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    Sorry, but none of that interests the citizens of Chamblee. If you want to move to Chamblee, then pony up the money for a more expensive house and move there. Your failure to form a new city does not translate into this being a good deal for the existing citizens of Chamblee. It’s a “you” problem and not a Chamblee problem.

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    Eric Robert

    Mary Kay Woodworth your proposal is basically a take over of Chamblee, not an annexation. You are proposing to add over 34,000 people to a city of 26,000. 34,000 people that have little to no logical connection geographically or even service wise to Chamblee. I support your desire to be in a city to have more local control, but by taking over Chamblee you are greatly diluting the local control of current Chamblee residents. Gone will be the days of all council people basically being a neighbor. Gone will be the days where an individual council person can have a good handle on all the proposed developments for the entire city. If Lavista Hills wants their own City why not go for cityhood again and leave out some of the districts that did not want to be in Lavista Hills? Or why not split up the area so that areas closer to Tucker go to Tucker. Areas closer to Doraville go to Doraville and areas bordering Chamblee go to Chamblee? Is it because you don’t want to share local control with people in those cities, that what Lavista Hills really wants is to control the local control by taking over a city?

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    What else you get

    You also get the poorly maintained and dangerous category 1 dams in Mary Kay Woodworth and Ben Shackleford’s backyards! Don’t worry, I am sure you can straighten their properties out for them for only a few million.

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    Mary Kay – I am troubled by the timeline of this whole thing. Chamblee elections finish up in November and then there is an innocuous Facebook post between you and Mayor Clarkson in December joking about joining or annexing. By your own admission nothing further happened until January when a number of calls took place and the movement got going. This led to a hastily arranged town hall meeting in the first week of Feb when 50% of the room were from your area and Sen Millar was able to clear time in his calendar to come and support it. All of this against a backdrop of just 23 days left in the legislative calendar.

    I smell a rat.

    I understand your reasoning to obtain services from some place other than Dekalb Co. I wish you well with that, but this is a bad deal for Chamblee.

    Chamblee residents will fight this and Clarksons card and those of the supporting councilors are well and truly marked. I have already cast my vote for their opponent in the next election.

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    Oh Toff. You are so missing the point. They are bringing in MORE residents than Chamblee has now. Those people will be all giddy they are in Chamblee. Come annexation vote time, fight it or not current Chamblee residents – you don’t get a vote so you don’t matter.

    They are annexing IN their eventual election guarantee. See!

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    Oh I get it.

    Anyway, where did that ridiculous law come from that the only those being annexed IN get to vote? Seems to me we should be focusing our efforts and rewriting that legislation.

    I thought the whole point of being in a private club was to keep the riff-raff out 🙂

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    enuff govt already

    MKW & Mr. BS didnt look very enthuziastic. This wasnt an info meeting. It’s the same old song & dance. A Chamblee citizen was shut down by city officials when he tried to speak. Several over the top comments were made by the officials, so I did a little googling.
    The Chamblee mayor opened the meeting by telling the crowd that if they didnt annex then Tucker was going to annex Northlake Mall but he also said he didn’t talk to Tucker because it’s not a city yet. So how does he know what the city of Tucker will do? Typical scare tactic.
    The mayor went on to provide another gem. He said he never ever talks bad about Dekalb (police) BUT they are “stretched thin & are so limited that they don’t get into those neighborhoods any longer”. The mayor was referring to the neighborhoods outside of Doraville that have voted NO to annexation 3 times. They have voiced their opinion & their votes should be honored! The mayor does not live, work or represent those neighborhood & he should refrain from speaking of that for which he he knows nothing.
    The police chief mentioned a police to citizen ratio in Chamblee of 1/500 & that Chamblee has a 3 minute response time. The Dekalb Police service an unincorporated population of around 480,000 with between 800 to 1000 officers or apprx 1/600 ratio . The 3 minute response time is an arbitrariy number. If Chamblee can produce a detailed study verifying the claim then it can be believed. Chamblee would have to add 68 officers at apprx $50k a yr to maintain the ratio.
    Mr. BS says the annexation is necessary to bring about a “sense of equilibrium; of where you are in the world” He says that Tucker has “no police force” but fails to mention the Dekalb police precinct just off of Main St in Tucker & the Dekalb police headquarters are in Tucker.
    Sen. Millar said we “needed to know” that 61% voted yes for cityhood and he knows this because he added the numbers up. He also said boundaries are drawn by what the people want & he knows the people outside of 285 identify with Chamblee because they told him so. The final piece of wisedom from Sen. Millar is he opposes Tucker because it a 3 service city but why did Sen. Millar co-sponser Senate Bill 272 “Ga Township Act” which is a limited service gov’t bill?
    This whole annexation smells like political assault on Tucker because it dared to challenge the senator last time around.
    This will harm the current citizens of Chamblee & Tucker.

