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    So Clarkson is doing a roadshow in support of annexation?

    No study. No backing from Chamblee residents. Rushed timeline.

    Whats going on? Discuss.

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    Lysol Adverse

    I will say that the Carl Vinson Institute is not perfect. The study for Peachtree Corners was seriously flawed.

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    not to mention that there is no legal requirement for such studies. In this case (annexation vs. creation of a new city), the ‘bean counters’ that run Chamblee can likely determine if this is financially feasible.

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    Legally required or not, I think you can agree that the residents and voters just want clear, transparent dealings. An independent 3rd party study (CVI or other) would go a long way to help make the case for annexation or not.
    I stand to be corrected, but I dont think any of the council/city staff have the appropriate qualifications (chartered accountant etc).

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    Chamblee Resident

    i think the argument about feasibility studies is one people are not going to agree on – some trust the city doing the math and others don’t. The acceptance of that study will ultimately be decided by the legislature if this goes forward. Do they accept it.

    I continue to say the real problem for me is that I still don’t understand what we gain by more than doubling our city, with a population geographically disconnected from us by a major highway and distant from the current city center. And why do five people on a council get to make such a monumental decision versus a referendum for us to have input. I will never understand or agree this process is appropriate for such a major decision. I feel for the people of LVH that want to be a part of a city but i am not willing to put our city’s viability at risk to “help”. That may be kind but not smart. And we need to be smart and not overextend ourselves.

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    Eddie E.

    If he doesn’t work fast, enough people will wake up to what’s happening.
    Since there is no reason for this nonsense except to build an imaginary community of interest (members of a particular political party that can’t sway voters in Dekalb county) unless things move fast, the idea will evaporate.

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    Emilia Lanier

    What’s going on is a group of “leaders” from the failed LaVista Hills effort want to take their bat and ball and go home and leave the county. And their Fearless Leader Ben Shackleford said himself that Chamblee is their “Plan B” to do that.

    These people have no interest in being part of Chamblee.

    The average resident is understandably frustrated with the county, but even there from the comments it was obvious they are only looking for services and haven’t even been here.

    Our illustrious mayor is in the bag for LaVista Hills annexation and his “friends” there. He’s entirely forgotten who his constituents are and is not listening.

    If this is rushed you’ll have plenty more articles about how Chamblee is ripping itself apart.

    The citizens of Chamblee have NO VOTE in this, and apparently we count for nothing in the eyes of our previously-responsive city government.

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    Emilia Lanier

    I’d also like to point out that our state representatives who were there talked about how annexation typically takes two years to come to a vote. The first year is about studying all the issues.

    Chamblee citizens are being expected to swallow this thing in a matter of weeks. And without most of even knowing this is going on.

    Our city government has a lot of work to do now restoring trust with its citizens.

    The sad thing is I don’t see any realization they even need to do that. Except with Councilman Kusman. He doesn’t seem to have gone nuts.

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    Emilia Lanier

    What was most heartening about last night’s meeting was that the state legislators in attendance all seem very aware of the unintended mess from all these annexations, and they are working to try to fix some of these problems.

    You may see some of those laws about annexation changes to require third party studies.

    Yes, they do realize these studies are limited and are working to improve them also.

    And though they can be flawed, they still raise issues that may be overlooked in an annexation that really need to be looked at.

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    Emilia Lanier

    Lol as an aside I am in love with your screen name.

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    I have my doubts that the legislators who were on the stage last night want to do anything but protect government turf, take control away from the cities and citizens, and obviously make incorporation harder on the communities.

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    The NO VOTE is due to state law, not about someone trying to rain on your parade. No one wants to take their bat and ball and leave the county….that is impossible anyway. We will always be citizens of Dekalb County. We just want what all cities have, better leadership, more local access to the people who make decisions affecting our lives, the ability to hold them accountable for their actions, and better delivery of services. Sure, creating a City of LaVista Hills was Plan A, but why throw stones at us for having a Plan B….that only makes sense. MANY of us are regulars all over Chamblee…..antique row, PDK, your restaurants and stores, parks, why wouldn’t we come to Chamblee?? You talk like its this far away place no one on this side of 85 has ever heard of or been to or spent their money in.

