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    OMG, the timing of this is soooo suspicious. I feel like a sheep being led to slaughter. MARTA development needs to be thought out!!!!

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    $2,000,000 for ramps and an elevator is all you need to know about government and MARTA.

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    enuff govt already

    How many previous studies of these areas have been done? I’m studied out….

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    ARC Interpreter


    It’s not so tough once you learn the lingo. “LCI Study” means the 2006 version didn’t provide enough density for current urban planner taste.

    “Walkable, Liveable” means pablum to the uninformed. They can spend most of the $2M money on extra buses between Buford Highway and the MARTA stations. They’ll wear ruts up and down Clairmont and Dresden.

    “Affordable Housing” initiative means the Buford Highway corridor is being well served by the little orange buses, but the little orange buses don’t come to MARTA. So let’s bus them over with new buses.

    “Communities apply for many reasons” means MARTA TOD leadership told ARC the Brookhaven crowd is asking too many questions. They’ll think this money is going to TOD”. When it really will go to an LCI study ($100K) that matches the enormous density requested by TOD, buys 3-5 new buses at $250K piece and builds a new elevator and ramp.

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    Riley OConnor

    And nary a mention of the overhead costs that come with those 3 – 5 buses.

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    Eric Robert

    Am I missing something? How is this related to more buses on Dresden? Or to increasing the density of the previous LCI recommendation for density. All I see is 2,000,000 for ramps and an elevator to improve accessibility. Granted that’s a lot of money, but it would be nice if Dresden had better access to the MARTA platform, not just for the handicapped but for those walking from the apartments on Dresden. As to the Orange Buses on Buford Highway they run all the way to Lindberg where people connect to MARTA.

    The Chamblee/Doraville LCI for Buford Highway I don’t see any connection with the proposed redevelopment of Buford Highway.

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