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    I like that our government is conducting more of these so called “town hall” meetings. However I’m sick of the term “town hall”. For some reason it just strikes me as pretentious. Maybe it is just me. How about “public forum” or “public meeting”?

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    I just wish I could pay my bill online easily without paying another site $4 for the privilege.

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    Brittany Mother

    You can. Pay it from your personal checking account on line. Just allow time for the money to transfer so you do not incur late fees.

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    It’s also better to do all of your bills that way, as it allows you to go back and see what you paid to any vendor at any time in the event that one of them says you haven’t paid a bill that you’ve already paid. After the check goes through, the bank posts it online and you can even send a copy of the cancelled check if need be.

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