    Your mayor is being completely professional about this. He is charged with doing what is best for the citizens and what is best for the city. He is right to want to expand his footprint in this political and financial climate. He has said time and time again that he understands how great it is to live in a city, but that he will not do it if it harms the citizens of Chamblee. You should be proud of him and call off the recall dogs.

    The rushed time line is understandable if you consider the loss of the LVH referendum in November, the contact with Chamblee officials being made in December, and the time it took to put things in motion to bring this about to this point. Nothing sly or mysterious here, I promise you. Just folks going into high gear during the very short time that the General Assembly is in session. It only makes sense when you think about it for a minute.

    This will not rip apart Chamblee OR the area to be annexed. It will make them both stronger. I just wish people would open their eyes and minds to that possibility.

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    Jack Smith

    Kusman has only been on the job for 1 month.

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    If the mayor is doing the best for the city and citizens why did he hide the initial conversations with Mary Kay and only step up to a (badly promoted) public q&a that was 10 days after they had agreed to start moving on the annexation?

    I am open to the possibility but the way Chamblee has gone about it means they have already lost my support.

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    Something the Chamblee mayor should remember – 40k peeps in (almost)LVH and 35k peeps in Chamblee; with the LVH group being as power hungry as they are, he can kiss his job good bye next election period if this annexation happens…

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    Councilman Kusman has served Chamblee in other official positions. He is not a neophyte. He is familiar with Chamblee’s assets and problems. And, Brian Mock is a proactive, positive Council member who will likely have to give up his seat if this annexation (outside takeover) happens. We’ve heard a lot about what the LV residents who want the annexation think they will get.

    What will current Chamblee residents gain? Nothing except to have their city representation seriously diluted. “Spread the tax burden” is nonsense unless that can be proved with hard numbers. More residents mean more services that have to be delivered; maybe the establishment of another police station on the other side of the interstate and the personnel, vehicles, and equipment to get it running and keep it going.

    I don’t want to get into street repair and upkeep. Chamblee just took that on, and it is understandable that we still have bad streets until they can catch up. How long is it going to be before they can catch up if all the streets in the very large LV area are added? Of course more personnel and equipment would be needed. Where is the financial advantage to current Chamblee residents? Hard numbers.

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    Save Tucker!

    not to mention the fact that Northlake Mall was just bought by a company that has a history of tearing down and rebuilding or even donating to universities.

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    If they don’t know, it’s amazing to me because I’ve communicated it to them in every way possible. #headinthesandlegislators

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    Our Mayor will almost certainly not be elected when the time comes. He talks down to people, doesn’t let them speak, and behaves like more of a court jester than a city leader. He and your “Cityhood” leaders cooked it up behind closed doors without ANY input from the existing residents of Chamblee who have chosen to live here for a reason that does not include having our votes diluted and losing control over the direction of our (not your) community. Finally, the dam issue has come out and it makes us suspicious as to what other major infrastructure issues there are out there that are not being discussed and disclosed to us. Rushing this through in only a few weeks (as opposed to the TWO years it normally takes to do an annexation) smells bad to us and now we know why.

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    At this point, he’d lose with or without the annexation. Chamblee residents are already disgruntled with him and has unprofessional behavior.

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    Were you at the meeting by any chance? It didn’t come off that way to me or anyone in my family.

    Some of the issues of greatest concern are neighborhoods being left behind with no real connection to anywhere and no tax base to even get annexed anywhere, and being even more ignored by the county than usual.

    Since I live in the part of Huntley Hills that was in that general situation after Dunwoody became a city, I realize that problem all too well. It was one of the reasons we asked to be annexed into Chamblee.

    The other reason was it made no sense for half our neighborhood to be in Chamblee and the other half not. That borderline was a relic from when this was all farmland. It’s all one neighborhood now. That was before the annexation thing got so crazy.

    As for the formation of new cities, I am concerned that while all the wealthier areas are able to take their bat and ball and leave the county, the rest of the county can’t do that and eventually it becomes unsustainable.

