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    Shane was both an exceptional police officer and human being. He was an even-tempered, loyal, and devoted family man, one of those rare people who excelled at everything he did (musically or athletically), and totally underrated in his ability to de-escalate hostility. 27 yr olds don’t make detective every day, and the City of Doraville was lucky to have him for the all too brief time that they did.

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    ALL decent People must stand-up for our Law Enforcement Officers. Without the rule of Law and our police force The People would never be Safe in their Homes. Criminals will always be with us. Can anyone Really believe that the police are murdering Black Criminals just because the police are Racist. I Just wish that The news Media would Speak the Truth. Because any Person who Sells Drugs IS Destroying their OWN People. People are dying from drug use and the DRUG SELLER Is A Killer of His own People. Our Police Officers are being killed by Drug Pushers and other Criminals. Police Officers Must Have a Right to Defend Themselves. If you are a decent person you will not commit crimes. My name is Dale and I support Law and Order. So does Trump. I will not be Politically Correct if it means turning a Blind EYE to Rape and Murder of of Innocents.

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