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    Well apparently we have another legacy item to address courtesy of J. Max. How about this. An attorney, J. Max (who surely should have known better), got bested by a self serving bureaucrat, Marie ‘thank you for the money’ Garrett, with the assistance of premiere new city attorney Bill Riley doing the city no favors with his lack of guidance on the matter. Sounds like a collision of egos with the bureaucrat walking away with the prized Brookhaven Kewpie doll. But don’t let little things like this stand in the way of naming a road, government building, park bridge or outhouse after our inaugural mayor.

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    tom doolittle

    Trey–Do a once a month editor’s entry. Great flavor. We understand your reluctance. Do it anyway. Unlike Garrett’s “ironclad”, this is nonnegotiable 🙂

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    Eddie E.

    In any case, this will impinge negatively on the ‘milton county’ wackos.

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    Riley O'Connor

    It would be nice if I had some wisdom-for-the-ages words here, but I don’t. We’re witnessing the mechanics of closing out an employment contract. Happens every day. but with not quite so much drama.

    How this happened in the first place got the City off on a controversial step. Upon sufficient reflection, it may have been an example of a well used governmental approach: throw enough money at something so that it looks like you’re doing something. There’s plenty of time for post-departure analysis, enough to keep Buffalo Trace in business for another year. But if you look at the terms of the City Charter, and at the personalities involved, it was time for a new Manager. Just like Mark Richt.

    Those who fret about post-departure law suits might keep in mind that such a lawsuit would reflect poorly of the candidate for another City Manager position in another city. In other words, people don’t want to hire troublemakers, no matter how good they might be on paper.

    So, I would say that “sweetness and light” is the phrase of the day. It was so nice to have you here, you did us well. Here are some flowers and Maison Robert chocolates. Do stop by sometime.

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    Lindy's Daughter

    We’re just going to have to bite the bullet. She had to go.

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    Sally Forth

    Saul, there are good attorneys and bad ones; The bad are collection attorneys or go into politics.

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    A lot of this blame falls squarely on the past mayor (s) and the clown car of a city council that is still seated. Knowing (as any intelligent informed citizen)that Garretts days would be numbered with the incoming administration , they still voted unanimously to give her and themselves big raises. Other than law enforcement I don’t see this city as any improvement over the unincorporated Dekalb that we had before, other than a whole new group of people to spend our money. And we are STILL IN DEKALB,

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    Brittany Mother

    I agree with most of what you have said except for the Richt analogy. Being rid of Garrett is justified by her ridiculous employment contract, city hall turmoil and several managerial missteps where as Richt, like him or not, didn’t have near her baggage. He was the victim of moneyed alumni. No one else will say it so I will. This certainly puts Jim Eyre in a different light.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Thanks Tom. Fair warning though, I’m really not that interesting. 🙂

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    The City could have avoided the turmoil by exercising its right to non renew the contract without cause on or before November 1 as provided in Section 9 of the contract, making Dec 31, 2015 the City Manager’s last day.

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    Well said. This is a complete joke. Any business run like this would be out of business. To all of you whom voted yes, this is what you gave us. Incompetence, perceived corruption, and tremendous wastes of tax dollars.

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    I want this job

    If you are referring to the severance, wouldn’t the severance have been due either way? That’s the way I read it when looking at 9(6). And I believe that’s the point Trey is making, as well.

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    Shane McJenkins

    Nope. Try again.

    Although the contract says:
    Section 9: Termination of Employment – For the purpose of this agreement, termination shall occur when: #6 – At the end of the Term or renewal thereof, if notice of non-renewal is given by either Employer or Employee.

    So you think you are off the hook right? Not so much.

    Section 10: Severance
    Severance shall be paid to Employee when employment is terminated as defined in Section 9; provided, that, no severance shall be payable in the event of Employee’s termination by Employer for cause or Employee’s act of non­ renewal of the Term.

    She gets severance.

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    obviously ntm hit a nerve with the yessirs

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    Trey, as always, thank you for your ongoing perspectives and keeping the citizens of Brookhaven informed. The BP has a mighty bright spotlight. As far as the on-going controversy over MG, I hold not only the two previous mayors reponsible for their poor judgement and lack of accountability, but also any of the of the original city council members who are still serving today. I consider their collective leadership as ‘profiles of no courage’ for allowing this nonsense to go on without ever challenging or speaking up against it. There was one council member who did take a stand and resigned over the working arrangements worked with with MG. At that point, every other council member should have done the same thing. By hanging around, they became accessories IMHO. Finally, the city council and entire city staff has been schooled on what effective leadership is all about by the new mayor in two short weeks.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    You are welcome. Thank you for reading The Post!

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    chuck rampart

    A city manager who accepts such an extravagant and unjustified employment arrangement cannot have the city’s best interests at heart as the contract actually *harms* the city. Therefore she failed in her duties by the very act of taking the job. The councilpersons who approved her must not be re-elected.

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