    I’m not sure how that benefits anyone in any way. Even city residents have to engage with county government. And rotten as DeKalb is right now, I don’t think adding extra layers of government is always the best answer, even though it might be the quick one for many.

    And if the unincorporated county goes down the tubes, the crime rate goes up due to lack of opportunity, and we all become less attractive to development. And unlike silly people saying things about MARTA and people stealing tvs, I’ve yet to see anyone with a tv on MARTA – criminals drive cars to do that crap. sheesh

    It’s in all of our interests to clean up the county, whether we live in a city or not.

    I really don’t want to see a string of self-important mayors spraying Lysol on employees butts either, come to think of it.

    I do wish our legislature would give a more serious look at the idea of townships. It does solve some of the problems with distance from government and less responsiveness. I’m not sure why anyone on Memorial Drive would know which potholes we need fixed most, you know?

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    Thank you! I don’t know that, living in Chamblee, I would even WANT Northlake Mall. Why? I don’t go there. It’s closer to Doraville anyway. We already have one near derelict property in Chamblee Plaza. “Getting the Mall” is risky as heck and might land us with a liability. If Tucker wants it that dam bad they can have it. I don’t know why our Fearless Leaders here in Chamblee think this is an issue their citizens care about. I haven’t heard a peep that isn’t along the lines of “who wants the mall?”

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    Chamblee is not your rented mule of a Plan B.

    And you should understand that we, the citizens of this city, unlike you, will NOT get a vote on this. Ever.

    Of course you want services. We don’t exist to rescue you. Maybe you’d be a good addition and maybe you wouldn’t. We should get to decide that before you get a crack at it. Period.

    Well, we are not getting that. We had a last minute cobbled-together one hour Q&A meeting that was a frelling joke, and that’s all we’ve gotten other than firing emails off to those people who SUPPOSEDLY represent us. The agenda item about a resolution to go ahead with this magically disappeared from the city council meeting later that evening after that Q&A, as was well-reported here in the Brookhaven Post. Kudos to the writer for accuracy there.

    Understand if you push this for a vote this fall you will be entering a food fight that will make Doraville’s mayoral race from some years ago look like a Love-In.

    A vote this fall without allowing Chamblee citizens ANY voice in this process beyond random comments on this site and social media will leave Chamblee in a state of US vs. THEM for a decade or two. We risk self-destruction. How does that benefit you?

    If we join forces, this is NOT the way to do it. The people of LVH telling existing Chamblee citizens to essentially sit down and shut up about their own damned city is not democracy, and will not be well received.

    Yes, I do realize you don’t realize that’s what you’re essentially doing.

    Well, now you know that’s what you’re doing.

    Most voters unfortunately do not understand that only those who are being annexed get to vote on the annexation. Current city residents do not get any vote. Once their council tells the legislature to go ahead and the legislature agrees to put it on the ballot, current citizens don’t get to say anything.

    If our city council greenlights this in a rush, we are SCREWED if if turns out to be a mess.

    So since you obviously live in the area that wants to be annexed, when was the last time you came to Chamblee, how much do you frequent this area, and how committed are you to paying your tax money to rebuild a downtown that is half rubble and needs development, though you likely will not spend any time there because geography is compelling?

    I used to live in your area. I know very well where people there tend to spend their time. Those habits will not be going away just because you get your happy services.

    And yes, Ben Shackleford and his ilk clearly want a city because they want to leave the county as much as they possibly can. Funny they couldn’t find somewhere closer to you geographically. Average citizens like you that I spoke to last night just want a responsive government. That I can understand and respect, even if I personally don’t see your area as a good fit for our city.

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    The mayor offended a family member living us with us so badly last night that I believe he’s going to register to vote in Chamblee, since he can legally do so.

    Our son has suddenly taken an interest in being politically active. When you get a quiet guy like him willing to show up at a meeting and start asking questions with monetary figures in hand, you done messed up bigtime.

    My husband discovered a problem with dam maintenance in the LVH area that likely we will get stuck paying for, since we know the county hasn’t exactly done a crack job in areas like that. Our city council rep didn’t even know that was an issue, this thing has been so rushed.