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    “Chamblee’s city manager and staff are currently preparing a detailed analysis of the economic feasibility of the proposed annexation area and considering both the financial implications and the impact of more than doubling the population on current citizens and service delivery. They have confidence, based on their history with two recent annexations, that their analysis and calculations will provide accurate data of feasibility. That is critical information to consider to move forward.”

    The last sentence is certainly true; and, I think taxpayers in Chamblee would be well served to have the needed information developed by an independent professional. Having attended the “informational” meeting on Monday, I thought there was entirely too much annexation fever emanating from the Mayor and City Manager. I’m not at all confident that their analysis will provide accurate data.

    As to the specter of Tucker and Brookhaven grabbing commercial tax base, so what? If Tucker gets Northlake, it doesn’t hurt Chamblee. I’m very concerned that the rush to “beat” Tucker to Northlake’s commercial tax base could result in the allowance of a referendum resulting in the influx of tens of thousands of people who may well not have a sufficient commercial tax base to support themselves, even if they come with Northlake and UPS.

    Even if investigation shows that the LaVista Hills area does come with sufficient tax basis to support itself, I would still have concern about Chamblee’s ability to absorb and govern the area. I don’t think the idea of spreading “Chamblee as the center of the Universe” (the only benefit of annexation to Chamblee residents offered by the Mayor on Monday) is a good reason to double the size of the City. Absorption of 34,000 people by a city of 29,000 is a take over and will result in diluting the small town feel that everyone says in an essential part of Chamblee’s appeal.

    As to the residents of LaVista Hills, from a geographic and demographic perspective, doesn’t it make more sense to be annexed by Tucker on your side of I-85 once it is up and running?

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    Eddie E.

    Lavista Hills said NO!
    Why should my business costs increase to fund a do-over for people who can’t accept NO as an answer?

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    I’d like the mayor of Chamblee to know that the citizens of Chamblee DON’T CARE about Northlake Mall. MKW…go away and shut up!

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    A belated sorry to Eric Roberts – in reading over his and my comment, I realize that I ripped off a couple phrases without attribution.

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    Ted Gordon

    A Chamblee resident pointed out to Sen. Miller that the many people opposed to the annexation are also his constituents. I think Chamblee is sized just fine and Brookhaven also, neither city has to “beat out” anyone for more annexation.

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    This area really belongs in Tucker.

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    LaVista Hills did NOT say “no.” A statistical tie of half for and half against, with only 138 votes out of over 13,000 making the difference, means the voters said “MAYBE.” People should stop acting as though a 50/50 split was some overwhelming statement either way.

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    Eddie E.

    Did Senator Millar fail to mention that Tucker is represented by a different Senator who is well known for listening to his broad constituency?

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    Hate to burst your pompous bubble, but there are plenty of homes in the annexation area that are considerably pricier than many houses in Chamblee, and the converse is certainly true too.

    Existing city members would likely get improved economies of scale after annexation.

