another officer so that the stops will not impede traffic flow. when i was a less responsible driver, ticketing gave me the an opportunity to realize my wrongs and an incentive to appreciate the rules of the road.

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    Jack Smith

    I am sure many people who do not live here run the red lights and stop signs in our area. I have certainly seen out of county tags on the cars that do just that. But I also see my neighbors whom I know quite well who literally live just houses down from me run the stop signs,sometimes without even slowing down, in my neighborhood all the time. In fact this is just how they prefer to drive. So while it is always easy to point fingers at outsiders all you simply have to do is watch your neighbors drive around to realize this is an epidemic issue that sadly won’t change until there is consistent enforcement. In fact there is a great thread on Nextdoor about a neighbor who was incensed that she would get a ticket for driving through straight through a stop sign in the neighborhood. She then took her rant to Nextdoor to complain about the police. Take that same attitude onto the main streets and you get things like I saw just tonight where a person did a left turn from Johnsons Ferry Rd N to Ashford Dunwoody Rd S by cutting off the 4 cars in front of him when the light turned red so he could make the turn without waiting for another light change. Other examples I see all the time are illegal U-turns in the middle of road, sometimes from the left lane, which apparently is becoming a common practice. And some of the most dangerous are people who blow through crosswalks at high rates of speed while the lights are flashing and people are in the crosswalk.

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    ticket time

    ramp up the enforcement. give tickets, warnings, whatever. please, please please. what are you waiting for?

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    You know what’s also #notcool? The police acting like they’re going to shoot your totally friendly, legal, and licensed large breed dog.

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    Matt O

    Amen-Great comments- love BPD!

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    Has that happened in Brookhaven? If so was it reported as it should be?

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