    We just doubled in size and the police station is bursting at the seams. How do we provide services to this area even larger than our city? Are we going to wave a magic want and make a new police station appear? Or is someone paying for it? Will the LaVista Hills folks want that new station in there area? I mean, I would if I lived there. Response time will be reasonable. Coming from the existing police station, don’t plan on that. Who’s paying for this new station you know we’ll have to build?

    Who’s funding the start up costs of more than doubling city services? No one on Chamblee city council has attempted to answer that one.

    How long will it take to bring revenues from this new area online? What will current residents need to sacrifice to fund these start up costs? Will it be worth it in the long run?

    This is only the beginning of all the question that have NOT been answered by Chamblee government as they rush us all headlong into some possibly abyss without even remembering we citizens exist and are the ones that voted them into office.

    Most Chamblee residents don’t even realize this annexation is happening!

    I found out on FB because our neighborhood association page shared an article from the Brookhaven Post. If you know how FB works, you know you don’t see everything.

  25. 25


    Let me go on the record and say that Kusman is the one person on our city council that I have been able to retain respect for through this entire thing. Our mayor pro tem…maybe. That remains to be seen. My own councilwoman Robson is a cheerleader, though she may yet come to her senses and realize what a horrid mistake she just made. But it will be very very difficult for me to vote for her again after this, even though I still see her as a very competent person in so many ways. I couldn’t be more disappointed.

  26. 26


    When people are starting to organize a recall after just one week of this mess, yeah that does not bode well for him.

    I’d rather not have things come to that. I grew up in the Midwest where recalls are a cultural norm. It’s not necessarily the best and first way to deal with problems like this.

    If any proof of monetary interest surfaces, that’s a bit worse than just drinking the Boss Hogg Koolaid. Until then I prefer to wait until next municipal elections.

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    Save Tucker!

    how so? We are worried that they only said Tucker had $800,000 surplus. If that is wrong, our city will fail, which may be what LVH wants. We were already told that Northlake could not support two cities. We are not Dunwoody / Sandy Springs. Not even close. Tucker should be allowed to at least annex our own land back… that which is called Tucker in our own zip code. It has been known as Tucker for 100+ years. Not the mall, but the parts called Tucker.

  28. 28

    Save Tucker!

    but a study does not account for whatever the plan is for the mall… or the schools.

  29. 29

    Save Tucker!

    The state universities doing the studies also get their funding from … the state.

  30. 31


    “He is right to want to expand his footprint….” Other than the he is right part, you’ve got it exactly.

  31. 32


    Screw our legislators for not focusing this meeting on something far more important — this crooked, poorly-run county. That’s the root cause of the annexation/cityhood movement. They obviously don’t care. They are a huge part of the problem.

  32. 33


    The whole LVH area belongs in Tucker/Doraville and not in Chamblee.

  33. 34


    Now that’s just clueless and dumb.

  34. 35


    Thank your that will be useful reading. 🙂

  35. 36


    Well I will tell you straight that as a resident of Chamblee I don’t understand for a moment why it makes any sense for Chamblee to have anything in Northlake. We have to drive through Doraville to get there, and Tucker has the part right next door, if I understand the boundaries right?

    It’s like this insane rush to grab property, and no one has given a half satisfactory reason why anyone here should care.

    One of our representatives said oh so sagely “political clout.”

    Political clout *for whom*? Our city politicians?

    Someone needs to explain why the citizens of Chamblee need more political clout. Bond issues maybe? Whatever it is, all people here are looking for is a straight answer.

  36. 37

    Save Tucker!

