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    Thanks to neighbors, volunteers and board of Briarwood Park Conservancy. Today is a great day to enjoy a City of Brookhaven Park. Special thanks to the author and SFW Construction.

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    South Side Bill

    When will Briarwood get the new bridge?

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    Rob Turner

    Greg – this commentary is a terrific insight into what the dedicated efforts of volunteers can mean for any park. Thank you for all of your continued volunteer time and & LOTSA “sweat” equity!! With the drainage being corrected and with the new bridge soon to be installed nearby, the forest patio will be a fun & unique place for families and their children to enjoy some time outdoors.

    You’re also correct that Briarwood really has come a long way… mostly through the Briarwood Park Conservancy’s leadership. I am hopeful the City leadership will continue to take a more active interest in this park and especially as it relates to funding the recommended capital improvements (starting with the pool, pool house and related facilities).

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    Greg Trinkle

    I don’t have all the details for this project or specific timelines. I can confirm the bridge replacement funding has been approved by our city leadership. Surveyors have been at Briarwood performing some of the requisite “engineering’ that is needed.
    But you can always show up to Briarwood Conservancy Monthly Meetings to ask questions or give input.

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    As always would like to thank the Brookhaven Post who has always been supportive of Briarwood Park and the community.
    Today look like a great day to come to the park.

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    I love what the volunteers have done for Briarwood Park. I am very appreciative of what this dedicated group has accomplished in spite of many obstacles they have encountered. The changes to the park are amazing, if you haven’t had a chance to check them out you should do so today!

    When is the next meeting?

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    Greg Trinkle

    Meetings are first Tuesday of every month. Weather permitting we have them at the forest patio by the community garden. We usually have the announcements on the web site and on Next Door.

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    steve walker

    What a great article Greg!! And you are absolutely right, being on the Board and volunteering at the Park has been and continues to be a rewarding experience. All of our volunteers have become great friends and watching the projects we take on all come together to create a better Park experience for all that visit Briarwood is truly rewarding.

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    Tom Reilly

    Hi, Greg!! I’m awed and humbled by your selflessness, hard work, and dedication to making this world a better place. I volunteered to represent the National Wildlife Federation in our “tri-cities” area back in 2007. I’m at a loss for words [for once!!] to tell you how much it means to see such dedicated groups of volunteers taking over my functions. The NWF pledges its continued support to our parks, and the wonderful people who to maintain them, in the face of those who would destroy everything but the lust for financial gain. Chad, my friend and role model, the same words extend to you.–Tom

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