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    i feel like I was just cured of an STD. .

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    council should use their ” discretionary ” funds to pay her off.

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    and Mayor John starts off his term with the same “transparency” as the last two mayors…

    Thanks again to everyone who voted “yes”

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    Doesn’t all that has to be used to fund the Brookhaven Murphy Candler/BIA Monorail study?

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    Eddie E.

    What isn’t transparent?
    It was pretty straightforward given the horrible contract negotiated by our first training mayor.

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    Did you even read the article Eddie or do you complain about anything I post? Or is it that as long as the mayor is a democrat you are ok with them? Is that it? Because had this been under the last two and that money went out the door without a reason provided by the city you wouldn’t have slept for days.

    This wasn’t transparent in the least. I’m not fan of this manager or her rediculous contract but let’s be honest that this is a sudden change that is costing taxpayers a lot of money. We don’t even have a replacement lined up. The police chief is sitting in. This is Busch League antics at its best. If I ran my business like this I would be out of business. I had high hopes for John, I really did. But what I have seen in interviews and actions I am so far unimpressed.

    We don’t even have a “why”from the city Eddie and they just spent $225,000 of our dollars without that “why”. I’m sure you will play dumb but this wasn’t the whole damn point of creating a city. Local control….knowing where our tax dollars go and why.

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    Eddie E.

    The sudden change was necessary to PREVENT further expensive miscues from the Managers office.
    It was going to be expensive to shed this weight so limiting the expenses and solving the problem was the only viable option. Due to the terribly constructed contract, there was no way around the expense.
    Having Chief Yandura in place in the interim is better for the city than keeping authority for someone obviously uninterested in the Citizens of Brookhaven. Now we have the opportunity to seek a professional with ties and interests IN the community.

    For the ‘why’ see 2015-2015, unless you believe the City Government exists to feed developers and special interests, it should be obvious.

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    Yet not a word of that came from the city or our new mayor. Do you have some sort of inside source you would like to name or are you just coming up with this on your own? Do you have any of those pesky “facts” to back any of this up?

    You know what Eddie, lets try this: I will not comment on your posts and you don’t on mine. Can you handle that? It is clear we don’t agree in anything in this life and thats ok, but I’m not going to keep going back and forth with you anymore.

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    I’m still convinced that NTM is a developer or Real Estate guy. He was probably benefiting from the City Manager’s view on developments. As far as I have heard the only people that liked Marie were a certain council person, the former Mayor – but that changed at the end and the developers that followed her from her last position.

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    Yeah, you got me. That’s why in my last post I said I didn’t care for her leadership or her contract. That’s I’ve also why I was against the city and all the other leadership in place. Pretty sure if I was a developer that woul t be the case. Think before you speak next time.

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    Eddie E.

    NTM, if you don’t want to comment on my posts, fine with me.
    If you have been paying attention to the developments in the last 3 years, EVERYTHING is public record, enlighten yourself.
    If you are not aware of the degree of disenchantment with the former city manager and the disastrous activities she attached the city to, you might want to talk to your neighbors.

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    The should have taken Ben Song too. He’d be cheap to get rid of.

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    There’s a nondisparagement clause in the severance agreement and you know the old saying: “If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.”

    Pretty hilarious that they even put language in the contract of exactly how the City Council would announce her termination.

    Good riddance – it still galls me that even though the City Charter specified that the City Manager owed full time duty of loyalty to the City, that she was billing the City for having to answer questions from a councilman on Fridays – and that these bills, over and beyond her salary, were being approved by the ex-Mayor.

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    Melissa Smith

    NTM, this is called damage control — an unfortunate situation caused by the inexperience of both former mayor(s) J. Max Davis and Rebecca Chase Williams who just HAD to have Marie Garrett as city manager – whatever the cost. You should read the article on the Post about Marie Garrett’s “iron clad” contract. It appears to me like we got out of this as quickly and cleanly as possible. Given Garrett’s history with the previous mayor and council, she could have sued and cost the city more. But, a lawsuit would have been long, ugly, and embarrassing. In the interest of protecting what is left of her reputation, my bet is Garrett only agreed to settle IF the current mayor and council agreed to keep quiet and release ONLY the statement included as part of the agreement.

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    Don’t worry, once Marie gets Milton County up and running Ben will be gone.

