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    “Moist towelettes, garbage bags and plastic ties for personal hygiene.” Um, what?

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    Car keys and car cell phone plug in. Emergency phone numbers (in case the phone goes out). Know where to find a land line (if you don’t have one). Warm clothes, extra shoes, waterproof coat and shoes. Location of local shelter. Toilet paper. Central contact point if family separated, both a location (church, school, police station, etc.) and someone not affected (out of town relative with ever-present cellphone).

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    A few years back when we had the snow that shut Atlanta down, I was walking home and I saw a few Brookhaven Cops driving around unable to help a few folks that were stuck.
    I always thought it would be a good idea for each cop car to have one or two bags of salt or sand in their trunks to help a few stranded folks.
    That being said, I love our Brookhaven cops and I am very grateful for them!

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Here’s a blast from the past.

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    I’m kinda shocked no one put down their beer and moved the children from behind the white truck revving its engine. Wow. No wonder the whole city shut down.

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    Laura Ross

    Snow-pocolypse 2016: WE WILL REBUILD!

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