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    Dekalb Is Better Then A City

    So stan if there had been 138 more yes votes then no votes you have told us it was statistical tie and we should not have formed the city? Or we should vote again? We voted. We self determined like the pro city people wanted. We said no. Either move on or move out at this point. People are falling over themselves to move to this area despite the scare tactics of this LVH gang. I am sure all the pro city people can get their homes sold quickly and for top dollar.

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    What part of you lost don’t you understand? The point of a vote is to see who scores more. Whether its 138 votes or 138,000 votes.

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    Emilia Lanier

    The problem is I have yet to see or hear of a Chamblee resident that wants you annexed. Except the mayor and maybe a councilman or two.

    The prevailing mood is we’re sorry you lost your cityhood bid, but it’s not our job to rescue you.

    There are a fair number of people in Chamblee who are not active in politics, other than voting, who have pledged to be part of an effort to defeat any Chamblee city council member or the mayor who lets this go through. Because if they fail to realize they represent US, we have no recourse.

    As a previous poster noted, this isn’t you being annexed by Chamblee as much as you taking over Chamblee from its long time residents.

    If you want to be part of Chamblee – great.

    Buy a house here.

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    Concerned Citizen

    Likewise Stan, Mary Kay should stop acting like she speaks for 34,000 people.

    Where is the overwhelming support of THIS proposal from the effected residents of her latest map? The vote on LaVista Hills does not indicate support of being annexed into Chamblee. It was a referendum to form a new city, not join one miles away.

    This is a totally different proposal with different taxes, a different map, and a different identity for our community.

    I do not want to be governed by a Mayor & city council who is so rash as to put this proposal on their agenda before it has been fully vetted and fleshed out by all parties concerned.

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    Emilia Lanier

    Which citizens of Chamblee that are not part of our city government want this?

    I haven’t seen one yet.

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    Concerned Citizen

    FYI – At the Chamblee council meeting tomorrow evening, Thursday Feb 11, the annexation proposal is on the agenda.

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    Eddie E.

    In Georgia, 50% +1 means NO.
    Why the do-over-special-rules-whinefest?

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    Eddie E.

    Oh yeah, I forgot, current rules in Chamblee allow any bad idea (no matter how downright terrible it might be) to be acted on in 14 DAYS!!!
    Otherwise the Citizens might get in the way of what the Council knows best.

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    Full disclosure, guys — I am not in the map and not in Chamblee. I just like to be realistic about things, get sort of tired of seeing/hearing anybody act like there was some sort of mandate against LVH. There was not. The referendum failed by 138 out of over 13,000, so the half of the voters who voted yes should not be disrespected. If it had gone the other way, I’d say the same thing to the “yes” half. The only thing harder than gracefully losing is to be a classy winner.

  26. 26

    Yuppie Pundit

    Some humility could go a long way in the blog comments. To some Chamblee is just a buffer between Brookhaven and Doraville. Oh and it has a Lowes…

  27. 27

    Concerned Citizen

    This is not about the vote for LVH. This is not about winners and losers. As Mary Kay stated at her Chamblee meeting, that plan is dead. This is about her new plan, her vision for 34,000 of her neighbors.

    As an outside observer Stan, I am interested in your honest opinions. Should Chamblee listen to the voice of the proposed residents since this is a new separate plan? Should Chamblee listen to the voice of their current residents since MKW’s plan impacts their chosen city?

  28. 28

    No Annexation

    I am opposed to another annexation in Chamblee. We just finally got Dresden park and won the Century Center Case. We are doing great with grants for Buford Hwy and the new building going on around Chamblee. We have a small town feel and our community is trying to connect with all its new citizens. Doubling the people with an area that should go somewhere else will take away from what we have. Someone had said that this annexation would be more like an invasion and I completely agree.

  29. 29


    Then go join Doraville, Yuppie.

  30. 30


    The Chamblee mayor and Council should know that they will be out of a job if they go ahead with rash plan that none of the residents want.

  31. 31


    Speaking of timing, the resolution for annexation is being voted on by the Chamblee City Council TOMORROW (Thursday, Feb. 12)! Talk about a steamroll job!

