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    Bob Sorrentino

    The City is charging the Pink Pony almost double the revenue this huge development will provide due to an increased burden on our police. What is the City willing to charge MARTA due to the burden they impose on our infrastructure?

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    Thank you, Chad, for such an articulate explanation of the problems with the absurd Marta plans that will likely turn our desirable and livable neighborhoods’ streets into speedways with overflowing sewer lines. Our city officials need to call a halt to this process until all infrastructure issues have been addressed and necessary improvements made. At the very least, they also need to require that Marta abide by the current zoning of the station. The costs of the infrastructure construction or improvements should be borne by Marta and/or its developers, not by the Brookhaven residents who have no current need for that construction.

    We all need to realize that the position of Director of Transit Oriented Development exists for the sole purpose of developing Marta properties, regardless of the need – or lack of need – for such developments. Certainly the area around the Brookhaven-Oglethorpe station is already at or very near saturation with apartments, condominiums and mixed use developments. If the Marta properties are not developed, that director, along with others, will be out of a job. We need to fight tooth and nail to ensure that the interests of Brookhaven residents are not sacrificed in order to provide job security to a few Marta employees.

    On a side note, has anyone besides Marta actually calculated the parking lot use on weekdays? Are we sure that it is as underutilized as Marta claims?

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    Hunter Burke

    We’ve had a bad start in Brookhaven, this new administration comes with the promise of better leadership, if MARTA gets the rezoning it wants before the infrastructure is fixed, then, our future will be sunk. Mayor Jay, please live up to your potential, stop overly dense development at MARTA, fix the problems, listen to the citizens who are here now, not who you might attract tomorrow.

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    OMG! MARTA should stick to trying to make their miserable transit system work. Stop trying to be a developer!!!

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    We always knew MARTA was going to do something with their property when we chose to move here. Ironically, its proximity to our home was one of the reasons we chose to move here. One station south of us (Lenox) is extremely high density (I moved from a condo there to our house here), and one station north of us (Chamblee) has quite a bit of high density living area, but for now, far less than full occupancy.

    I also understand that in DeKalb (unlike City of Atlanta), storm water drainage and sewage removal are conducted through two wholly separate lines (thankfully I’d add, since my family likes tooling around the various Peacthree Creek parks that currently exist before it gets to the City), and I think it’s a fair question to ask how the additional sewage removal will be accommodated. The storm water removal less concerns my inexpert eyes, only because it seems like the canyon b/t Apple Valley and Sylvan/Fernwood could be dug even deeper to hold more water, but I don’t really know.

    Someone did point out to me that the back MARTA parking lot is currently an entirely impervious surface that allows sheets of water to drain down into the Fernwood Park detention pond area. He noted that any re-development of that parking lot area would involve breaking up a lot of that impervious asphalt, and that anything replacing it – even a minimal amount of landscaping/tree planting/dog yards – is going to absorb more water than the asphalt currently does (i.e., higher density living does not mean a higher volume of rainwater than is already running into the pond).

    I don’t have any answers for traffic – other than I learned long ago not to take Peachtree Street home from my office (a mere 5 miles and 34 traffic lights down Peachtree, yet three miles from the nearest MARTA station!) That’s where I think the impact of this density increase will hit us the hardest.

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    Actually the station was built and promised by MARTA to be a “neighborhood” station until some urban planner made up TOD’s and the MARTA leadership saw $$’s. Don’t let yourself be fooled this is all about lining the pockets of MARTA and their Lindbergh developer partner with cash. They know it will not drive up ridership and they have no plans to expand rail for the forseable future other than what has been proposed at Emory and Windward. They might look at expanding in 5-10 years which would put development in 10-15 years when everyone has left and Peachtree looks like Buford Highway.

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    The Time Is Now!

    Please, please come to the meeting on Thurs. 2/18. There is so much more to this that deserves to be asked and answered.
    Do not let the 2-3 people in the immediate area dictate what “their” vision is and how it will be implemented. They have the ears of many involved and still sit on every board or committee that directly effects our future. My understanding is that Bates appointed them over and over again. Like minds and all. The examples are, but not limited to, the Comprehensive Master Plan, Bike, Ped Plan, MARTA Citizen Review Committee, Zoning Re-Write Committee. They are Urban Planners which historically push high density as their idea of what “we” all need and want. If you are ok with that, then so be it, BUT, if you want to understand, have input, and help to create a development that is within reason of the entire communities desire you need to participate. This is far too important. The ones speaking now are the same ones that brought you the Dresden development and they aren’t finished there yet either.

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    MARTA says that they will add $200 million dollars to the “tax digest.” To be clear, that equates to only $219,000 in property tax revenue. At this time, and as in the past, DeKalb and Fulton County are the only sources of revenue for MARTA with the penny sales tax. MARTA gets no revenue from the State of Georgia. In the current Legislative Session they are asking for additional sales tax from again DeKalb and Fulton tax payers. (Clayton now has been added.) MARTA is tax exempt but will receive additional revenue via land leases on this project. They will more than likely be getting tax abatements/bonds also just like Town Brookhaven did.
    Point being ….. Yes, this station needs to be better utilized with a prudent development plan.
    With that, MARTA needs to be mindful and giving towards the wishes and desires of the community also. The full burden and costs should not be solely ours to bear.

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    No re-zoning! Develop within the current parameters.

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    You are correct, the same people have been involved with the BCPA, LCI, Charrette, CRB, Comprehensive Plan, and Zoning rewrite committee. Most are Urban Planners, sit on MARTA development committees, Developers, Commercial Real Estate Professionals. Bates does tend to appoint the same few, as do the other Commissioners. Not to defend this but the reason they have the city ear and the reason they are put on the committees over and over and the reason they are getting the ear of the city is because they go to meetings. I will be the first to argue that these meetings are not advertised properly and part of me thinks that is on purpose but that aside – don’t just post on the Brookhaven Post articles – Trey does a great job but not everyone reads the Post, don’t depend on Facebook or NextDoor or other digital methods to advise the residents of the meetings. Go out tonight and knock on 4 doors and let your neighbors know – tomorrow knock on 4 more – that is the ONLY way that ALL of the residents can have a say in this.

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    Bob Sorrentino

    Who in City is saying infrastructure is not in their jurisdiction? The following is straight out of our Zoning Code:

    Sec 27-832 – Standards and factors governing review of proposed amendments to Official Zoning Map and text amendments.
    (g) Whether the zoning proposal will result in a use which will or could cause an excessive or burdensome use of existing streets, transportation facilities, utilities, or schools.