    We have to wonder if Chamblee realizes that part of the reason for one of your last annexations was that the people in the neighborhood wanting to join Chamblee adamantly wanted to be left out of anything related to Lakeside City (essentially LVH). So, there’s evidence right there that this match is not going to be a single “community of interest.” Here’s the quote from a May 6, 2013 DeKalb Delegation Meeting:

    “Pat Thomas – Chamblee. Thank you to everyone who helped with HB 619. There was a big concern about whether or not to allow us to be annexed into Chamblee and it came down to 36 votes but there were some folks who got the question on their ballot who shouldn’t have and others who did not. So, after much going back and forth, the issue is back on and we are glad about that. We don’t want to be part of Lakeside or any of the other groups but we are ripe for the taking so in an effort to preserve what we have, we just want to be annexed into the city of Chamblee and be done with it.”

  37. 38


    Emilia – I agree. I supported Robson last time around and she lost my vote. She is openly supporting the annexation.

  38. 39


    Looks like you’re the one who is clueless and dumb.

  39. 40


    yes, and it’s par for the course for the anti-annexation group. The bottom line is if it’s financially viable, then it makes sense to do it. The neighborhoods and schools in the annexation are similar to what is already in Chamblee. If they were lousy/crime ridden, I could understand someone being opposed to annexing them. It sounds like the people that make the decisions are wisely ignoring the absurd arguments on the forums (here, nextdoor).

  40. 41

    Save Tucker!

    The legal definition of annexation: “Annexation – The act of attaching, uniting, or joining together in a physical sense; consolidating. The term is generally used to signify the connection of a smaller or subordinate unit to a larger or principal unit. For example, a smaller piece of land may be annexed to a larger one. Similarly, a smaller document may be annexed to a larger one, such as a codicil to a will.”

  41. 42


    Let’s see, you don’t want to add 35k people to Chamblee (population 29K and across the Interstate), but you’re all for throwing 35K at Tucker (population 35K) and Doraville (across the Interstate). That, despite the fact that Chamblee will share a County Commissioner with a swath of the hopeful annexation area if Scott Holcomb’s DeKalb reform plan comes to fruition.

    Plus, you’re lumping the entire LVH area together (65k), even though almost half of it is pretty much minding its own business, doesn’t have a damn thing to do with this annexation mess and doesn’t have anything in common with Tucker or Doraville. Good job, NIMBY! Got any other brilliant comments?

  42. 43


    I was aware of it, but I suspect many were not. But there was an opportunity to at least examine issues here in Chamblee before a runaway freight train of a Chamblee mayor shoved it down our throats.

    I don’t object to the previous annexation, whatever reservations and questions I had at the time. That part of town at least knows we exist, whatever other motivations may be there for some people. In addition, it adds to our existing diversity, which is another selling point for us.

    And that annexation didn’t risk a takeover of our own city by people who appear to have no interest in us and little knowledge we exist.

    We haven’t fully adjusted from doubling our population from the last annexation, and people think we can up our population even more? What a pipe dream. Those start up costs are not going to show up by the waving of some magic wand. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together doesn’t need a feasibility study to figure that one out.

  43. 44


    Explain why viability is the end all and be all of the decision to annex, please? Throughout all of the threads on this issue, the only thing I’ve seen about the benefit to Chamblee residents, other than nonsense from Chamblee’s Mayor and the pro annexation folks from the LVH area, is a vague argument from Thomas Hogan that there would be resulting economies of scale, which is really a feasibility issue, and an even more vague argument that if Chamblee were bigger DeKalb, MARTA, and state folks would give it more respect. As a Chamblee taxpayer as the result of the last annexation with high taxes and no discernible better services, that isn’t enough for me.

  44. 45


    Sorry Billy, but there’s far more at issue than your precious bean-counting.

    And which anti-annexation group are you talking about? There is no “group” in Chamblee. Just residents individually speaking their mind. There are no connections, so you can stop your baseless insinuations right now. It makes you sound like a shill, to be frank. I hope you are merely ignorant of what’s going on in Chamblee. If you don’t live here, it’s not like you would know.

    Whatever ill will is around the LVH area over their failed cityhood bid is not something that was of concern to me or anyone else around here. That was your mess and we never envisioned it ending up here, because the idea is frankly absurd.

    My only concern now is y’all can keep it down there. If the annexation proceeds, don’t bring your crap up here. We just now created enough of our own over this.

    And if this annexation proceeds, what LVH will be getting is a city in the process of destroying itself.

