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    Check at the tennis courts too – some people will park at the (gated) entrance to the circle drive instead of parking by the playground and walking just a few more feet.

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    District 1 Neighbor

    Mayors phone blows up. Parking deck gets promoted for Dunwoody majority at MCP.

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    Concerned in the neighborhood

    Drove on Candler Lake West tonight. Many SUVs parked “nose in” on street, their back ends seriously protruding out of curbside parking spaces meant for single lane parking and into street, narrowing traffic to one lane. This is dangerous! Brookhaven police: please address.

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    Will this just end up being like the No Off Leash Dog crack down that never happened?

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    Eric Robert

    People have always parked on the pavement at the gate. I have never had a problem with that since after all it is pavement. What I do have a problem with is the master plans proposal to open the loop road and add parking along the loop road. A horrible idea.

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    Eric Robert

    The curb line was drawn to narrow the travel lane to slow cars down, not to create a “single lane” of parking. Much of this newly created wide shoulder is wide enough for perpendicular parking and its far more preferable to have vehicles park there than to have them park on the grass or pave over more of the park. Even if the large SUV’s extend over the line the remaining street is still wider than a single lane and if you are driving slowly, which one should be when the games are on, its not dangerous.

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    Ted Gordon

    I agree with Eric that it is not a good idea to open the loop road and add parking along the loop road. It was closed off for a very good reason.

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    Eric Robert

    Ha! Good ole Google Street View! good find.

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    What is this loop road thou speaketh of?

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    I do not want to see the loop road opened either but it is lazy park there. It is clearly marked no parking. It would also block emergency vehicles if they needed to get in. Just because they always have does not make it legal. There is pefectly legal parking that would take them maybe 30 seconds longer to walk to the tennis courts.

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    It is the u shaped road that goes around the playground. One of the entrances is right at the 3 way stop sign at the tennis courts. It would be a disaster if they opened it. Kids ride their bikes and play all over back there putting them at great risk of the cars that we all know would speed thru there.

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    Do the local pharamacists still fill prescriptions back off the loop road?

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    Eric Robert

    Nope, either they are too lazy to walk back there or they are afraid of the dark, but closing the loop road years ago put an end to that problem.
    Btw its been suggested that after installing parking along the loop road they could keep it closed and only use it for certain events – but once they renovate the road like that i think it will be hard to enforce a “promise” to keep it closed “most of the time”

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