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    Yes, I know all this and I don’t disagree with the decision. A lot of this is why Jim Eyre resigned. To that point so much of the actions not taken by the council are put off on the city manager, whomever that may be, as a scape goat. Personally I wish this who experiment would start over with ALL new people but that will never happen because the Brookhaven yes crowd and D1 got exactly what they all wanted.

    What I want to know is why a city based on “transparency” hasn’t released any of this info and why contracts are written so poorly. I’m glad she’s gone but questions about her employment and pay structure remain. As I recall situations like this are exactly why so many people voted “yes” in an attempt to get away from Dekalb government. Why that get such negative reviews from this crowd is beyond me.

    My point is everything in this city is done behind closed doors and despite hope that has not changed thus far with the new mayor.

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    It’s funny because Milton County is wanted for the EXACT same reasons people wanted the city of Brookhaven. Local control.

    Amazing how so many people can be for Brookhaven but against Milton.

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    Eddie E.

    Oh it’s easy to be against adding a county, because we would have to pay for it IF we were not able to fight it off.

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    I will be so happy with this story eventually goes away. And to try and lay this mess at the feet of our new mayor after following all the wrong left turns of past/current city leaders is laughable.

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    Eddie, you think we would have to pay for a Milton county? Or we would have to pay for what remains of Fulton county? How can you be for Brookhaven but against Milton? I’m not for either but it’s a funny thing since both have the same goals. They have way more money than you or I ever will. In fact, it would probably be the most affluent county in the state.

    You seem a very jealous and upset person Eddie and that comes through in almost everything you say. I’m sorry you live by the airport and hate all the changes around you, sometimes I wish I had more too, but let it go. Don’t be the old man chasing kids off your lawn. Cherish your family and friends. Smile and be happy, that’s what matters!

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    Eddie E.

    Barbara, I’m glad you hold the illusions you do.
    I can take great joy in the simple fact that milton county will never be anything but an annoyance, but thanks so deeply for your clearly heartfelt concern!

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    Melissa Smith

    Unfortunately, most legal settlements include non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements. What would you have the new mayor do? Explain everything to satisfy your curiosity and risk Garrett taking the city to court — or worse yet, refusing to leave? Again, the issue here is damage control. So, instead of wondering why it was handled “behind closed doors” by the new mayor — the real question is why Garrett got the deal she got from the old mayor(s) in the first place.

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    I’m just glad I live in D1 because my neighbors and BY advocates involved in Brookhaven government will insure the stability of our neighborhoods by controlling growth. But you guys south if us are just s*** out of luck. We need the revenue and like it or not, infrastructure improvements it not, we are going to make the necessary improvements to fund our every desire. Just wait and see what is in store for Buford Highway. When they finish you won’t recognize the place. Lets just hope it doesn’t create a mini recession in Brookhaven’s future.

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    Hello Jerry Max Davis! Your legacy LIVES! Thank you C4ND. Thank you Brookhaven Yes!

    You people could at least have backed a initial mayor that would have shown the rest of us that you truly meant what you said about being the best well managed open and transparent government ever. As it is, our dysfunctional past three years will forever be available on All Gore’s internet. Thank you.

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    Thanks Melissa.

    1. Pretty sure part of my question was why she got the deal she did in the first place. I own a large business, I know how clauses work far better than you. Turn it down.

    2. As a public employee, we should be able to ask these questions. Im not saying it is the new mayors fault but he def could have addressed the situation better to the public. Especially considering the previous council unanimously just re-up’d her contract in Decemeber and then 2 weeks later have a unanimous vote of “fire her”. That 2 weeks cost us a quarter million dollars. This doesnt seem odd to you or do you just not care about that? Or are you just for wasting money? Why did they all vote yes and then vote no?

    3. Its amazing that all the people complain about the things that happen “behind closed doors” until their guy is doing it. Then it is ok. For example, people complain about Ben Song, the executive sessions, the decision making, the back door policy with developers, the lysol event, the pay of Gareett and on and on. Why are these not allowed but this is? Just because its the new mayor you voted for? You must be an Obama supporter too if you are buying into this transparency crap. Transparency is a very simple word with a very simple meeting. I assure you that meaning is not “when I feel like letting you know”.

