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    alan smithee

    All for 35 mph, but if it changes back, BPD is going to need to establish a heavy presence until folks get used to the slower (original) speed limit. You know that with the 40 mph posted limit, some people feel like that entitles them to 45+ mph, so they are not going to want to slow way, way down.

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    Here, here for a very good decision. Thank you.

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    I have lived on Ashford Dunwoody Road for over 25 years and it has always been 35 MPH. I do not believe it was changed to “appease the neighbors”. I think the DOT needs to go back to when the bridge was replaced by the soccer fields. They were very well aware of the 35 MPH speed limit and it was discussed at that time our concerns how straightening the road when the bridge was replaced would cause faster speeds. I think the DOT is incorrect in saying it has always been 40 MPH on the books. THEY need to prove it, not have us spend more money on yet another study. When will the safety of the residents trump cut through traffic and 53 foot speeding loaded down semis?

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    This is good! GDOT needs to be responsive to city needs. Peachtree is next!!!

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    Monitor the Crosswalk by the YMCA on ADR for an hour or two and it will be CLEAR 35mph is plenty fast enough

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    I wish they would focus on the traffic with the DOT along Dresden, N. Druid and Roxboro that is caused by Buford Hwy lights. It backs all the up to peachtree a lot of evenings. Its nuts. Of course, 4 years after city hood it hasn’t been touched. We have found time however to pave R.C. Williams neighborhood and start a school system that isn’t in demand.

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    Eric Robert

    Glad to see the city is contesting GDOT’s faulty position. It shouldn’t take a study but we are dealing with a State Beauracracy run by asphalt heads who think DeKalb is just something that gets in the way of their constituents (Gwinnett and Hall County residents) driving to work.

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    Charlie Brown

    So I have a question …how did the GDOT approve the bike lane markings on the new intersection if the speed limit is supposed to be 40MPH? GDOT’s own guidelines site the NHTSA guidelines which say that those markings are only for roads of 35MPH or less.

    Also, the FHA Safety guidelines specifically state”For three-lane roads, adding marked crosswalks alone (without other substantial treatments) is generally not recommended for ADTs greater than 12,000, although exceptions may be allowed under certain conditions (e.g., lower speed limits).” There are two marked crosswalks that “may” have been safe that are now unsafe per Federal guidelines now that the speed limit is 40 MPH…the crosswalk in front of Montgomery and the crosswalk at Kadleston by Publix.

    It’s gross that GDOT and the state of Georgia are literally putting citizens in danger by forcing the city to change the speed limit without first allowing the city to make its case. Raising the speed limit should have only been done AFTER studies on current pedestrian and bike facilities concluded they were still safe under the new conditions. If they were not safe, the state (or the county) should be forced to pay to upgrade the pedestrian enhancements on the road in order to keep the thousands of runners, cyclists, children, and elderly residents that live, work, and play in this corridor safe under the new mandated speed. Where are Taylor Bennett and Fran Millar on this? They should be appalled at this brand of ‘local control.’

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    Charlie Brown

    There has already been one pedestrian death there.

    The area has a high population of elderly and children using the street due to the number of schools and senior living communities. Plus, you have a high number of recreational runners, walkers, etc. due to the PATH and parks in the area (Murphey Candler, Blackburn, and Keswick). Add in the grade of the roads and multiple curves and it makes absolutely zero sense to raise the speed limit …well, unless you are a government bureaucrat whose only purpose is to attempt to move cars through our area as expeditiously as possible with no regards to life, limb, or property.

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    I wish it could be lowered to 25 mph.

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