  32. 32


    No. The result of the election was 50%+138. The requirement was 50%+1, per Rep. Holcomb. Elections have consequences.

  33. 33

    The Brookhaven Post

    Hi Will. There will not be a vote during Thursday’s Public Hearing and Council Work Session. It will only be considered and no action (vote) will be taken. If the Council decides to move forward with the resolution, they would vote on it during a regular or special called Council Meeting. The next regular Council Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 16th, at 7:30 PM. It will also be held in the Chamblee Civic Center.

    From Councilman and Mayor Pro-Tem Brian Mock: “Regarding Annexation: I’ve been asked by several people if it’s too late to make comments to council concerning annexation. It’s certainly not. We have citizen comment at the end of each work session. Come on over tomorrow night (Thursday) and talk to us. While annexation is on the agenda, there will be no formal action taken tomorrow night.”

    Thank you for reading The Post.

    Trey Benton

  34. 34


    CC, I think they should listen to both current and proposed residents, hold lots of meetings to discuss, do a big survey conducted by the city, etc. to gather all the info they can– but what I think doesn’t really matter. Whatever they do will have to follow whatever existing law applies. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for you all.

  35. 35

    Old Timer in Chamblee

    So, by your logic there are some who think Buckhead is a slum, what is your point? We don’t care about those people. Chamblee is the home to many who have been here a long time and have invested in the city. If it’s not your cup of tea why are you posting? Chamblee was a humble fine little city for the longest time after we moved here. But “progress” ensued and I remember when I first saw a real estate listing for a home in Chamblee saying it was in North Brookhaven!!! WTH?! Seems like Chamblee is fine the way it is now without Lavista Hills in it!

  36. 36


    And which citizens of Chamblee were desperately campaigning for the annexation of Huntley Hills? Oh, that’s right–none.

  37. 37


    Is it just me or is the “they are going to take our commercial away from us” scare tactic like really, really worn out?

  38. 38


    I think it is very important to look into to this annexation. On the surface it seems like a very good deal for Chamblee to acquire a tremendous tax base and numerous schools and parks . I dont mind people speaking their mind on why this will not work for Chamblee but Flubber is just rude.

  39. 39

    Old Timer in Chamblee

    I agree with you totally Dave, the total one-sidedness of this whole thing makes me extremely skeptical of the motivations behind this move on the part of many participants. In the meeting on Monday, it was strange indeed! We had the Chamblee citizens who literally had no voice – by virtue of the meeting organizers refusing to let us speak and by GA Law, which only lets the “affected area” to be annexed have a vote.

    Then we had the Mayor, City Manager, Mary Kay and Ben giving us the full court press. Couple that with our state representatives laying it on hot and heavy for their poor Lavista Hills constituents who did not have a city to call home…. I also spoke with a council member or two after the meeting who were insistent in their support and it was downright oppressive.

    We live in strange times…..

  40. 40


    What exactly do you fear? That Lakeside area residents are going to rape your women and pillage your village? Explain this ‘invasion’ fear a bit. Exactly what demographic is in the annexation area that causes you to fear that they’d bail on their own neighborhood and invade yours.

  41. 41


    Paranoia is a big destroyer. Chamblee likely already has council members for different parts of Chamblee. There’s no logical foundation for your fears.

  42. 42


    Right–and I’m sure that the “real” Chamblee folks were really clamoring to annex Huntley Hills a few years ago too, right? Let me guess: they invaded your neighborhood and are taking all the beers from your fridge now.

  43. 43

    Eddie E.

    Why don’t they fix whatever it is that they think is wrong with their neighborhood rather than invade someone else’s?

  44. 44


    You don’t want that motley crew taking over your perfectly good city. They will completely screw up Chamblee to follow their agenda.

  45. 45


    Yes, these people should move to a city if they want to live in one. I don’t understand their need to impose their wills on people who don’t want to buy what they are selling.

  46. 46


    We stand corrected. The city council will have to wait six whole more days before ramming this abomination through.