    It couldn’t be any more explicit. The code is also explicit on how it can apply conditions to to applicant in Sec. 27-833 – Conditions

    The PC and City have imposed tons of conditions on rezonings to reduce impacts falling under 27-832(g). I can highlight dozens of these, but the best example would be the condition for CHOA to add a lane on N Druid Hills to mitigate the added traffic that project is imposing.

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    I think it would have stayed as a “neighborhood” station if we hadn’t become a “city.”

    But we did (become a city), and we have suffered through out-of-control and unchecked development within and directly around our own homes in the three years since that’s been far more of an eyesore, earsore and carsore than even what I can imagine MARTA is going to do (b/c any noise and light pollution coming from them has already been buffered – i.e., we have become desensitized – by apartments and businesses that have sprung up on Dresden since).

    I have two pending variance requests from new backyard neighbors-to-be who want to expand their house footprint as I write this (along with several others for work already done), so how can I fault MARTA from following this wave, especially given the two years of charrettes and meetings they’ve held for public input? (which, I might point out, is also two years more of charrettes and meetings than we got before the explosion of development cityhood brought upon us).

    Anyway, I’m not here to gripe about cityhood – it’s done, and I don’t have any choice but to deal with it (not to mention I very much like our new mayor) – but that’s pretty much my point with the MARTA expansion. It’s a consequence of all the dithering that took place before any controls – via both a comprehensible and accessible code of ordinances (City Code is FINALLY on Municode!) – could be put in place initially.

    Good luck trying to say “no” to it now. It’s going to happen; the question is what it’s going to leave us with.

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    Why have the MARTA Community Meetings been scheduled against other community meetings. For District 3 there are 2 other important community meetings, Watershed – we all know this is an issue and Cluster Redistricting for the schools… also a very important meeting. Last week District 2 was against a school meeting. Can someone please check a calendar before scheduling District 4 so I can get to one of these meetings…….

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    I am a regular MARTA rider. My purpose is to get to and from my job in Atlanta. Brookhaven is not a destination for most unless you live here and are trying to get home or maybe, come visit a friend or relative.

    In order for MARTA to become a premier means of transportation in the metro area all 9 metro area counties need to participate in the funding of it. They need to embrace the possibilities and quit fearing what they don’t know, can’t validate, or just assume. Their visitors and citizens are using it plus it is important to the entire areas economic growth moving forward. Governor Deal – Can you help us out here?

    I am PRO Keith Parker and applaud the job he has done.
    The government has a bad habit of funding almost everything these days using debt as their tool though. Debt = Taxpayer Bill

    Will this land lease revenue be utilized within Brookhaven or will it go to pay the bills of others? I am concerned about the same things in Chad’s article and appreciate his citizen awareness and willingness to speak on what he knows.
    Lots of questions to be answered before a spade of dirt can be moved.

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    Mary S

    So you are saying that because the city formed and Haven (developed long before the city) and the Apartments (permitted and approved before the city) we should just roll over because MARTA has a plan that a few people are for? No, I will not – I will fight for our neighborhoods inspite of the people that just want to complain about the city formation and put all kinds of Dekalb crap on the city.

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    Good planning, for a reason?

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    Mary I just love bald headded Chad’s thinking and knowledge and look forward to anything he posts because of how well it is analized and thought. I admire you for digging in your heels for what you feel is right. Just looking at this issue, history and the players, realism sets in and I fear in the end they have already determined our future.

    Your initial focus should begin with making the D3 representative aware if your feelings and making him as uncomfortable as possible for what is getting ready to happen to the area around the MARTA Station until he publically adopts your views. Anything less and you loose.

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    Join the discussion

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    Mary S

    That would depend on the D3 rep having any interest in what his area thinks. Maybe if we buy him a beer he would care.

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    I’m a Fernwood Park resident. Thank you for keeping us well informed and holding the MARTA accountable.

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    Maybe half a dozen beers and a drive around his district in a golf cart would work.

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    No – not at all. We knew exactly what was coming when the city popped up – including this MARTA redevelopment. Many recognized that the D-1 folk who were the heart of the cityhood movement (much like the LVH folks that are the heart of the current Chamblee annexation movement) needed commercial tax base to make the city financially viable – and that the MARTA station would be ground zero for future revenue and business development (especially since the closer MARTA station to most D-1 residents – Dunwoody – had already been annexed by Dunwoody without bringing in those residents, and Town Brookhaven already had major built in tax abatements that would not provide a new city with much in the way of realizable commercial revenue).

    Unlike cityhood, however, MARTA has scheduled two years of input on this project, and I’ve gotten input from many of my neighbors, so I feel a lot less “waylaid” about this. But just like cityhood and all the development that jumped our ‘hood before any effect zoning control could be put in place, it’s going to happen whether it’s zoned PC-2 or otherwise. It’s their property, not ours.

    What I don’t fully comprehend yet is what the negative consequences or environmental impact will actually be from this rezoning request. What I do know is that unlike most of the private development occurring directly in my own ‘hood, the rezoning request will at least have to go through a maturing zoning code and a more seasoned City Council/ZBA in whom I have much greater trust (you can thank the new mayor for that).

    I don’t know when the Dresden apartments were approved – it sure seems like the trees there didn’t start going down until after the city formed – but the irony is that now that they’re here, the negative effects of their existence (overflowing sewer lines, flooded back yards – people were even suggesting how the apartments would devalue homes, increase crime, and bring in an “unsavory element” LOL) haven’t been anything close to what I was told to expect, although the traffic congestion on Dresden at certain times of the day is.

    There’s even an upside to the apartment development – the dog relief area (watch for the landmines obviously) behind 1377 provides a convenient, traffic-free shortcut to the MARTA station . . .

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    Guest 2

    Wow! Where have you been and where are you getting your information? Your are wrong on so many counts. Hope you make time to come to some meetings and catch up.

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    Eddie E.

    Very well stated!

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    Don’t you just love how government gauges its success on how successful it can be on how much MONEY it squeezes from private business? You want me to tell you a bedtime story? How about the one about the goose that laid the golden egg?

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    Eric Robert

    One reason MARTA does land leases is so that they can use the revenues from the lease payments for operations. If they sell the property to a developer it counts as capital and then must be applied to capital projects not to running the existing services (operations). Because the State Legislators have set a limits on how MARTA spends its money MARTA often finds itself short of operational funding but with an excess of capital funding. So it makes sense for them lease out their property. And I imagine there is a tax benefit to a long term lease. There also is a control issue, in terms of assuring the property is built to support transit. So asking for them to sell it is not really a reasonable request. Asking them to be accountable density, and sewer is fine. And yes they need to provide an acceptable stormwater runoff plan though that should not be difficult in since the almost all of the property is pavement and other impervious surfaces.