    No developers will want to come here, or in LVH, when they see a populace out with pitchforks ready to recall the mayor and burn things in effigy because we’ve been so throughly ignored and insulted by our own so-called representatives.

    Maybe all parties in such a mad rush need to ponder on the long term effects of their mad rush and take a moment to reflect here. This mess isn’t good for any of us.

    This has already been poorly handled in every way imaginable here in Chamblee. Even when things do calm down there will be ill will and disunity where there was not before.

    It’s very difficult to build trust, but it can be destroyed in a moment.

    This is one of those moments, unfortunately.

    With or without LVH, we here in Chamblee will have a lot of work to do to mend fences after this.

    And my personal opinion is that we don’t need your drama. It’s enough to deal with our own and that will be so for quite some while.

  45. 46


    Roberto, I think that subject is so deep it would require several meetings just on that topic alone just to get started on it.

    This was supposedly an update about the legislative session, which will end soon. As such this annexation question needed to be included, because our legislators in the state house need to greenlight it being on the ballot. There’s a definite time constraint.

    I was under the impression that the annexation part of the meeting was not really expected to happen. At least not on the level it was. Am I mistaken?

    It was interesting to attend the meeting though. Honestly the most interesting part was meeting LVH residents afterwards and just getting a chance to exchange views. Everyone was very nice and respectful.

    And it was kind of old home week for us as well, since we lived in LVH before we moved to Chamblee. We met some old friends we haven’t seen for a while.

  46. 47


    The LVH folks are expecting to get parks. Well, they don’t own parks, so this means we will have to shell out big bucks to buy expensive land in that area and then develop it.

    By contrast, Chamblee city has parks, and we’re only now figuring out how to rehab the ones left to rot by the county. That’s a much cheaper proposition.

    Somehow I don’t think the idea that current Chamblee residents are going to see their taxes raised to pay for brand new pricey parks in an area they frankly don’t want annexed in the first place is going to turn out well.

    And we haven’t even started to talk about the other expenses we’ll incur, like the other shopworn infrastructure we’ll need to pay for.

    So if we’re going to go all bean-counter on this thing, I can’t see why any Chamblee resident would go for this,. Well, except for a power mad politician or two.

  47. 48

    the center of no mans land

    Emilia, I’ve been reading your rants, not sure quite what to make the frenzy you have yourself in.
    Why not just chill , take a deep breath and see what the city does when the numbers come in. Anything before that is rather moot.
    And fyi,…developers build where they can sell their product. Northlake area is coming online no matter what little small town battles are in play! Cheers, raise a glass and relax!

  48. 49


    Why would someone opposed to this annexation wait to see what the pols do without the opposition comments? Especially when the pols seem to seriously considering the annexation.

    And what does whatever happens with Northlake have to do with whether a Chamblee taxpayer want an annexation whether or not it is viable?

  49. 50


    They’re closer to Tucker and Doraville, genius! It’s pretty simple. None of these people live anywhere near the City of Chamblee. There is NOTHING in this for the existing residents. Go glom on to another city and leave us alone! If Scott Holcomb introduces/sponsors the bill for annexation, he has lost all Democratic Party votes in Chamblee. Write it down! Now stop being a moron and go to Briarcliff, Lakeside, Tucker, anywhere else but Chamblee.

  50. 51


    Billy you are so tone-deaf and disrespectful to existing residents. Financial “viability” is indeed a low bar for judging this idiotic proposal. That argument is so self-centered and insensitive that you just need to shut your mouth now. Again, there is NOTHING here to benefit Chamblee residents and we indeed have everything to lose, including the power to locally control our government and the direction of the city. What’s “financially viable” to you means NOTHING to us. Go find another city to glom onto. Make nice with the city of Tucker and be a part of that city which is much closer to you than we are.

  51. 52


    My God, you’re tone deaf too!!!

  52. 53

    Save Tucker!

    There is a huge swampy area that DeKalb County just purchased from the private owner along Briarlake Road. You will inherit that as part of your park responsibility. 21 acres of swamp, to be exact. Right near Northlake Mall. Take it. It’s your’s. Tucker only wants what was in our zip code because those are the places and residences that have always been known as “Tucker” and are part of our community.