  47. 47

    Give Tucker a Choice

    Why the big Hurry? Why not wait until the City of Rucker has comoeted elections and let the people decide? Choice the the road to freedom.

  48. 48

    Concerned Citizen

    And yet to some, Chamblee is much more than a just a buffer. It is their home.

    Citizens of Chamblee should take heed of the attitude exhibited here by those who so desperately crave to be in their city. Even one they currently view as just a buffer.

  49. 49


    Your comment is devoid of logic. The only thing wrong with the neighborhood is that it falls under unicorporated Dekalb. Again: explain this ‘invasion’ theory of yours. What prompts you to think that upon annexation, people that live in the annexed area will move out of their area and then either start loitering and/or stealing property in the pre-annexed portion of the city?

    Or are you just repeating groundless paranoia based nonsense?

  50. 50

    Goodbye, Keswick!

    No, they won’t go into old Chamblee at all! They will cancel the fireworks at Keswick, move the city Hall to Northlake, make sure the lion’s share of funds are directed to the area, “clean up” neighborhoods that don’t match their desired demographic, and generally treat existing Chamblee like Brookhaven’s District 1 treats the rest of Brookhaven.

  51. 51

    Anonymous 4

    I live in the part of the proposed Lavista Hills that would NOT be annexed. The southern boundary line for the annexation runs down Briarlake Road and splits out community right down the middle. I live about one block away from the boundary line, this is NOT a natural division between communities. It is a way gerrymandering the map so as to get the best chance of winning annexation. Geographically, annexation by Tucker makes much more sense than Chamblee. In fact, businesses less than a quarter mile away have Tucker mailing addresses (although not within the boundary of the city of Tucker.) Those of us who will be “left behind”, if this proposed Chamblee annexation goes through, have no vote, even though we would be affected in a very detrimental way. We would suffer the parade of horribles that Ms. Woodworh outlines– reduced services, no hope for cityhood in the future, etc. Ms. Woodworth has always cast herself as a leader of the LVH community, but where are her concerns for fully half the people and neighborhoods? She obviously doesn’t really care about our part of the community. Maybe this is why LVH was voted down last year– just wondering. This annexation thing really seems to be about the desires of a small number of people but not what is best for the community as a whole.

  52. 52

    Eddie E.

    The basic nonsense is to drive all of unincorporated Dekalb County into municipalities for no apparent reason.
    I thought Senator Millar said on GPB on the 2015 Sine Die day that he was ‘out of the municipalization business. What changed?

  53. 53


    Except that there’s no evidence for anything you’re typing, and it seems that the LVH area doesn’t meet your desired demographic.

  54. 54


    And we’re seeing one of the consequences now.

  55. 55


    I am actually cool with this statement. Chamblee is being viewed as a small, friendly city with great places to go and great services that is ITP and is north of Buckhead/Brookhaven but only by 5 mins in a car. Thats why property values are going through the roof and you are seeing tear downs galore. And I love the Lowes. So back off Mary/LVH and leave us alone.

  56. 56


    And they’ll take your new Whole Foods! This “invasion” (copyright DeKalb Strong) must not stand!

  57. 57


    You won’t be left behind, Anonymous 4. You’ll be annexed, too. Start picking your city now. But choose wisely. One would mean the end of those all-night hookah bars that make your area so attractive. The other, not so much.

  58. 58


    You do know there are only two categories of dams, right?

  59. 59

    Yuppie Pundit

    Location. Location. Location. Some great developments have recently happened and are happening in Chamblee. City is forward-thinking and well-positioned for the next decade.

    The chance to grab the other side of I-85 so both sides of the off ramp is Chamblee is big. Hopefully the financials will work and prove it’s good for existing residents too.

  60. 60

    Yuppie Pundit

    It may not feel like a natural georgraohic boundry but from a voting and belief standpoint it is a very natural boundary.

    LaVista Hills was 70k residents. This is 34k, and where the support away from remaining unincorporated was strongest.

    The old saying “you can bring a horse to water but you can’t force him to drink” comes to mind.