    As to density and sewer that’s definitely something people should continue with asking about. But clearly it makes sense that this should be the highest density in the area and then density should be reduced as you move away from the station. This “highest density” certainly can be lower than what is being proposed now, but it should not be lower than whats on Dresden. As to a claim of this being promised as a suburban station, where is it? A designation on a map from the 30 years ago stating this was a suburban style station is not that. Clearly the station was designed as a suburban station look at all the parking it has. But with Town Center going in to the North, the developments on Dresden and even the Post Apartments across the street, while not urban its also not a suburban area either.

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    Agree, proposed density is way too much. The postage stamp of greenspace could then be increased too.

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    Marta has limits set by the state because of situations just like this. They have NO business being in the development or the TOD business. They can’t even get trains to stations on time or keep platforms safe. What you are failing to see is that no one cares about Martas financial wellbeing in regards to development or leasing. This is not why Marta was formed and frankly, it should be illegal for anything of this nature to be occurring. Marta is a transit organization that fails at transit, why on earth should we as a state allow them to have land development under their umbrella?

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    David George

    How about using some of those unfilled MARTA parking spaces as the site for Google’s boxcar-sized wifi station? And while they’re at it, put a really nifty cell phone tower on the property, too. And then build a new library right there between them. Three uses that would actually be useful to Brookhaven residents without drastically altering neighborhood ambiance or increasing traffic. In the case of Google and the cell tower, they gotta go someplace. Why not in the MARTA parking lot?

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    Eric Robert

    Barbara, you are just plain wrong. I ride MARTA daily as do many many others (daily ridership on just the train is 232,100). its safe. far safer than driving and the trains hold to schedule. The MARTA App even tells you when the next 2 trains will arrive at any station you want. When I see this tired misinformed drivel in posts I have to wonder how they get by in life if they repeat stereotypes they hear on A.M. Radio, Or perhaps its a one time event. You did 3 links, the one from last September said MARTA had high absenteeism by employees and that MARTA was taking steps to improve it by hiring an independent firm. So where’s the problem? bottom line MARTA’s operating costs per rider are at the low end of the spectrum amongst transit carriers. And trains and buses are breaking down like Gwinnett’s and Cobb’s are. Your second article was an old and discredited interview with a wack job owner of a Bobby G’s. The place was not good so they didn’t get business. But rather than own up to it the guy blames MARTA kind of like someone else I know. As to the Streetcar, yes its having growing pains but that was not a MARTA project. The city of Atlanta brought MARTA to operate it after initially saying they wouldn’t. Why don’t you do this Barbara, google and search for an article for someone being killed or hurt on a train or a train platform or anywhere inside the turnstiles. And after you finish that compare it to how many people are riding the trains every day and then do the same for people shopping at malls or driving on the interstates. You will see MARTA is safe. Start taking the train. You will see MARTA runs the trains on time.

    I clearly said its fair to ask for lower density. Its even fair to say MARTA should not be a developer (though I disagree with that) . What’s not fair is for people like you to bring in misinformation about MARTA not being safe or not being able to operate their trains and buses properly.

  31. 31

    long time resident

    When Marta wanted to lay tracks in brookhaven…it was finally settled with not being able to build in the area …to keep separate from our neighborhood..about 30 years. Maybe we should go back to this. MartA needs to pay more attention to their MARTA trans and leave the development Alone.

  32. 32


    Check out MARTA’s financial statement. It’s a non starter. It’s unaudited. A bank wouldn’t loan them a dime because they provide no financial statement or balance sheet. They are a transportation authority created by redevelopment powers law and not subject to GAAP.

    The only increase in revenue they show is over the last several years is because they stopped gate hopping.

    To claim they are financially solvent is laughable. To claim they are pleasing riders like me is, again, laughable.

    See everyone Thursday night at Capitla Ciry Country Club.

    Ask your rep and mayor to deny rezoning.

  33. 33



    First of all, 3 people were shot 2 weeks ago at MARTA stations. One had an unborn child. Do you know how many people were shot in my car? Zero. Secondly, everything about the Marta at Lindburgh is spot on. The truth is the developer couldn’t lease the apartments so even more went section 8 than was planned. I actually ate at that taco Mac about a month ago, never again. The whole “community” is failing quickly and it doesn’t take a degree in rocket science to figure that out.

    Just because you are high on MARTA doesn’t mean the rest of us are or need to be. I use the train in every major city I travel to but don’t use it here, that in itself makes a statement. At the end of the day the Brookhaven Marta station is going no where so why you even care about this is beyond me. Since you don’t drive and you already live here it seems there is no reason for you to champion this idea at all.

    Marta is a transit organization. Not a development, land leasing, retail organization. They have no business in our community building or developing land they don’t even pay taxes on. This “idea” will cripple out city and turn Brookhaven into Buckhead overnight.

  34. 34


    Eric and I live in D1 and we are insulated from many of your MARTA concerns. If he lived at Lindbergh and witnessed first hand your observations he might have a different take. I don’t ride MARTA and my thoughts are similar to yours.

  35. 35


    Barbara – I am all for a transit system but your points are valid. Marta leadership is woeful. I hate to say it but Marta needs to be broken up and sold off to the private sector.
    I use it fairly often but I won’t let the missus and kids ride it without me, its just not safe. I have had numerous run-ins with characters on the trains and platforms. And the smell of urine reminds me of downtown San Francisco.

  36. 36


    D1 is insulated from MARTA concerns? If you drive on Windsor Parkway anytime between 7 am -9 am or 3:30 pm to 6 pm, you should be interested.

    Check out the Red Line traffic map.

  37. 37

    Mary S

    My coworker is reading over my shoulder and turns out she made the mistake of leasing in Lindbergh. She said she is not comfortable walking around in the evening after work… and that includes her hallways and parking garage. She also says that with all of the new apartments that they are building next to Lindbergh the rent has gone down substantially from what she signed on at because there are so many new apartments and the quality of the residents has declined.

    Not only am I concerned about the density, I understand that the same group that built Lindbergh and leased it will be building and managing retail leasing for Brookhaven…..Just what I want in my neighborhood, how about you?