    4. I voted for John, and I hope he does much better than the last two clowns we had. But at the end of the day there are questions that deserve answers when my tax dollars are paying her salary. So yes, if my money is paying her public salary and I have curiosity (as many do) over why is got paid and why she is gone then we should all have the right to know why and what happened from Dec to Jan. Im glad she’s gone, I didnt care for her at all, but at the end of the day my money is being wasted and we deserve to know why.

    5. Brookhaven is not your personal business or your home. It is paid for by all of us with TAX MONEY. That means it is to be handled responsibly. Right now we are all under the assumption that is the case, but it could be far from it. After the events and various fabrications of the previous 2 mayors I am not out of line in asking whats going on.

    Why don’t you focus on answering #2 above.

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    Thanks Ed, coming from the guy that tried to claim the PDK greenspace as their own I take that as a compliment. By the way, how did that work out for you?

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    And our amateur city run by amateurs continues with advisement from an amateur city attorney. I am sure someone will chime in about improvements such as two miles of new sidewalks, four miles of newly paved roads and being the safest city when the deciding data does not include our local crime data. Now tell me about all the development that is getting ready to ruin what was once a nice area to live in. You just have to love Brookhaven.

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    He raises great points Melissa. All of those are more than fair, especially number two

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    Eddie E.

    Barbara, you must be very confused.
    The PDK Greenspace is and always has been County (public) property.
    Nobody I am involved with ever claimed otherwise.

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    Sugarcoat it all you want but it is county AIRPORT property. For a crash zone. Either way its clear to see you lost that battle. I guess you just gave up on that when you realized you have no legal right to property you dont own. Whats next, taking over Brookhaven Police station so you can hike there? Thats public too right?

    Communism never works Eddie

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    Eddie E.

    Barbara, please.
    Your disjoint rant does not reflect positively upon you.
    But here’s a little hint for you there is no COUNTY AIRPORT property, there is only COUNTY property. Property that belongs to the CITIZENS of Dekalb County.
    Educate yourself and we will all benefit.

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    Theres no county airport property? Then why are all those planes landing there? What about the county water treatment property, does that exist? Or county roads? What about those? Your point is dumb and not even a point. By your reasoning we should be able to camp out inside the federal courthouse or nap on the couch in the Oval Office. What about bathing in the water tower, thats public property. Can we do that? What about taking over a military facility, thats tax payer funded.

    Public property has purpose, which is why tax dollars were spent on it. Just because you don’t agree with that purpose doesn’t mean you can take it as you own. Clearly I have been proven right since the county told you to stop trespassing and blocked off the access to emergency plane crash site. If it means that much to you take it to court, I’ll even show up to watch it get thrown out as soon as a judge reads it.

    You come off as very angry, immature, and highly uneducated on even basic legal issues. You seem to pick fights with a lot of people on here and needless to say, you have much more free time than I do. I’m sorry but I wont take this further with someone who lacks common sense and maturity. I have a life and its a beautiful day to be out of the house. Get of the computer and have a wonderful weekend outside!!!

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    It’s my understanding and not that it maters but the runway that would use the greenspace as a crash site has closed. I was also under the impression that the county owns the land that PDK is on and PDK operates on it, but who am I right?

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    The crash zone remains as an emergency zone despite the older runway being closed. There are still 2 runways in operation. If it were not needed the county and airport operations would allocate this land for a different use. I know during my flight lessons with my husband that area was shown as a bail out zone in hopes of preventing tragic accidents like the one last year on 285. Seems like a great place to have kids playing.

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    Eddie E.

    Where do you come up with the absurd notion that I or anyone are able to take it as our own?
    Apparently, you are not used to being proven wrong. You must be a conservative or something.
    Yet your obliqueness does provide humor.

  36. 36

    Eddie E.

    It is no longer a ‘crash zone’ (runway protection zone), that was settled a couple of years ago. Check with the FAA if you don’t understand. The FAA and the airport have relinquished any authority they had over this property. Your entire contention is specious (yet I’m sure you are convinced so no reason to waste time explaining). Please educate yourself lest you continue to seem shrill and confused.

  37. 37


    If that were true why did airport officials gate and fence it off last year to keep out? Oh wait, because it’s not true.

    And not that it matters but I am a conservative. Maybe you should get off the computer and go to work to pay taxes like I do. Is this all you do all day? According to the time of your posts, yes it is all you do. Sit in front of a laptop and try to make strangers angry? Grow up, go to work, and stop harassing people.

    I’m done speaking with you.

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