  61. 61


    The problem is that what you suggest (and I agree with) cannot happen in three short weeks. Even though our Mayor knew about this in November, the citizens of Chamblee who pay the Mayor’s salary never heard a peep about it until February. Clarkson will be out of a job at election time if this goes through, as will any Council member who votes in favor of it.

  62. 62


    Don you’re an idiot.

  63. 63


    This has nothing to do with Dekalb Strong. It has everything to do with Chamblee citizens wanting the preserve the direction in which the city has been going for the last several years. We want local control over that direction and to maintain our small community feel. We don’t care about what happens in LVH and I’m sure you don’t care about the direction in which we want to take our city. I doubt you could even find Chamblee on a map, so why would we want to include you in our community? And btw, if you have 60% of the votes and we have 40% of the votes after the annexation, it really is an invasion. Go form your own city if you want one? Your failure to win that battle in the past does not create a crisis for us to have this proposal slammed down our throats in a three-week period. Just go away Rodney.

  64. 64


    See my response to Rodney below. We have a lot of very strong reasons that we are firmly against this annexation.

  65. 65


    No, Flubber is just pointing out the idiocy of this proposal and the way it’s being shoved down our throats.

  66. 66


    So says the doofus that thinks that the annexation area is part of Tucker.

  67. 67


    And your votes would affect your area, and the LVH votes would affect their area. Doesn’t Dunwoody have council members for different areas??

    There’s no foundation for your fears of invasion.

  68. 68


    Knock it off Flubber. I don’t live in LVH (notice my use of “they.” Or was that too subtle for you.) I shop in Chamblee, bank in Chamblee and dine in Chamblee, so I know quite well where it is and the yuppieville direction it’s taking. Those Northlakers are a perfect fit and would love to help you further your vision. Too bad you can’t see it. Wake up lady.

  69. 69


    How is that even relevant, Don?

  70. 70


    It’s much, much closer to Tucker than Chamblee. Doofus.

  71. 71


    Go join Dunwoody, then. Or Tucker. Just not Chamblee.

  72. 72


    Well I’m a dude. I’ve lived in the current LVH area and know from experience that it’s not a good match. There are many reasons I moved to Chamblee and many of them had to do with deficits in the LVH area.

  73. 73


    Ask Emilia. She’s the one that decided that the citizens should be the ones that decide who gets annexed.

  74. 74


    No, it touches Chamblee, poopy pants.

  75. 75


    Huntley Hills is immediately adjacent to downtown Chamblee. LVH is nowhere near downtown Chamblee. It’s not apples to apples.

  76. 76


    What, no Whole Foods? I highly suspect the LVH people don’t really want to fool with the direction of Chamblee. It’s finally coming into its own, with millennial-centric development going in where it belongs and great, affordable food on the now nationally recognized BuHi to draw them in. It’s a perfect mix that cities are falling all over themselves to create.

    The LVH folks are looking to fix up their own side of the interstate and need a government that gets the future, embraces it and will let them fulfill the vision over there. DeKalb County most certainly ain’t it. IF the numbers work (please note the “if”), it shouldn’t be any sweat off Chamblee’s brow to annex them and let them play under Chamblee’s rules. It might even put Chamblee in a better position to get the things it wants to continue on its path while facing the challenges of the growth that’s coming to all ITP areas. That’s my view from the 10,000 foot level. Now I have an Aerosmith ear worm to deal with.

  77. 77
  78. 78


    Sounds like gerrymandering to me. There is no such thing as a boundary based on voting and belief. Boundaries by definition are physical in nature.

  79. 79


    You might want to check out Scott Holcomb’s plan and the county commissioner district map.

  80. 80


    Sits spell is right Anita.

  81. 81


    Not true, Flubber. Voting and belief are what set community boundaries., or Tucker would have remained outside of I-285.

  82. 82


    Actually it touches I-85.

