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    I pray the family is able to eventually find closure.

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    Hunter Burke

    I’ve always meant to ask one of Brookhaven’s Finest what they think the possibilities are as to what happened to her, seems almost impossible that a person can disappear these days, especially from an urban environment.
    I too hope for closure for the family.

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    Does this article have the full name of the person the police want to speak with? I see “Smith” – is that a first name or a last name?

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    Tom Reilly

    I think about Janet Sue Miller every day. After one week the chances of finding a person under such circumstances drop considerably. New information is always welcome. Closure either way is always preferable to never knowing what happened to her.–Tom Reilly

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    I Just Wanna Slide

    WSB said ” Doug Smith”. Sounds to me like he has fully cooperated with the PD.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    His first name is now in the second paragraph. Thanks.

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    Jorge Curioso

    Why do you think about her every day?

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    Tom Reilly

    Because she is a human being, with people who care about her. Put yourself in their place: Their fear, their frustration, their uncertainty. Ultimately, there is no “them.” We are all Janet Sue Miller.–Tom Reilly

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    This has been a rough road for our family, it has been to long and no answers…..Anyone with anything that may help plz tell the police we would like closure . …thank u

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