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    Hunter Burke

    This was a good meeting, and, Mayor Jay began his portion of the meeting, [after the insultingly stupid discussion by the Carl Vinson representative] by saying the things most everyone wanted him to acknowledge. A break in the zoning re-write schedule, a re-analysis of the Comprehensive Plan, acknowledgement & dedication to solving all the infrastructure problems relative to the MARTA development, and, a slight pause of MARTA submission for rezoning. The D3 Councilman, where the MARTA development is located, was not to be found, but, nobody seemed to care. So far so good Mayor!

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    So surprised Bates wasn’t there being a cheerleader for the MARTA development as usual!!!

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    Lil Woolf

    Thanks to the Brookhaven Post for always providing concise information on city-related meetings, and a special thanks to Mayor Ernst for guiding Brookhaven carefully and with integrity on all issues. We are fortunate to have you, Mr. Mayor!

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Thanks Lil. The video is processing. It was a very informative meeting. I’ll have it posted on YouTube in the am.

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    Agreed, Hunter. John is doing what he said he would, listening to the constituents and acting on their wishes. I especially liked him making it clear tonight that he wants an “efficient and accountable government.” Music to my ears. It was delightful to be in the company of so many bright, caring, and dedicated residents tonight, advocating for the best interest of the community.

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    Bates no esta aqui

    In his defense, he needs to find a school property.

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    Tom Reilly

    Great tactics and strategy, Mayor John!! Keep on remembering who hired you, and why. Keep on remembering that debt and density kill. Once my schedule lightens up again[??] I’ll see all of you soon!! Many thanks for all of your work so far!!–Tom Reilly

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    He needs to find a real job!

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    Eddie E.

    It sure is great to finally have a Mayor with the interests of the Citizenry in the center of his focus!

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    Thank you Mayor Ernst. Hopefully the entire city council will develop a spine and model your leadership and commitment to protect our neighborhoods. Bravo to all residents who have made their/our voices heard. Now, it’s no time to let up. Keep the pressure on and back the Mayor on sensible growth down the road. The groups who are pushing this insane high density developments will not go away.

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    El Tee

    Great news!!

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    Our Mayor has given us a 2nd chance to participate in what we envision Brookhaven to be in the future. We have a responsibility to be active or accept what is formulated.

    MARTA is slowing down the process but not stopping it so I hope you will all still attend the MARTA meeting on Thursday 6:30 pm at Cross Keys – this may be the last opportunity to voice our opinons, concerns and wants as they go back to the drawing board.

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    Melanie Pollard

    Congrats to Mayor Ernst, councilors, and those who have worked hard to be the true representatives of Brookhaven. This was a wise decision. I would encourage Mayor Ernst to take advantage of the new recently released GIS satellite imagery provided by the US Department of Agriculture. This is FREE and an invaluable tool in developing a sound infrastructure that includes greenspace. We had approximately 3% canopy loss between 2010 and 2013- during the years of the recession and recovery. Here’s the link to the work that was done using this same free GIS imagery by Interdev:
    You can turn on/off the layers to see what we have lost and where. The cost to create the layers is around $10-$12,000. That is peanuts compared to what was spent on our City Manager. Here’s a look at City of Atlanta’s study:

    Based on the amount of clear cutting I have witnessed, I would venture to say we have lost almost 8% of our canopy- in FIVE years. That is not sustainable. We cannot get these trees back without the original, old growth soils, 100-200 years, and the space needed for the roots to grow. They are gone. That said, we can start to build a necessary infrastructure with what we have remaining by building the necessary conservation ordinances to manage stormwater, keep a clean healthy air and water quality, preserve wildlife, and retain the “green oasis” that Councilor John Parks has often referred to. Many other cities are building this into their infrastructure. Let’s make sure that Brookhaven does this while we are visiting the Zoning and Tree Ordinances. A Conservation Greenspace Infrastructure would tie these two ordinances together. And without taking advantage of the free US DOA Satellite imagery, our planners are working blind.

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    What Lil said!

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    Bob Sorrentino

    I’m very impressed by the mayor here. Allowing more time for a detailed analysis is exactly the right thing to do. Actions like this go a long way to rebuilding trust.

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    Riley OConnor

    Contrary to an opinion expressed here that the “Zoning 101” presentation by someone from CVI was a waste, it was not “insultingly stupid”. Rather, view it as “establishing a baseline” for someone at that meeting who might not know how the process works. Granted, most of the people present that night have probably forgotten more about zoning than most ordinary people know, but doing that brief presentation seems to be part of the larger approach to governance by the Ernst administration. That is, you , as a citizen, need to know how your government works. “Zoning 101” was an effort to make sure that those in attendance knew the basis of zoning and how it is applied.