  83. 83


    Why are you lobbying for this so hard when it’s clear that Chamblee citizens don’t want it? It’s completely disrespectful of the existing community. And if Scott Holcomb pushes for this, he will be out of office along with the entire Chamblee city council and the Chamblee Mayor.

  84. 84


    Tucker should get the first chance at Northlake Mall. It’s only a little over a mile away. It’s miles away from Chamblee. As is LVH.

  85. 85

    Save Tucker!

    And don’t forget, they promised “walking distance representation,” to the pro-city followers, a “sense of place,” and a “like-minded community.” How does THIS accomplish THAT?

  86. 86

    Save Tucker!

    To the MKW friends … the developers and builders of apartments and condos galore … Chamblee would be a blank canvas by which they could start their planning and zoning right after they jack up the taxes and raze your homes.

  87. 87

    Save Tucker!

    Did MKW ruin the Lakeside High reputation that now they all want their kids to go to Chamblee??

  88. 88

    Save Tucker!

    Is your Mayor always so condescending?

  89. 89

    Save Tucker!

    We like your Hollywood Regal, but where is MKW doing all this shopping she says she does in Chamblee? We know she sure isn’t shopping at Northlake… she has said publically how much she dislikes it and now it has been sold.

  90. 90

    Save Tucker!

    Dam’d if you do; Dam’d if you don’t?

  91. 91

    Save Tucker!

    No, please, do not change laws only for your own benefit. Think of all t he others who do NOT want in a city, because it may be failing, for example. With a change in law, the inside folks could force the annexation area to become part of their city against t heir will just to snag their peoperty values, etc.

  92. 93

    Save Tucker!

    We don’t want them, either.

  93. 94

    Save Tucker!

    Just make them use the petition method.

  94. 95

    Save Tucker!

    Hey, we like you guys! Thanks! Never driven on Chamblee-Lakeside Road, but we know all about Chamblee-Tucker! Tell M K W is it time to ask if she can become part of Stone Crest because she loves the ‘diversity.’

  95. 96

    Save Tucker!

    Does “Republican” count as a demographic?

  96. 97


    and no matter who I85 belongs to, it’s touching your beloved virginal Chamblee. Suck it.

  97. 98

    Old Timer in Chamblee

    Actually yes he is most of the time. He also thinks he is the funniest guy in the room and everyone wants to hear him talk!

  98. 99

    Eddie E.

    You have clearly identified the demographic driving this nonsense.
    If it isn’t about bare knuckled partisanship with no concern of the well being of the Citizens, this must not be Georgia!

  99. 100


    Now that’s funny! But seriously, you can have them.

  100. 101


    Yes, we see a takeover by LVH citizens who don’t give a rat’s ass about what Chamblee citizens think.

  101. 102


    No it touches 85, not Chamblee. Go away parasite.

  102. 103


    Then create your own city and get the government you want. We aren’t her to let your fulfill your vision.

  103. 104


    They could also be annexed into Decatur. There’s plenty of diversity there as well. Why aren’t they considering that?

  104. 105


    What, did LVH piss off Decatur already like they have Tucker? Face it, no one wants LVH.

  105. 106


    What about Decatur? They don’t want you either?

  106. 107


    I am deeply disturbed by MKW’s push for annexation of parts of the former LaVista Hills footprint into the City of Chamblee. This is a gerrymandering tactic that puts the initial vote into the hands of a City Council that does not represent the community members that could be annexed. It’s a brilliant political ploy, but it goes against everything that cityhood for the LaVista Hills community originally stood for.

    I was so relieved when the LaVista Hills cityhood referendum did not pass in November, and I really hoped not to see my community embroiled in yet another divisive battle on this issue of cityhood ever again, or at least not in my lifetime. Now, due to the efforts of MKW and her supporters, we are being thrust right back in another messy battle. This is not healthy for us as a community. This agenda does and will continue to divide neighbors, neighborhoods, and people’s sense of well-being and sense of neighborhood identity. I urge the major and the Chamblee City Council to suspend this agenda, and let this matter go. I don’t want to see my community hijacked by MKW and her supporters.

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