    Here is info. about the land purchase by DeKalb:

    We were forced into this entire battle because we were told that incorporation was the only way we could protect our community from being invaded by LVH. It is almost comical to hear them talk about what they think Tucker is going to do when, in reality, the only reason they are in fear is because they know exactly what THEY were planning to do to US.

    They are paranoid and they are self destructing right now. They are grasping at straws. Don’t get dragged down with them!

    And, make sure that the city bean counters know that the mall revenue is mostly based on Tucker residents shopping there. Mary Kay mentioned at the Lakeside City meetings that she and her neighbors never shop there and prefer Perimeter Mall because it offers more “upscale” shopping in comparison. Well, perhaps if LVH residents shopped at the mall, things would have worked out better for them, but now it is sold and the new owner has not said a word about what they plan to do with it. Meanwhile, in Tucker’s city limits, a new mall is said to be underway that will have replacement stores in the same category as the ones at Northlake. Tucker is known for supporting local businesses, so Northlake could be in trouble already.

    Also note, the meeting at Lakeside was held by Holcomb, Henson, Oliver and Parent, all elected Democrats from the immediate area. Lakeside / LVH is as Republican as one can get. They have used Millar, Taylor, Jacobs and Boyer to get them this far and they haven’t been successful because it is not the will of the people to be incorporated for the sake of political power, which is the main issue they have with their current government. It has little to do with services and mostly to do with politics.

  53. 54

    Save Tucker!

    Does Chamblee even share a border with this annexation area? Or would you have to take the unincorporated island area against their will? Didn’t some of those businesses just win the right to de-annex from Doraville because they said that they were not getting anything by being in a city except higher taxes?

  54. 55

    Save Tucker!

    Now we’re against free speech on the Internet? What does “Northlake area is coming online” even mean?? What the numbers say is rather moot when they can only be based in the past and the major commercial you are talking about was sold literally just days ago. Sheesh!

  55. 56

    Save Tucker!

    FYI, there is something in the annexation laws that say that the county has a formal process it can follow to object to an annexation that could bring harm to it (and, as a result, to everyone who lives in DeKalb). Maybe you guys could research that and contact your county commissioners to see if they could help with the objection process. Can’t hurt to at least reach out to let them know what’s going on.

  56. 57


    Since a 2013 statement of mine was quoted earlier in this Comments section, I will reiterate: “We don’t want to be part of Lakeside or any of the other groups but…in an effort to preserve what we have, we just want(ed) to be annexed into the city of Chamblee and be done with it.”

  57. 58


    Well, Center, maybe you should stop wasting your time online and just go make me that sammich now.

  58. 59


    Legally, we have to share a border in order to annex.

    The border only exists because we annexed an area and included Century Center, since without that commercial area the annexation would not have been financially viable.

    During that annexation I thought it was odd we would go that far south, but after our city government gave the explanation it made sense.

    The thing is, if we hadn’t had to include Century Center to make the annexed area viable, the LVH folks would not have been able to be annexed now, because there would be no border.

    On a lighter note, has anyone else noticed that with this annexation Chamblee city limits looks like Pac Man eating Doraville? There is a certain irony there, considering recent city formation and annexation in this county.

  59. 60

    A Modest Proposal

    The first thing I think of when I hear “city” is “community”, presumably that works as a united whole.

    Money aside for the moment, is that what we’ll be if this annexation goes through?

  60. 61

    A Modest Proposal

    Mr Mock has been evading questions like an Olympic gymnast. It’s quite amusing watching him. hehehe!

  61. 62


    Not a good enough reason, Pat. Go make nice with Tucker, which is where you actually live.

  62. 63


    It isn’t a “huge swampy area.” It’s a wonderful natural park area, Briarlake Forest, that is being lovingly cared for by the residents of the area, who have formed an organization on its behalf. It is outstanding that the County obtained this area for the public. Please come visit it, and treat it gently, as the neighbors love the wildlife that inhabit it.

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