    That said, the meeting was scheduled to run 1 1/2 hours, and it ran long by an additional 1/2 hour, about the time that Zoning 101 took, so I don’t see that anyone was harmed. And, to their credit, those very-knowledgeable zoning experts kept their mouths shut during that brief presentation. No cat calls, no snide comments, etc.

    Once that was completed, the meeting proceeded apace, especially after the revelation that MARTA has cooled off just a bit. I am certain that active interest by the Brookhaven community at MARTA’s various meetings has something to do with that. There is still hope that this can be successfully pulled off.

    I have heard several comments to the effect of “people don’t know about the meetings”. Yes, there is always a need for additional announcements about these meetings, but there already were notices in the daily AJC and such in addition to the cyberworld stuff. It is not fair to expert a personal invitation delivered to your doorstep on a velvet pillow. Being interested in your community requires a level of participation on your part.

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    I am the one who brough up getting the message out about the meetings. We have been litterally walking the neighborhoods to talk to the residents and let them know 1) about the MARTA development and 2) about the meetings.

    We have also at our own expense been putting signs in high traffic areas and flyers on mailboxes and doors. In addition we have sent out postcards and letters to areas we couldn’t get to. I have lost count of the people that have told us as we were walking the neighborhood or come up to us at meetings and said the only reason that they knew about the development or meeting was because of our flyer or sign. Yes, I agree that there is a responsibility on the public to make sure they are informed but the means for the city to inform is mainly thru digital channels or the Champion (which I didn’t even know existed until a few weeks ago) and you have to pay to get to the legal notices. We have young familes that don’t sit at their computer on on their facebook page and can easily miss the posting. With the amount of emails we all recieve it is easy to miss an important post about a meeting when it comes in the same format as blood drives and cherry bloosom festivals. For some of our older population they might not be social media savy or like my neighbor – signed up for NextDoor and Facebook but never checks them.

    I am digitally savy and have had to check every day to find out about the meetings as they are not posted much in advance to allow for people to make arrangements – as of 2 minutes ago Thursday’s meeting has still not been posted to the MARTA update page. I find it ironic that we do such a great job of advertising Beer Festivals, Cherry Festivals, Chili Cookoffs and Socerfest but not with something as important as changing the character of our city. My own civic association has sent out notifications about some social gatherings but not a mention of these meetings in the flyer or on the web calendar. As far as the AJC goes… don’t know if you are aware but their subscription rates are down so that again is not going to be a big promoter. All I have asked of the city is to take in consideration the people they are not reaching – how hard would it be to have a “commuity board” at Town Brookhaven or to provide a poster to the Publix and Kroger grocery stores to serve as an alternate means of communication for those that are not digitally connected. If we establish a stated traditional conduit, educate the residents of what that conduit is, then it is all on the residents to make sure they check, if we don’t… shame on us.

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    To be fair – The Brookhaven Post has become my go to… Not sure how but Trey always has the scoop on what is going on so I am encouraging everyone to check the Post several times a day like I have started doing. 🙂

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    The Brookhaven Post

    Thank you! Trying very hard to keep folks up to date.

    We welcome and encourage all residents to get involved and make every effort to stay informed, whether it be here on our site, or anywhere else. I want to let everyone know, if you have a topic you would like to discuss, a neighborhood happening, or just want to voice your opinion on a matter that could have broad community interest, please consider sending them to The Post. Every Post goes out to about 70,000 people throughout Metro Atlanta. Multiply that by 4 or 5 Posts a day and the numbers start to get quite large.

    We are all in this together, so let’s work together to maximize all of our efforts.

    Thank you very much for reading The Post. The support we have gotten from the community is truly humbling.

    My email address is

    If you would like to submit a question or comment directly, you can do that here >>>>>>>



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    No one covers Brookhaven like the Post.

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    Riley, I completely agree. I think the “let’s all get educated together” component is really important and I applaud John for emphasizing it now and as we move forward together to create a great place to live. It was a very productive meeting and I left feeling very hopeful!

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    I do not know about Champion, could you provide a link please.
    P.S. Loving the new Mayor!

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    Integral seems to be running out of money for the new development in Doraville. They had to sell off a large portion of the GM site to get refinanced.

    Last week Integral testified to Doraville Development Authority that no other partners have come forward to help develop that prime property and, unless the tax payers pay for it, there will be no new buildings on that site for a long long time.

    It is hard to believe that they will be in charge of this project in Brookhaven. Our Mayor might want to find a company with better financial backers.