  38. 38

    Brookhaven Future

    MARTA is looking for additional revenue. You are MARTA leadership. You are sitting in a MARTA office and realize you are in a financial pinch. The more ‘affordable’ housing you create gives you access to automatic grants from the Feds. What’s the first thing you do when the financial Barbarians are At The Gate (unfunded pensions)? Raise revenue the fastest and easiest way you can.

  39. 39

    Bob Sorrentino

    We use MARTA as something to identify this development. But this really is about MARTA leasing land to a third party to develop. That third party enjoys decreased property taxes (no taxation on land, just assets) and close access to MARTA facilities. In return MARTA gets a lease payment.

    The Atlanta Regional Commission had a consultant group analyze the feasibility of developers making a return on equity sufficient enough to motivate them to develop and provide revenue to MARTA. The consultants, Bleakly Advisory Group, found that with 275 apartments and 138k sf of commercial a developer could likely receive a 14% return on equity sufficient enough to entice development. These numbers are inline with the LCI study.

    In an effort to maximize returns, the developer is significantly increasing the density from the levels these two reports are based off. This would be just fine if the infrastructure could support it. My big concern is that it will not. So the solution would be to reduce the density to a level that could be supported or have the developer use the added return he gets from the high density to pay for the needed infrastructure improvements. There may even be a combination of of both needed.

    The Bleakly Advisory Group can be found on ARC’s website at the following link. The commentary specific to the Brookhaven station starts on page 26 of the report.

  40. 40


    Chad. Short cuts, my man, short cuts.

  41. 41

    Chris R

    I could be mistaken, but I think this is what Mr. Chad is trying to communicate:

    30,000 commuter trips per day (15,000 in the morning, 15,000 in the afternoon)
    Half displaced by 10,000 new trips around the station.
    7,500 additional load demand in the morning and afternoon on Windsor Parkway.
    Limited to a 6 hour period ( 3 in the morning, 3 in the afternoon)
    1250 new cars PER HOUR on Windsor Parkway during rush hour.

    D1 should be very, very interested.

  42. 42

    I Read It

    To say that MARTA’s financial statement is unaudited is patently false, and frankly, eye opening into how misinformed you are. Did you even read the 2015 annual report or financial report? I have included the links so you won’t need to waste your precious brain power on actual research.

    Financial Section – First Page

  43. 43


    MARTA is part of the converstation beyond the points you make Bob for two reasons. They are leading the charge with the premise that they know TOD design and have experience with their partner Transwestern who built Lindbergh. Those two points alone make me cringe at what is planned. MARTA is not an urban design professiononal and Lindbergh is on every front a failure – design, land use, and, tennent retention.

  44. 44


    Woeful leadership? Just google up Keith Parker. He have been recognized for his management and vision in multiple arenas. American Public Transit Association, Atlanta Groundbreaker by Atlanta Magazine, all in 2015. His peers and our civic leaders find him competent….

  45. 45

    Eric Robert

    Barbara those 3 people were outside the station shot by a car driving by. So MARTA is responsible for all drivers in Atalnta? Of course some of the areas where MARTA has stations have crime.
    Saul I go to Lindberg frequently look around at all the new developments around Lindberg. The place is doing well and is fine. I’m sorry Barbara didn’t enjoy here hamburger at Taco Mac. And I always love the “my friend” evidence. A couple of the posters are just making Brookhaven look like fools. Check out some of the comments on this message board.
    This comment someone posted made me laugh. “There’s like 1 person on the comment boards that is reasonable. You can tell it’s a bunch of old white hairs with comments such as:
    Marta has proven time and time again that they are incompetent at running an inner city rail line.
    Marta should not be managing this project…about 45 different ways.
    MARTA is leasing to developers to handle the projects. They’re not managing anything. ”
    Seriously though, if you don’t take the train don’t post its dangerous because your friend told you. Or because you once rode on the train and someone looked at you funny.

  46. 46

    Eric Robert

    Bob thank you for the well stated reason for lowering the density at this site.

  47. 47

    Eric Robert

    And this has no basis in reality. What Grants are available to MARTA for building “affordable” housing not to mention the fact that this site will have little affordable housing and what they’ve proposed will be for seniors and affordable just means a discount off the expensive rents charged around here.
    Marta ‘s recent physical year had a surplus of 35 million, MARTA is responsible for generating roughly $2.6 billion in economic impacts.
    “The canary in the coal mine was State Farm,” says North American Properties developer Mark Toro, whose firm manages Atlantic Station and developed Avalon – See more at:

  48. 48


    Yes Chris, for the majority it will be challenging.

  49. 49


    James – agreed, Keith is a big step in the right direction. He unfortunately has to undo a lot of the prior managements missteps and reset the public thinking on Marta. Millennials don’t want to own cars that’s for sure so there is a big opportunity for Marta.

  50. 50


    I like the sell the property idea. MARTA could use money to improve the ride.

    Industrial ceiling fans in the summer and heater rooms in the winter. Get rid of all the graffiti on the stainless steel exteriors. Ventilate the World Congress Center/Phillips Arena station. Use a bigger version of the Atlanta Street Car to run one-stop round trips from Airport to Lindbergh. Make one stop at Peachtree Center. Sell concessions. Name it Air MARTA and charge appropriately. Rename Atlanta Street Car the Albatross.

    Put urinals in the elevators.

  51. 51

    DJ the CPA

    $2B in debt. Operates at a loss every year. $100M in unfunded Pension Liabilities (66% of annual operating revenue). Without tax payer subsidies and Federal Grants operates at a $400m loss every year. No wonder they want an additional penny sales tax for ‘operational’ cost. All goes to pensions.

    Other than your stated takeaways, did you come away with anything different? Or were you just able to find the document on MARTA’s website, post it and gain nothing to further your relentless pursuit of ignoring your constituents in D3?

  52. 52


    The only fool is one who champions this Marta development. No one wants it and with all the other development in Brookhaven it damn sure isn’t needed. Who is going to fill all the apartments and retail? Especially when we can’t even fill the retail at TB. Section 8 and cell phone stores, thats who. It will be just like Lindburgh, but more vacant. Im sorry Eric, but no one wants that or feels safe in the neighborhoods Marta development attracts.

    Why do you think the Braves said NO to the offer from Marta to extend bus service directly to the new stadium? No one wants Marta anywhere around the unless they are are a hospital or mall.

    Honestly explain why you think this is such a good idea. You don’t live in this district, this will not affect you in anyway, so why the fuss? The train will still be there for you to drive you car to the station and get on then drive your car home again.

