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    \'Bout That Time

    That’s what you get when Joke Max Davis appoints his pals and not a truly dedicated panel of members. Why accept the position of you have no plans to participate? Pack your bags folks, the ego trip is over.

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    Post, do you know where we can read the bylaws for this committee?

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    A Parks and Recreation Authority would have the ability to issue revenue bonds just as the Development Authority does. I’ve not heard of any such request. Best to go with an all inclusive organization that has ALL Parks and interested organizations represented, yet has no bond issuing capacity. I love ALL city of Brookhaven parks. Yet, ANY bond issued by our collectively created government, for parks or otherwise, should be approved at the ballot box. Another Authority would distract from an ongoing MARTA negotiation, City of Brookhaven character areas and a zoning rewrite. The Georgia Constitution implies no debt should be created without the public’s consent. Enter the gray area…

    If a majority of the council voted to deny a bond issue for the purchase of the DC Vital Records office, why would they vote to create another authority?

    The previous article mentioned issuing a bond for all the $28M of Parks improvements. Allow the taxpayers to vote on a General Obligation bond to fund such expenses. The PROCESS would require input from all ‘stakeholders’ to come to a negotiated solution that each group could support. Then the negotiated solution could be voted on by all citizens of Brookhaven, anonymously. The process would eliminate people like me advocating the entirety be spent at Briarwood Park via a Parks Authority Bond.

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    Riley OConnor

    Perhaps we should appoint a committee to determine if the Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee should be dissolved.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    See below story copy. I just embedded it. Source: March 22nd City Council Meeting Agenda Packet.

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    Is the plan to “restructure” in order to gain more power and control? I don’t believe this is being done for the right reasons.

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    The Brookhaven Post

    According to the City, it is being dissolved so there may be a more effective “commission”. We are told that despite their best efforts, this Committee was never “allowed” to really do what they were brought together to do, without ruffling a certain former City Manager’s feathers. What it will become or what will take its place has not been decided. There will likely be a “task-force” assembled by City leaders to find out exactly what is needed.

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    Rob Turner

    Chad: if you’re not invited to join any successor-in-interest to this organization, that will speak volumes to me about the City’s commitment (or lack thereof!) to funding improvements for our parks.

    As an interesting side bar, not one of the elected city leaders has ever publicly taken me up on my op-ed in this fantastic paper from late last year calling on each of them to publicly pledge to funding our parks’ improvements in 2016.

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