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    Watching Closely

    The fact that the residents of the existing city would not be able to vote in the proposed referendum means that the Council members need to communicate thoroughly will the citizens they represent, and proceed in accordance with the wishes of the majority. That takes time, it takes multiple methods of two-way communication, and it takes a systematic measurement of what residents want. If the Mayor and Council proceed to a referendum (a vote of only those to be annexed) before they have done due diligence, they will have betrayed the citizens of Chamblee and will surely be gone.

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    My husband and I are long-time Chamblee residents, and we haven’t made our minds up either. We do, however agree with what Grant Yarbrough has written. This is going way too fast and we feel our representatives are trying to “railroad” it through. Very disturbing and inappropriate behavior from our elected officials!

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    I posted on Thomas Hogan’s piece on the merits of the proposal and I join in the disappointment with the process.

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