    More importantly, MARTA should not be in the development business because that isn’t what they were formed to do. I’ve said it before but these are the same people that decided not to run the train to AFCS because the city didnt want to lose the revenue from the Braves parking. This is who runs Marta and this city. Why do the right thing for the community when you can make money for a tax payer based government organization. Right? Thats what this new TOD is about just the same as not running the train to the stadium!!!

    When you come up with a logical answer for that let me know

  53. 53


    Marta elevators aren’t currently urinals? Oh wait, they are. Along with every station south of Arts Center

  54. 54

    DJ the CPA

    For perspective, MARTA has 10% of all of DeKalb County’s operating revenue and 1/2 if you include MARTA tax payer and Federal Grant subsidies of $400M…and twice the debt. TWICE THE DEBT. Did I just say MARTA is in worse shape than DeKalb County?

    Frankly, that is eye opening.

  55. 55

    Eric Robert

    Barbara i have said in other posts on this thread that I think its fair to ask for lower density. As to TB , the commercial is largely office space. They should not be allowed to do big box retail or too much retail. Its good for Brookhaven, the region and the environment to convert these parking lots into something and that something should be denser than the development on Peachtree and Dresden but not as dense as is being proposed. The rest of your comments are sad, this statement by you speaks volumes. “but no one wants that or feels safe in the neighborhoods Marta development attracts.”

  56. 56


    It is sad, it’s sad because its the truth. Its more sad that I am not alone in that feeling. Unfortunately in todays society, housing projects which were meant as a place to get back on you feet has gone to a place that is a shelter for drugs, gangs, and violence. Today, known widely as Section 8 instead of “housing projects”. This allows people like Marta to use public space to allow a private developer to build apartments and then the municipality deems who can live there and who gets a voucher for free or decreased rent.

    How many section 8 complexes has this city has to abandon and tear down over the years? Would you live at the Bankhead Section 8 when it was there? This is a place the mailmen had to have police escorts. You are telling me that the way I feel, based on experience, is sad. For god sakes, they were attacking mail man there to bring them mail. They had to rename a entire road to try and redefine the area and take the spotlight off the Section 8 housing. I wish this wasn’t the case, I really do. I wish our society as a whole wasn’t trending towards a government dependency but that isn’t the case.

    It has nothing to do with race but has everything to do with the environment I as a woman feel safe in. I assure you, I would not live alone in Lindbergh. Maybe you should spend a few weekends there after 10pm and see if you would live there. My guess is, despite your judgmental attitude, you would not. More importantly, if you feel so strongly about Marta TOD’s why dont you explain to all of us why you don’t already live at Lindburgh?

  57. 57


    Yet an enlightened segment of our population thinks that a transit system like this is what will make our city great (see Eric’s link to the Curbed article). Dare not be critical or you will be soundly condemned.

  58. 58


    Also Eric, I can’t help but noticed you 100% dodged the question about why marta did run to the braves stadium or why they feel, as a transit system, they should be in the development world. I guess those aren’t important?

    Feel free to follow up on those when you let us all know why you don’t already live at a Marta TOD since they are so amazing.

  59. 59


    “but no one wants that or feels safe in the neighborhoods Marta development attracts.”

    Eric I have been told that this is the very reason MARTA was voted down years ago in Cobb and Gwinnett.

  60. 60


    From what I gather, we will be the second with Lindbergh being the first. Avondale is funded but not built. King Memorial and Candler are planned.

    Makes me wonder if MARTA just wants rezoning, then will sit on the development for years. Lindbergh was finished in what, 2008?

  61. 61

    Renee Sanderson

    300 new dog walkers? Is that for real? Where is that number from? The Fernwood Park neighborhood and the big ditch behind the library will stink.

  62. 62

    Bob Sorrentino

    Putting crime aside, Barbara does imply a real concern about capacity of apartments to demand. There has been a massive credit boom in multifamily that has resulted in significantly increase inventories over a short period of time. Last year, Buckhead saw their inventories increase by 1,550 units (8.4% increase) but also saw a decrease of 3.3% occupancy rate, bringing the vacancy rate up to 9.4%. Ashford Green is adding 500 units, Perimeter Summit is adding 350, about 450 units for the recent complexes on Dresden, plus the Oglethorpe development. Then add in MARTA.

    Is there a chance that the multifamily boom could overshoot actual demand like the residential boom prior to 2008? If anyone knew that for certain they would be very rich man/woman. But what would the outcome be if that did occur? What is the result to the community from an oversupply situation.

  63. 63


    According to Marta they currently have 300 sworn officers on patrol. With 38 stops this is 7.8 police officers per stop to keep us safe. When have you EVER seen 8 police officers at a station. This could be 2 out front, 3 on the platform, and 2-3 in other areas. Yet you dont see it. They ride around in MARTA police cars. Can someone please for the love of god tell me why a transit system that is so great needs police cars? Why can’t they take the train? Or work where they are supposed to at the stations?

    I will support this when the station are clean, they have clean usable bathrooms that are monitored, marta police become worth a damn, trains stay sanitary, and management learns how to run a transit business.

  64. 64

    Bob Sorrentino

    Very good point Jennifer. MARTA is by no means a passive player in this endeavor.

  65. 65


    70% times 500 is around 350. I went low. Didn’t want to be accused of being misinformed. Oh well.

    That’s a lot of dog donuts for a 1 1/2 acre green space in the center of a circular drive in plain view of the retail.

  66. 66


    Barbara, you are forgetting 24/7 and 300 officers to cover shifts. The cars are for safe transportation of officers to their work place.

  67. 67


    Don’t forget – not to far away you have:
    Nexus –
    Assembly –
    Olmstead –
    Parkview Peachtree –
    Gables at Oglethorpe (notices that great big greenspace – funny how it doesn’t exist) –
    Aldredge –
    Savoy –
    Domain at Brookhaven (can’t find a location but here is the picture) –
    New townhomes on Dresden, Clairmont, Skyland
    Not to mention the several mixed use developments going in to Sandy Springs and Dunwoody or the additional developments at Lenox and Buckhead, we must also remember the developments at the CHOA annex area that are going in. This week I read that there are several Mixed Use and Apartment developments on the slate for the Tucker / Northlake area.

    Most of these are being built on land that did not have multi family or dense commercia/retail so it is all net new for the area….. we are looking at a huge over development issue that result in even more apartments sitting empty and prices falling so that they get sold to midline or low end companies. Alta and Alexan at TB have already sold.

