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    Rick Hamilton

    Trey, Why did it die? Who, what when, where, why, please!

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    The Brookhaven Post

    We were told there was no House vote because the Dekalb delegation did not support it. Been trying to confirm that to no avail.

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    Eddie E.

    I thought the acting Senator from District 40 said his version of the bill was a slam dunk?
    I guess it was more like a foul dribble.

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    I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t support it, unless the majority of the Dekalb delegation is in unincorporated Dekalb.

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    Eddie E.

    There was a very similar version of the bill that began in the House and was supported by the Delegation.
    I guess arrogance from the Senate wasn’t sufficient to rule the day.

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    The 2 bills had different variations of control. Didn’t Fran’s bill eliminate one of the super district representatives, thus making the power on the county commission more equitable. Currently, the power balance swings to the South very heavily.

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    I believe that was dropped from Sen. Millar’s bill.

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    Eddie E.

    The House bill was developed through discussion with the advice and consent of elected leadership in Dekalb County.

    The Senate bill was not.

    Sometimes, the ‘consent of the Governed’ is important.

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    TT said that Fran’s bill was taking on water in the rules committee Thur afternoon and the elephants in the room were pushing back against the bill….says something when your own party is sick of your county coming to the well one time to often! Great try by Fran, but word on the street was a failure at the polls anyway. I left the Capitol for the safe confines of the DeKalb Ethics Board meeting. I’m no rocket scientist(my father was)but is it crazy good news when the Ethics Board considers filing a Bar complaint against the DeKalb County Attorney! Peace on Earth! Vote Trump!

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    Can we keep partisan presidential politics out of these discussions? I guarantee you don’t want the Democratic majority in Dekalb responding to your Drumpf comments.

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    No. This is why the financers and founders of Brookhaven founded Brookhaven and these people are being rejected. Evidently Trump supporters are rejecting the conventional on a local as well as national basis. The people are tired of flip-floping politicians.

    Please tell your mother to stop wearing Army boots,

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