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    Real Estate can be in prime location, but there is a more important question that many in government fail to ask. The question is, is this land ripe for development by private developers and investors without government assistance in any way? Why does government insist on risking taxpayer dollars when a reputable developer is running in the opposite direction?

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    Guest if you want to see the required legal notices you have to pay

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    Tom Reilly

    MARTA says that it is “excited” about the new TOD project. Every time that I hear the word “excited ” used around a zoning project I get really, really nervous. People were “excited” about the Ashford Green project too. Until it was discovered that Doug Dillard and company had increased the density nearly fifty per cent over a two year negotiation period. Until it was remembered that MARTA goes most places where people DON”T want to go. Every precedent that we set here has far reaching implications on Brookhaen’s future. We live here, they don’t. –Tom Reilly

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    Tom you are critical of Dillard for representing his clients while the truth is there is a D1 element applauding all development possible in Brookhaven as long as it doesn’t intrude on D1. I guess Tom is running interference for my elitist Brookhaven neighbors.

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    Eric Robert

    “Until it was remembered that MARTA goes most places where people DON”T want to go.” Statements like this are IDIOTIC! MARTA goes to the major work centers in Atlanta. Downtown, Midtown, Buckhead and the Perimeter Center, plus it goes to the Airport. People really need to develop more awareness.

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    Eric Robert

    The initial proposal for Ashford Green was good, but people got worked up about Montgomery getting overcrowded (when in fact these types of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments attract few to no children. And then after raising a stink they dropped the ball and allowed the the office space to be increased dramatically in exchange for the Condo’s being dropped. The fact is the Perimeter Center has a huge shortage of housing which will only get worse when State Farm comes on line. Putting some condos/apartments in this area won’t reduce property values but will improve traffic as long as its done as a swap for all of the office space currently zoned there. Though Dunwoody is the one that needs to do this. They are dumping the traffic on surrounding communities by trying to just allow office space.

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    The only useful Marta Stops are those that are at malls. Which Marta has plenty of. The rest of the stops in and around atlanta are worthless because you have to have a car as soon as you get off the train. It completely defeats the purpose of taking MARTA . I have used this example before but if I want to go to Decatur it will take over and hour on the train with a change at 5 points. Do you know how many other cities laid out their transit like this? None. Marta is worthless on anything below or to the east/west of 5 points.

    Buckhead has always been its own city center and they got 1 stop for the whole place. Stupid. Between North Avenue and I-20 there is one stop. Stupid. Between Lindburgh and Arts Center there are no additional stops. Stupid.

    “MARTA, where you can take cab to get to your final destination”

  31. 32

    Daily Rider

    Enter Barry White Voice:

    Arts Center station, arts center station… Worthless

    There should be no stops between Arts Center and 5 Points. No one gets off except the Woodward Axademy kids to get coffee. They are bus stations with a train that runs through it.

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    Mr. Ed

    Perhaps you would be well served from a Native Atlantan who remembers this as a sleepy little town that had explosive growth that noone saw coming.
    I have been to other major PLANNED CITIES where all the roads and streets have SIDEWALKS AND STREET LIGHTS and yes even lighted underpasses and bike lanes but Atlanta is NOT one of those and has been frantically playing ” catch up” for the last few decades!!

    Marta is NOT anything like the NEW YORK SUBWAY or other cities but you need to take into account that Atlanta is not restricted by borders or water like NY, Miami or even Jacksonville so it contonues to SPRAWL UNABATED as everyone flocks here from all over the country and world.

    Ideally if I had anything to do with planning Marta or any mass transit system it would have paralled the. I- 285 corridor on the Northern Arc from 1- 20 North and had stops along 75 and US 78 also to make riding it MORE APPEALING TO COMMUTERS!!

    Part of the reason Marta was rejected by Cobb and Gwinnett counties was concern about an increase in crime.

    I have a news flash for those with that ” mindset” or ” philosophy”. Criminals are NOT GOING TO COMMIT A CRIME AND WAIT FOR A BUS OR TRAIN TO MAKE THEIR GETAWAY!!

    They will use A CAR!!

    Now Cobb and Gwinnett have their OWN TRANSIT systems because THEY REALIZED THESE INTERSTATES AND ROADS SIMPLY CANNOT HANDLE ALL THESE CARS!! And unfortunately Atlantans LOVE their cars DESPITE THE INSANE TRAFFIC!!

    Anyways, for what it’s worth that is WHY Atlanta is SO FAR BEHIND but it may also be that pethaps GEORGIA IS SO FAR BEHIND AS WELL!!.

    It drives me crazy that the 285 Perimeter is STILL UNLIT at night as are many hi ::) ways and roadways in and around Atlanta!!

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