  68. 68


    MARTA says the cars are so they can respond to Bus incidents…. because they can’t get there on the trains.

  69. 69


    I realize that, and I guess my exaggeration came off as seriousness. Regardless, my point on police officers present per station remains the same. As far as cars go, they need very few, not one per officer on duty. There is no reason they cannot take the train they are there to protect to work. As is we are paying for gas to and from their house to the station they sit in the parking lot of. Its pathetic.

    If they need cars for “safe transportation to their work place” then my entire point on Marta is clear.

  70. 70

    Erik Steavens

    Everyone please take a breathe. It seems we have lost the ability to have a healthy debate without name calling and such.
    All the discussions here all point that whatever is proposed at the MARTA station will have to face the sins of past development in our area.

    Too long development has driven the process as Chad referred to. Developments have been approved that have not mitigated their effect and were allowed to do some by our elected officials.

    MARTA has to recognize the world they are in where there is obvious impressions about MARTA and its ability to manage, that citizens feel that developers are causing more harm than good and there are a lot of problems that past developments have created that frankly they should t but will have to solve.

    So I think we need to ask that MARTA and its team do more than a standard approach of get it zoned and it will all work out. They need to come with a plan to solve many of the ills in Brookhaven and they whatever density and development that can bring positive conditions to Brookhaven.

    This is no small task as transportation, water, sewer, security, and green space should all be worked out ahead of time.

    I am glad to see that there is such interest. Let’s make sure we do our part and explain what we want to see in developments as the city moves forward.

    We also need to make sure our leaders are accountable and put tools in place to hold developers accountable for the actions they take in Brookhaven

  71. 71


    I forgot the:
    Chamblee MARTA development 4 story office/retail no apartments –
    Blee –
    Peachtree crossing –
    New Car Dealers next to Wendy’s
    Pharr Road –
    Pill Hill –
    Peachtree Summit –

    The question is how many is too many… here is some food for thought:
    “The National Apartment Association found that apartment construction permits in Atlanta have more than tripled in the last five years — from 97,000 construction starts in Recession-plagued 2009 (the lowest point since records began in 1964, ouch!) to 294,000 in 2013, the most recent year for which stats are available. ”
    according to the National Real Estate Investor:
    “U.S. Vacancy Rates Start Rising
    Across the country, developers are building new apartments faster than new renters are signing leases. The percentage of vacant apartments rose 10 basis points to reach 4.4 percent in the fourth quarter, according to New York City-based research firm Reis Inc. “With construction outpacing demand, the national vacancy rate should slowly drift higher over the coming years,” says Ryan Severino, senior economist for Reis. “The national vacancy rate has already bottomed out and is set to keep increasing.”
    They show Buckhead having a 6.1% increase in vacancy or 330 basis points.

    And in Eric’s favorite publication… seems that the shortage is in single family homes: “All this talk of historically low housing inventory in Atlanta might be coming to bear in recent home listings, especially for well-kept or smartly renovated properties in choice neighborhoods”

  72. 72

    Eric Robert

    Look at the rates being charged at these apartments and the jobs being created in midtown and the perimeter center. There is a huge shortage of housing. The concern is not if rents will drop, though that would be good because they are insanely high right now, the concern is what is the appropriate density. And I agree this development should not be just apartments it needs to include Class A office space. Though that may require buildings of 6 to 7 stories but if you lower the density from what the are proposing you can then get more green space but letting them go up.
    As to Chamblee, very exciting stuff going on. Finally the development brought on by this unique downtown and grid of streets that was started when Chamblee one of the first to do an LCI but was stopped by the recession has started again. And started with a vengeance, that’s mostly supported by the nearby residents. Its exciting stuff. I just hope Chamblee doesn’t blow it by diluting their potential historic downtown image by allowing Lavista Hills to take over Chamblee.

  73. 73

    Eric Robert

    Every night when I get off the train in Chamblee there is an officer in his car in the Parking lot. And per your examples that is the main place when the minimal amount of crime happens on the Train System. Not on the trains, not inside the turnstiles but outside the station where the cars are. Yes they could take the train and walk around on foot but you tell me what city has officers walking a beat through parking lots. Bottom line State Farm isn’t building their tower complete with a new entrance to the Dunwoody station because they want to make sure they are in a “bad neighborhood”.

  74. 74

    Eric Robert

    All good points though you can’t expect any property owner to fix the “ills” of Brookhaven or not to be able to use their property in a fashion similar to adjoining properties. Though with horse trading they certainly should appropriately mitigate ill effects of their development and make improvements that helps this undesirable stretch of Peachtree.

  75. 75

    Eric Robert

    Problem is the article doesn’t say that. it says 70% of apartment owners surveyed reported having pets with Dogs and Cats being the top 2. And they don’t cite to the survey so its even difficult to figure out the parameters of it. Logic would conclude that garden style apartments would accommodate more pets than these type of units. The person the Apartment agent quoted in the article said 25% of his tenants had pets – which may or may not be dogs. Though its an interesting argument for zoning – – – Council we have too much traffic, too many kides and too much dog poop!

  76. 76


    If that were true about the housing shortage then why is there so much?

  77. 77


    Barbara, with all due respect your comments about safety are a red herring. For one thing, MARTA is here and it isn’t going away. Your arguments about shootings and whatever — they can happen whether this development occurs or not. If you don’t want to ride the rail, then don’t — but don’t you think that MARTA would have more money to spend on safety & experience improvements if they monetize their extra land?

    That said, I do share the concern about too many apartments — and I have even more concerns about the extra traffic created by the Class A office space. How likely is it that 1) the majority of employees filling these offices will actually live in proximity to MARTA rail lines and 2) will actually use MARTA? We are betting the livability of our community on the assumption that these offices will draw employees who live along the gold, red and blue lines and will get to Brookhaven that way. And, there are many people who don’t go straight home from work– they pick up kids on the way home, go to the gym , go to church classes etc. and this might not mesh with taking MARTA anyway.

    In theory the idea of TOD is great but as has been said many times, the lines don’t necessarily go where people need to go at this time.

  78. 78


    The point is rates are dropping inventory is high, vacancies are increasing and that is before the noted ones are even built. It does appear that Alta sold their property – guess they know the fall in prices is coming.

  79. 79


    Guest 2 – won’t be anytime soon. But I’m extremely fortunate to live in a ‘hood with peeps willing to devote time and intellect to these issues – including Chad and Terrell, who’ve done nothing but make my n’hood a better to place to live. There are others who’ve attended various of these charrettes, and who’ve explained the countervailing side – which lead me to believe some of these concerns can be remedied (stormwater runoff), while others may unavoidable (traffic).

