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    To DeKalb County:

    Keep funneling all the brown folks to one school in that very transparent way. This keeps the white kids that do attend some of the public schools more clean.

    It’s like segregation, but a different kind. An acceptable kind.

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    It sounds like less than 200 of our brown skinned brothers and sisters may be able to see the new $90 million Chamblee HS palace from the inside. That sounds like a start. I was a DeKalb County fifth grade student way back when the feds forced integration of the school system. The gerrymandered Cross Keys district a half century later should be an embarrassment to every citizen of the county. I realize that most topics in Metro Atlanta and the DeKalb area can be quickly reduced to black versus white. What that dynamic has done to these students is unforgivable.

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    Save Tucker!

    Isn’t this really just a way to help Dunwoody get the city school system they have always wanted?

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    How is it that Chamblee with all the renovations, can only house a couple hundred more students than Cross Keys, whom no renovations have been done (besides the trailors they added) ?

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    Have any of you actually looked at the demographics of Chamblee High? It isn’t the all-white enclave you’re imagining.

    45% African American
    24.4% Caucasian
    11.5% Asian
    13.8% Hispanic
    4.8% Two or more races

    Chamblee High does not have capacity to solve the overcrowding issues in Cross Keys. Nor can we solve the overcrowding by busing the kids to other areas. Think about what that really looks like for the kids and their parents. The child is stuck on a bus for hours each day, and the school is so far away that the parents have no way to be involved. Less involved parents = worse outcomes for the students = more problems down the line for everyone.

    The real solution is building new schools that are local to the students being served. All other measures are stop-gap at best and counterproductive at worst.

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    Anyone know what they plan to do with Briarcliff HS? Warren Tech and ISC will relieve elementary scool crowding, but what about high schools?

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    Paula C.

    Join the discussion “AThinkingPerson”: Your discussion points are way off-base. Are you aware that a whopping 47% of Chamblee Charter HS’ current student body lives OUTSIDE the CCHS attendance zone? These are students coming to CCHS via Magnet/Charter program. So, if the magnet/charter arrangement works for these parents, why would it be a problem for parents from the CKHS area to be involved? The students being discussed to be moved to CCHS live closer to CCHS than they do to CKHS.

    Chamblee currently has almost 300 available seats, so I’m not sure where you are coming from claiming it doesn’t have the capacity to solve overcrowding issues.

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    Many of the students in the Cross Keys cluster live much closer to Chamblee High School than they do to Cross Keys. I guess it is okay for those students to be bused past their neighborhood school. I never meant to infer that Chamblee High School was not diverse. My comments were based on the shameful gerrymandering of the Cross Keys cluster. That is definitely the result of racial politics in DeKalb County. African Americans and white folks take care of their own as best they can. The non-black minorities can pound sand.

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    My point is that Chamblee High School cannot solve the overcrowding alone. 300 seats isn’t going to fix this. If you’re advocating for elimination of the Chamblee magnet program, you should say so.

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    There may be another motive here. With one neighborhood on the edge of City of Atlanta gone (Edmund Park) for a more highly rated school(Morningside) and out of Briar Vista ES, putting this area in the NEW Fernbank will insure City of Atlanta can’t annex via popular vote of the adjacent neighborhood. While no one loves Dekalb county government, Dekalb schools are the real driving force for Atlanta annexation. With Fernbank’s reputation, no one in the Brair Vista district can get the votes for neighborhood annexation to city of Atlanta.

    The only problem is that Fernbank will be beyond capacity and back into trailers in a year after absorbing Briar Vista.

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