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    Well said.

    Lets have Dr. Green run the school system and the private sector figure out how to raise private money to finance private real estate deals.

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    I totally agree with Superintendent Dr. Green.

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    Bill Lowe

    It would be nice to be able to build streets, sewer systems, stormwater collection systems, and then collect revenue from these things without having to adequately maintain them. This is how things are done right now. Developer builds it, County collects the revenue from these systems and does a piss poor job of taking care of them. If the developers received the tax money to maintain the systems that they built, the whole planet would be completely developed and would be well maintained.

    I am OK with the GM property being sold of in parcels to car dealers, movie studios, and anyone else that wants a piece without any significant planned infrastructure being built. Maybe DeKalb County Schools can buy a piece and put a nice new school there to help out with some of the obnoxious overcrowding and obvious racial school districting that is going on in the Cross Keys Cluster. Once the school system sees how much it will cost to build the infrastructure for their school, maybe then they will see that a tax break is an investment in the future….and it allows the developers to come in and actually build something that might make them and the County money. The school system will benefit from these developments in the long run. Maybe not the local school, but the school system in general. Remember, a billion dollars a year is a terrible thing to waste. What could be done with 25 years worth of DeKalb County Schools Budget. Go back 25 years, and tell us about the greatness that was wasted.

    We need things in this County that make us shine for the great things we have done, not spotlights showing what we have not done, or have done illegally. The GM plant redevelopment is one of those potential shiny things. Sad that it will probably end up like most things in DeKalb. Another missed opportunity.

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    Just because they are still not willing to get their spending in line with other systems, cut the bloated top heavy staff with inflated salaries and just like the rest of the county are filled with nepotism and corruption they don’t want to participate. Shame on them and I hope it does pass and the Governor signs it and forces a wake-up call and change.

    This is exactly why so many Charter Schools are wanting to form and do better with their spending and education programs than Dekalb,. Yet the Dekalb School System is so money hungry they want to block that rather than let those children benefit from a better education than they can provide them.

    If this forces them to become fiscally responsible then it benefits the taxpayers of Dekalb County!

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    I have no quarrel with DCSD not participating in the Doraville TAD.

    Dr. Green did not explain why DeKalb has a millage rate for schools of 23.73 when other systems in the state (except Atlanta) are capped at 20 mills. He also failed to mention that the district continues to fail to put the required 65% of the budget into direct classroom spending.

    I am rooting for improvement of the schools under Dr. Green’s leadership. A good start would clearing the bloat and corruption out of the central office. That should produce enough savings to lower the millage rate while properly funding the schools.

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    Remember Fuqua said he could not finish Town Brookhaven without more county money. I think the developer described the area as blighted. hmmm…. Worked out ok after all. It will happen without massive subsidies . FYI, is spot on.

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    Eddie E.

    Dr. Green,
    You are correct, the Georgia General Assembly is putting politics ahead of pupils.
    They have been doing that since 2003 and the 8 billion they have diverted from the State Education Budget to fund other projects attest to that.
    I commend your stance to keep Public Education Funding separate from private land development.
    Maybe someday the State of Georgia will join the other states who have outlawed the practice of raiding education budgets to fund pipe dreams.

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    Correct Toff. Not one penny of private money in this project,100% taxpayer funded, indeed, no “project” as required by the State TAD law, no anchor tenant no prospects….only taxpayer money to fund infrastructure and no revenue to repay the bonds. Dr Green is focused on improving DeKalb’s school system and has the full support(except one)of the Board…..let him do his job without political influence!

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    So who is/are behind House Bill 969? The good Doctor is of course circumspect. But someone reading this should know who is trying to ram “Assembly” through. I wouldn’t have thought Doraville had the juice.

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    Tom Doolittle

    Note: the law stipulates that school boards decide whether they will participate in TADs. The law doesn’t automatically “raid” school systems. In fact, according to reports, most school systems go for the kind of arrangement that Atlanta has on the Beltline–a form of guaranteed payment in return for the millage contribution–or building facilities.

    That said, it took a lawsuit for the stipulation for board approval be added in 2008. Most states don’t require it.

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    Tom Taylor, Republican from Dunwoody. Whose water is he carrying?

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    Tom Taylor is almost always doing as instructed by Fran Millar.

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    3 or more characters.

    This is patently absurd. Your notion that Dekalb county is going to change the school districting to be fair and equitable is not going to happen. The way the district is set up right now creates some schools districts that are above average and some that are mediocre at best. Altering the current set up is going to make lots more mediocre schools and less higher performing schools. Not what the county needs to see. Your developer friends that you mentioned are the only ones that will change the cross keys cluster. It would be more cost effective for the developers to purchase all of the apartments and build decent houses than the school system to add more schools. The school system is set up doing the best that they can do allowing for good schools and the not so good schools. People want to live where the schools are good and where they can afford to live. If those developers came in and cleaned up the bad school areas with fresh new housing, the poor cluster would become the better than the above average cluster. You can understand why this is not possible.

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    B\'haven Birdie

    Hooray for our School Super! Let the private sector take the risk. If Integral cannot afford to do the project, Doraville should find another developer with the funds or the credit to make this happen.

    This concerns me since Brookhaven will depend on this same company to do the Marta development. Will Brookhaven have to pay like Doraville is doing?

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    Charter Schools = Real Estate Boondoggle

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    I knew this had Millar’s stink all over it.

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    I can only guess that you are contrasting CCHS and CKHS as the “good” and the “not good” schools in our community because of who lives in the respective districts. This is a very shakey assumption you’ve made and ignores the fact that more than 1/2 of the enrollment in CCHS comes from OUTSIDE of the attendance area, including from Cross Keys. A very strange argument based on a completely false assumption.

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    Anyone who is interested in facts rather than opinions about who goes to CCHS can look at the actual DATA at the DCSD planning dept site using the “Non-Resident Attendance Matrices” reports:

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    Tom Taylor, is carrying the water for Dekalb County Taxpayers, The money is from a 1980 law,that allowed ONLY Dekalb County School System to pay for Dekalb Jr. ,The State toke over in 1986,but the law is still on the books. So in 2016 why should the County School System still be allowed to have the highest mileage rate .

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