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    Choose an artist as opposed to a butcher Brookhaven! I’m certain they will have some discretionary authority.

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    Cheyenne Summer

    stay far away from Asplundt…. Trees Inc. and Burford Tree Svc. Have had harrowing experiences with these people and my neighbors have had the same as well. The are contracted with Ga. Power to come into areas to cut limbs/branches back from power lines. They gap trees.. do not listen to a thing the property owner has to say… and try dealing with the company’s supervisor(s). Lots of luck! I and many of my friends and neighbors have always used a company.. truly family owned.. called Mountain Tree Svc. Owner is Randall McCurry.. they are out of Stone Mtn. They have been on insurance companies’ approval list for cutting/cleaning/removing debris after tornadoes struck some years back in the Dunwoody area.. just to name one reference to their good. They always provide the customer with a copy of their insurance information… Haven’t had to use theem for the past 2 years but I go way back to 2004-2005 having used them at my parents homse as well.

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    Eric Robert

    Since they feel Developers aren’t moving fast enougbh his is the Brookhaven planning department’s attempt to speed up the clearing g of our canopy. I’m sorry, Just kidding., I couldn’t resist. Seriously though lets make sure we hire a company that is very sensitive and not one of the GA Power vendors. Brookhaven should also look at adopting a policy to replant trees that are lost under these circumstances

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    What’s the deal with the butcher job that was done on Ashford Dunwoody along the golf course side. The cuts look pretty recent and really bad.

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