    My info otherwise comes from the original three district map of the city at the time it was first proposed, D’woody’s prior annexation of the P’meter Mall/the MARTA station while rejecting the residents attached to that area to its south, and the Vinson study. B’Haven station was the “eye” of the first map – the meeting point of the three proposed districts’ boundaries was originally centered at P’tree and Dresden.

    Maybe a stretch for me to say that the D-1 shakers who esp. wanted the city were trying to keep a share in any development surrounding the station, but given their history with D’woody, and the fact that Town B’haven (located in D-1) was coming in with a 10 yr tax abatement (meaning little commercial tax revenue for the new city right out of the gate), it seemed obvious that the commercial apple of the new city’s eye was going to be centered on the MARTA station extending in both directions along Peachtree and down Dresden.

    Since then, the ZBA is on record as saying the City needed even more traffic on Peachtree as a basis to grant a half-dozen variances for a third drug store within a 500 foot radius of two others. But this is our city’s reality, given that the ratio of commercial tax revenue to residential tax revenue was initially projected to be around 27-73 versus the ideal 40-60 split maintained by Dunwoody (which is why I believe D’woody annexed the Perimeter mall area, but left the D-1 residential tax base behind).

  80. 80

    Eddie E.

    Could it be that the function of MARTA is not to jump to the whim of for-profit companies operating sports franchises?
    Could it also be the hard-headed, old world intransigence that is Cobb county?
    Stay tuned, the world might be changing under your feet.

  81. 81


    Wow, after reading some of these comments about shooting, crimes and just how sh*tty MARTA is, I feel like DFACS is going to come take my kids from me and my wife b/c we choose to use MARTA recreationally with our kids.

    Just this past weekend, we took the train – small kids love trains – to go Peachtree Center – small kids love long escalator rides – so we could go tool around the kid-friendly venues concentrated a few blocks west of the station – the revamped Children’s Museum, Ga. Aquarium and the Centennial Olympic Park playground and stream. We’ve used it to take our kids to Lenox, ironically, to ride yet another “train” – the Pink Pig (home and back in 75 minutes all on foot). We’ve used it go to bicycling (even my four yr old on a balance bike) for the semi-annual Atlanta Streets Alive bicycling festival. Not to mention whatever trips we’ve made to the airport, Braves, Falcs, Hawks, GT games.

    To me – and granted, all my family’s riding is generally during the day – the most dangerous part of the trip is always the same: crossing Apple Valley Road (no crosswalk when coming out from behind the apartments along P’tree View), and trying to get the kids to pay attention to cars while walking or bicycling through the parking lot. Thus, I find it hard to believe that any re-development is going to result in more crime, or actually increase the risk to my family’s safety.

  82. 82


    This is where we are. Stick around and be forced to pay for something that really isn’t paying for its self and make up the difference, or move. You know, MOVE like the Brookhaven Yes people said you should do if you didn’t like their new city.

    Looks like their advise might have been wiser then they thought.

  83. 83


    1. We dont live in Dunwoody and that is a pretty terrible example if you are trying to boost this MARTA TOD in Brookhaven.

    2. 1 cop in 1 car in the parking lot is exactly why there is crime in and around Marta. You’re right though, I’ve not once been hassled on a train or on the platform. Its always in the parking lot. GET REAL!

    Moreover the reason I am not a rider. Where are the rest of the cops? Why dont they ever get out of the car. You go to NYC and Chicago the cops are in the station and walking around it, riding the trains…. where they need to be. Not sitting in the car in the parking lot. You are only furthering my points on how worthless the system is compared to others in the country. And other cops “walking a beat” aren’t in charge of one small marta station. There should be at least 3 on duty at all stations with one of those riding the train back and forth between 2 stations. Otherwise what the hell are they getting paid for?

    This is from Martas own website…I would suggest research before speaking next time….let me know when you decide, based on their own numbers, that most crime happens in the damn parking lot

    Bus Crime Reported: 93

    Rail Crime Reported: 296

    Parking Lot Crime Reported: 119

  84. 84


    Shooting dont happen in my neighborhood, that is a fact. They do happen on marta. Also a fact. I want to be safe and I want my family to be safe. Marta isn’t safe in my mind. Call that a Red Herring but facts speak for themselves.

    Traffic and infrastructure are way more important to me as a non rider and this project is going to mangle both

  85. 85


    Could it be that Marta chose not to service the braves stadium because the city owned the parking lots and didnt want to lose the revenue? If Marta isn’t there to serve for profit companies then why is it there at all? For all those government job in Dunwoody and Clayton County? The Braves are no different than the Fox or Equifax. Get over your Bernie Sanders way of thinking.

    Could it also be the Braves specifically said no to Marta in Cobb? Yes, they did.

    Stay tuned, more comments from people who dont know better coming soon…

  86. 86


    Chamblee eased their Leeds standard building requirements and I feel confident that there is probably some tax abatements involved somewhere. That is what has generated the new development in Chamblee. Don’t think for a minute that these projects don’t have some incentives attached to them.

    Obviously with all the apartments and townhome projects that have happened or been approved in and around Brookhaven over the past 3 years this has generated more traffic congestion. I am curious to know what kind of increased MARTA ridership has been generated during the same time frame because of these projects. Isn’t that a part of their justification for the high density? Increased ridership?

    It is a fair question. I’m not concerned about the stats of other stations on this issue. What have they been at the Brookhaven station?

  87. 87

    Eddie E.

    Your circular attempt at logic is always entertaining.

  88. 88


    Shootings can happen anywhere. Marta is not special because of this. If you were that concerned about the safety of Marta you wouldn’t live in a neighborhood that backs up to Marta, since the shootings you are concerned about and reference seem to happen on the platform or in the parking lot. There are many reasons to be concerned about this development, but shootings should be at the bottom of that list, if at all.

  89. 89


    As are your thoughts on simple economics….

  90. 90


    Barbara — if you are concerned about being shot, I highly suggest you get yourself a bullet-proof car, because shootings happen on I-85 at Cheshire Bridge too.

    You say “Traffic and infrastructure are way more important to me as a non rider and this project is going to mangle both.” I suggest you stick to that argument because your hyperbole about “shootings on MARTA” makes people not take you seriously.

