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    Riley OConnor

    These being modern times, I suppose that I should be outraged at this, but I’m not.

    A “Work Session” seems to imply a time when The Work of the people is being done. Once completed, The People are then in the position to comment, favorably or unfavorably, as to what has resulted from The Work Session. Not to mention the fact that work sessions seem to occur during regular business hours, when many members of The People are engaged in gainful employment, which provides them with the money to pay The Taxes, which fund the results of the work sessions. Public meetings occur at a time of convenience for The People, usually in the evening hours, which seems to also be a more convenient time for public comment.

    I’m sure that someone, somewhere, will be unhappy with this……

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    Bill Lowe

    I believe the advantage of allowing the public comment during the work session is the ability to express your opinion on the issues before the council votes on them….usually days or a week in advance. It is my belief that this allows the comments to soak in a little to the city council and mayor before they make their decisions. If you are given the opportunity to make public comment right before a vote is taken, it is not likely to impact any decision made because that decision has probably already been made. Only my belief unless you come up with something really compelling to adjust their vote with a deferral or to sway them yay or nay. Most city council agendas have the public comment at the end of the regular council meetings. They will sometimes allow public comment before a vote is taken, but not always. A little time before the vote is made to make comments is a good thing. Comments after the vote is made is usually there to either congratulate them on their decision or to criticize.

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    Riley O\'Connor

    Yeah, I see your point. My take is that the public comment segment adds to the time involved and takes away time that should be devoted to actual work. On the other hand, if our leaders don’t get input during the work session, by the time a bad policy gets to the general council meeting, it’s already baked in and ready to be voted on. I guess that it’s a matter of how much our leadership is in general conversation with the citizens. If leadership is in regular communication with the citizens, they already know how people feel, well before the general meeting. If they’re not, public comment at the work session is important.

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    Reality Bites

    This isn’t an unusual move. Many city councils all over the country don’t take public comment during work sessions. Citizens are free to attend work sessions and there’s usually plenty of time to contact your council member to express your views on anything discussed before the issue is placed on the agenda for a vote at a regular city council meeting. There’s no requirement that councils take public comment at work sessions and it’s totally up to each city council whether to allow it.

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    as long as the work session doesn’t result in a vote being put on the agenda for the city council meeting that directly follows the work session, that works. The session notes posted the next day with at least a week for the citizens to review and make comments would provide that opportunity.

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