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    I wish we had one of these next to the Cambridge Kroger. But that would upset the ratty fence people.

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    Eddie E.

    Hey, at least you guys will get all the new billboards on AD and JF.

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    I’m all for it.

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    Nah we will use this location and stink up the area by Dresden while keeping the air clean by Cambridge Kroger thanks,

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    It has be a gas station or a closed gas station since I was a little girl…. reducing buffers can be a slippery slope but no issue with a gas station to replace a gas station.

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    Eric Robert

    I am against giving up the buffer because it appears that it will unnecessarily take out some very large hardwoods. Unfortunately those in Ashford Park apparently don’t care or accept giving up the buffer to get rid of the used car lots. Which is unfortunate because once the Brookhaven MARTA station and Chamblee development happens this property will only grow in value and could attract better development.

    So, while on many issue I agree with you guys when you delve into this silly Dist. 1 crap instead of sticking to the legit issues . . . well you know.

    Oh and in case its not clear. Kroger at Cambridge was an undeveloped lot surrounded on 3 sides by residential which drew a great deal of opposition. This is an abandoned gas station and car lots with residential on one side much of which is the post office parking lot for which no one showed up to the community hearing held by the developer. .

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