  91. 91


    William: From the Atlanta Regional Commission’s 2014 report (published 2015), Brookhaven Station’s average weekday rail station entries were:

    2010: 2820
    2011: 2410
    2012: 2350
    2013: 2357

    Chamblee’s held steady until 2013 when it slightly declined:
    2010: 3956
    2011: 3924
    2012: 3929
    2013: 3785

    Source: page 35

  92. 92


    As a general rule I try to avoid any place I might be shot. Whether than be public transportation or in my car.

    I also have never been the victim of a targeted drive by shooting so I’m not sure how an article describing that situation is warranted. Maybe we all could also discuss hot air balloon accidents or injuries to children on play grounds. Those seem to make as much since as targeted drive by shootings.

  93. 93

    Brown River

    Imagine the Peachtree Creek at the low end of all this development.

  94. 94


    The Developers and others involved with the proposed mixed use development on Peachtree at Dresden are hosting a public meeting for input in 4 areas, traffic, infrastructure, design and land use. This will be one of the last opportunities to share your ideas and concerns before they apply for zoning changes needed to break ground. The proposed site is 630 market rate apartments, two 8 story office buildings, 127 senior apartments, 60k sq ft retail, civic space which could include a library, space for Oglethorpe night classes. There is a possibility of a 150 room hotel and a green space of just over 1 acre. The developers are seeking input and a traffic study will be scheduled, hopefully completed before they submit for zoning in April to double the current allowed density. If you can make it they would love to hear from you.

  95. 95


    How did the meeting go?

  96. 96


    MARTA nor the developer have any traffic studies, sewer impact studies or any answers other than vague nuances of what the development will look like. They WILL ask for a tax abatement to offset cost of construction. They say they don’t know who will cover the cost of infrastructure. We will.

    MARTA intimated that because of our strong vocal opposition to their unprepared and bewildered nature,, they are putting off their rezoning request til later. They have been working with City Staff (Ben Somg) to develop a new plan. I ASSUME Ben is who recommended PC 2. They mention the only reason they seek rezoning is because the LCI study isn’t dense enough and Mixed use is better. They don’t provide any reasons why.

    Bates said they haven’t asked for a tax abatement yet. He wouldn’t commit to putting our infrastructure cost on a referendum ballot. In the past he has been in support of having the Development Authority issue bonds without our consent.

    There were 67 people there without the 15 people MARTA brought.

    Email your district representatives and mayor. Urge them to deny any rezoning request as there is no economic hardship or burden on MARTA within current zoning.

  97. 97


    And in the most telling moment of the night someone asked how many of the 82 people took MARTA or rode a bike to the meeting. 2 people. Not one MARTA person or the developer took the train. They work at Lindvergh Station and the meeting was 2 blocks from Brookhaven Station.

    This project has nothing to do with increased ridership. City Weary posted statistics from Chamblee. Ridership has decreased since adding multi family apartments.

    MARTA has operating revenue of $150M but spend $600m annually. The $400m loss is made up by tax payer subsidies and Federal Grants. They WILL get federal grants from their affordable housing requirement. No matter how you slice it, this is a 100% government subsidized housing. MARTA is loster than a ball in high weed. They should do themselves and us a favor. Sell the property immediately to a qualified for profit developer.

  98. 98

    Bob Sorrentino

    Tax abatements have to be a show stopper for any of the council members that have not already decided to sell off their district. This development is perfectly feasable without considering how much investment money is floating around for multifamily driving cost of money to ridiculously low levels.

    Residents of Brookhaven really need to start weighing what they’re getting vs what they’re giving up. I would love to see pretty buildings as I drive by instead of a parking lot, but if it doesn’t bring in much revenue, dramatucally increases traffic, and provides no real quality of life improvements to the city, then the improvements are just cosmetic.

    Mixed use is a strech as the office space is distinctly partitioned by the rail line. A small amount of retail thrown into a huge amount of multifamily residential is not a really dynamic mixed use development. All this is Alta and @1377 on steroids with only a few shops. This would be better than a concrete lot but why would we sell off our infrastructure and tax revenues for it?

  99. 99


    Thank you Chad. I hope everyone is paying attention to your suggestion to contact their elected officials and act accordingly.

  100. 100


    John Ernst is having a Town Hall on Monday the 22nd with the topic being Development and Zoning, 6:00pm at Briarwood Rec Center. If we have any interest in getting the attention of the city leaders and keeping Bates from trying to run this thru the Development Authority we need a big crowd there to show it is not the same people. They have also scheduled the next and last neighborhood meeting for next Thursday at 6:00pm at Cross Key s High School. PLEASE attend both.

  101. 101

    Tom Reilly

    Nothing is “determined” until the residents give up!!–Tom Reillly

  102. 102


    Hence the reason Barbara has been owned by Eric and others in this discussion.

  103. 103

    Tom Reilly

    Hi, “City-Weary!!” Albert Einstein once said that “In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice , they are not.” MARTA’s spokes woman informs us that she is “excited” about MARTA’s version of our TOD. I’ve been involved in zoning here for some forty two years. Every time that I hear the word “excited” in this context, I get very, very nervous. I shouldn’t be alone.–Tom Reilly

  104. 104


    If Im so wrong then why does Marta have such terrible books and low ridership?

  105. 105


    Overburden Sewer Confirmed.

    Attached is an article from the Thursday, August 25 AJC. It outlines actions taken by DeKalb County notifying five separate proposed developments ‘aging sewer lines can’t handle the additional load.’ One of the projects is Solis Dresden. The MARTA TOD sits at the top of the same sewer shed, or gravity collection area, as Solis Dresden. It will add five times the flow based on an 1800 user charge to the piped system.

    Possible MARTA TOD sewer solutions could include an on-site wastewater holding or treatment plant. How large and at what cost and location? Another solution mentioned would be a $55K lift, or pumping, station to divert sewer up and over, via pipe line, to the Historic Brookhaven sewer system. The lifting solution would put demand on the Southfork of the Peachtree Creek watershed. The current proposal impacts the watershed collecting along the master planned Peachtree Creek Greenway.

    We should infer from the ‘notice’ provided by DeKalb County our sewer system can’t accept any additional demand. As a minimum condition of rezoning approval of the MARTA Rezoning Request, l would ask that our city leadership request:

    The manhole location and inspection report completed by Brown and Caldwell mentioned in this article,

    The DeKalb County smoke test results mentioned in this article

    And a video inspection of the main line from MARTA to it’s receiving manhole along Peachtree Creek.

  106. 106


    The My Ajc link says “page not found.” Please check and repost.

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